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ISIS Getting Weapons and Ammo Meant for Syria’s ‘Moderate’ Rebels

In an interview with NPR, a field investigator for Conflict Armament Research (CAR) named Damien Spleeters revealed that ISIS is becoming the beneficiary of weapons coming from an increasingly prolific list of countries. Many of these weapons are not intended for ISIS but end up in their hands anyway. Below are some excerpts from the […]

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NPR Gives Voice to Benghazi Reporter as Credible as Dan Rather

The left has obviously adopted a much lower standard for journalistic integrity since the days of Jayson Blair and Dan Rather. Instead of conceding to said “journalist” being caught with his / her hand in the cookie jar, the left now pretends nothing happened. Case-in-point is the New York Times’ Cairo Bureau Chief, David Kirkpatrick. […]

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NPR Continues pushing Racist, Islamic Agenda

If you pay taxes in America, you help fund National Public Radio (NPR). Now, how does it feel to know your tax dollars are financing a racist, anti-Israel / pro-Islamic agenda? Via Israel National News: Diane Rehm’s National Public Radio (NPR) interview program, which is aired by more than 160 public stations, is known to […]

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