NPR Continues pushing Racist, Islamic Agenda

If you pay taxes in America, you help fund National Public Radio (NPR). Now, how does it feel to know your tax dollars are financing a racist, anti-Israel / pro-Islamic agenda?

Via Israel National News:

Diane Rehm’s National Public Radio (NPR) interview program, which is aired by more than 160 public stations, is known to be unremittingly anti-Israel.

Rehm’s May 21 program did not feature a panel espousing multiple perspectives or points of view, but rather the sole opinion of Fawaz Gerges, chair of the Middle Eastern Center at the London School of Economics.

Gerges has said that it is “very unfortunate” that Hamas, whose charter calls for the destruction of the State of Israel, has been branded a terrorist organization by much of the international community.

He stated that, “Hamas is first and foremost a deeply rooted political organization with social and cultural and other dimensions to it.”

During the program, Rehm accepted all of Gerges’ assertions and reinforced several of his positions, The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) exposed.

NPR news programming has included Gerges’ assertions that Yasser Arafat only “flirted with limited violence.”

If Arafat only “flirted with limited violence,” what does NPR consider his role in the assassination of two American diplomats (h/t NewsBusters) in Khartoum, 1973? HERE is a link to the declassified document. Unfortunately, the State Department link that once directed you to that document is now dead.

Of course, all of this says nothing about Arafat’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and racist beliefs.

h/t Atlas


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