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A Lot Of The Ammunition That ISIS Is Using Comes From America

By Theodore Shoebat A recent study shows that much of the ammunition used by ISIS originate from America. As a report says: The data, part of a larger sample of captured arms and cartridges in Syria and Iraq, carries an implicit warning for policy makers and advocates of intervention. It suggests that ammunition transferred into […]

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Major Church Leader: It Is A Duty For Christians To Take Up Arms, To Defend Their Brethren Against The Satanist Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat Major Church leader, Bishop Bagobiri, of the Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan in Nigeria, said that it is the duty of Christians to take up arms to defend themselves and their brethren against Boko Haram, calling the jihadists as being a part of “Satanist driven Islamic organizations”. He said: The Catechism of the […]

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Military Forces Overtake Nine Major ISIS Leaders And Kill Them All

By Theodore Shoebat Military forces, consisting of a international coalition, overtook nine major ISIS leaders and killed them all, according to one Mid-east report: A military source told Iraqi News that the army soldiers carried out a series of operations in al-Ramadi city on Sunday, and claimed the lives of nine ISIL leaders, including Shaker […]

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ISIS Sends Out This Message: We Will Drown All American Christians In Blood

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS has sent out a message that they will drown all American Christians in blood, according to the The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). According to one report: The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has said that it is not just native citizens who could face ISIS persecution. […]

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Christendom Will Be Revived By God To Fight And Destroy The Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat Christendom will be revived by God to fight and destroy the Antichrist: In Daniel we find that God will send out the ships of Chittim against the King of the North, or the Antichrist? For the ships of Chittim shall come against him: therefore he shall be grieved, and return, and have […]

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Judaizing Is The Source Of All Heresies, It Is The Most Dangerous Heresy To Have Ever Existed. Muhammad Was A Judaizer

By Theodore Shoebat I have always wondered why the Apostles spent so much of their time fighting the Judaizers, and why the they all gathered together at the Council of Jerusalem just to condemn those who said you needed to be circumcised in order to have attain salvation. Through modern eyes, these heretics would be […]

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Pope Francis Backs Military Attacks Against ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis conveyed a meeting with other Catholic bishops to discuss the current persecution of Christians, and in the end an agreement was made that military attacks against ISIS was justified. As we read from a report: The Vatican is demanding that Christians and other religious minorities have the right to return […]

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Muslim Jihadists Are Now Closing In On Ancient Christian City, But Hundreds Of Christian Fighters Have Taken Up Their Guns And Are Now Killing Them

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim jihadists fighting for the Al-Nusra Front terrorist group (or ANF), has been for months attacking and trying to invade the Christian city of Mhardeh. It is amongst the last Christian strongholds in Syria, and now the Muslim heretics are closing in on the city. As one native Christian named George Rahhal […]

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ISIS Is Is Making Horrific Fields Of Blood, And Takes Men And Small Boys And Slaughters All Of Them In Cold Blood

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS is making blood soaked killing fields, slaughtering hundreds of people, taking men and young boys and killing them without remorse. As one report says: The Islamic State is carrying out despicable crimes and has transformed rural areas of northern Iraq into blood-soaked killing fields in its brutal campaign to obliterate all […]

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Why Japan And Buddhism Will eventually Be One Of The Greatest Enemies To America And The Civilized World

After the war, our brutal side was completely hidden, but I believe it is just hidden — Yukio Mishima on Japan Turkey, the nation of the Antichrist, will be allying with Japan, the most powerful nation of the Far East. Many people will deny this, and say there is no that Japan will ever be […]

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Islam Was NOT Founded By Muhammad, And It Is The Religion Of The Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat  Islam was not founded by Muhammad, it was founded by a 4th century heretic named Arius, the founder of Arianism, a heresy that denied the divinity of Christ. Muhammad really resumed this heresy and extended through Saudi Arabia. Islam really is an Arabian extension of Islam. I did a whole video on […]

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What Every Christian Needs To Know About How Satanic Gandhi Was

By Thomas King MAHATMA GANDHI-AN ENEMY OF CHRISTIANS AND JEWS. WHAT EVERY CHRISTIAN AND JEW SHOULD KNOW ABOUT MAHATMA GANDHI A number of Christians and Jews today have blindly accepted Gandhi without examining his teachings and behaviour. This is dangerous to both since, Gandhi has never been a friend to either Christianity or Judaism. Many […]

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Homosexual Judge Refuses To Marry Straight Couples

By Theodore Shoebat A homosexual judge in Dallas, named Tonya Parker, has boasted how she refuses to marry straight (normal) couples in order to protest Texas not having “gay marriage.” As this sodomite said herself, I have the power, of course, to perform marriage ceremonies… I don’t. … I use it as my opportunity to […]

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Muslims Go To Cuban Government And Try To Push Them To Allow For Cuba’s First Mosque, Cuban Government Tells Them That There Will Be No Mosque

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Cuba, including even Turkey’s Religious Affairs Foundation, pushed the Cuban government to allow for the building of Cuba’s first mosque. The Cuban government turned them down said that there will be no mosque. What is even better about this story, is that when Russia asked Cuba to allow for an […]

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Muslim Man Murders Police Officer In America, And Will Now Be Giving Speech In Major American University

By Theodore Shoebat Mumia Abu-Jamal, a Muslim who murdered a police officer in 1981, will now be giving a commencement speech at Vermont’s Goddard College. As we read from one report: The small group of graduating students at Vermont’s Goddard College chose world-renowned activist and school alum Mumia Abu-Jamal, convicted of killing a police officer […]

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Muslim Sniper Murders Armenian Christian Man, Shoots Him In The Head

By Theodore Shoebat An Azeri Muslim sniper murdered an Armenian soldier by shooting him in the head. One Armenian report says – Karabakh serviceman David Navasardyan, was killed in Azeri sniper attack on Monday, Oct 1. The soldier received a gunshot wound in the head at the military unit of the Nagorno Karabakh defense army. […]

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