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Huma Alert! State Department Stonewalls Release of Hillary’s Files

“I have a lot of baggage and everybody has rummaged through it for years!” – Hillary Clinton, April 16, 2008 When Hillary Clinton uttered those 14 words in a debate with Barack Obama, it was prior to her controversial tenure as Secretary of State under Obama. The premise behind her statement was that she could […]

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Petraeus case shows why relationships matter

A common theme emerging from the sex scandal involving CIA Director David Petraeus is that relationships matter when you’re talking about someone with a top secret security clearance. The alleged extra-marital affair Petraeus was engaged in may not have been illegal but, as we’re learning, it quite possibly posed a problem for national security because […]

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Egypt’s Mohamed Mursi and John McCain on same page over Syria – Why?

Senator John McCain (RINO-AZ) used his speech at the Republican convention to give voice to a common refrain of his – that the United States should arm the Syrian rebels against Bashar al-Assad (video at bottom of this post). Almost simultaneously, Muslim Brotherhood leader / President of Egypt Mohamad Mursi was calling for the end […]

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Andrew McCarthy smacks down Dana Millbank with one Paragraph at NRO

Earlier today, we posted a response to the op-ed penned by the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank in which he attempted to smear Andrew McCarthy over the latter’s rightful questions about how Huma Abedin got a security clearance with the State Department. Millbank, who was at the press conference, attempted to diminish Abedin’s influence with Clinton, […]

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