Andrew McCarthy smacks down Dana Millbank with one Paragraph at NRO

Earlier today, we posted a response to the op-ed penned by the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank in which he attempted to smear Andrew McCarthy over the latter’s rightful questions about how Huma Abedin got a security clearance with the State Department.

Millbank, who was at the press conference, attempted to diminish Abedin’s influence with Clinton, referring to her as being little more than a gopher, saying that she does little more than help “the boss (Hillary is white) with suits and handbags and logistics”.

Aside from that assertion sounding a bit discriminatory, McCarthy points out that it’s simply not true. That is, of course, if you believe what Milbank’s paper published a year ago.

From McCarthy at NRO:

As the Post reported last year in a flattering profile of Ms. Abedin, she is “one of the few Clintonites to remain an insider from the [Clinton] White House to the State Department.” The Post added, “While her official title is deputy chief of staff, Abedin is personally close to Clinton, an ever-present assistant and gatekeeper. She oversees planning and scheduling and advises on politics and policy, especially the Middle East.”

Uh, your move Mr. Milbank.

Or is that, Checkmate?


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