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Jordanian Sheikh Rips Palestinians, Praises Jews

There must be some truth to the saying that you see everything if you live long enough. In this case, a Jordanian Sheikh named Ahmad Adwan doesn’t just read the Palestinians the riot act but insists they are betraying the Qur’an by attempting to take control of Israel. According to Al Quds, via Elder of […]

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Walid’s continuing battle with Stinking Sheikh

If you’d like to be brought up to speed before continuing, start with the original email exchange between Walid and a man named Al-Faisal Al-Harbi, a self-professed Sheikh from Kuwait. Sheikh Al-Harbi initially heard Walid on the Jesse Lee Peterson show talking about the Al-Harbi clan being rife with terrorists (Abdulrahman Ali Al-Harbi was briefly […]

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