Walid’s continuing battle with Stinking Sheikh

If you’d like to be brought up to speed before continuing, start with the original email exchange between Walid and a man named Al-Faisal Al-Harbi, a self-professed Sheikh from Kuwait. Sheikh Al-Harbi initially heard Walid on the Jesse Lee Peterson show talking about the Al-Harbi clan being rife with terrorists (Abdulrahman Ali Al-Harbi was briefly a person of interest in the Boston marathon bombings).

After posting Dear Sheikh, You Stink, the exchange continued…

Dear Walid Shoebat

I appreciate it for your response, but first of all I want to tell you that I am talking about the Harbi Clan, and I am not responsible of any other clans actions. As for what you said about us marrying non-Muslim women is allowed and the opposite isn’t, this is in our religion and you should respect that, and second of all in Islam women are all equal to men, as Islam freed the women from being abused back in the old days before Islam. At the days of Prophet Mohammed (PEACE BE UPON HIM) there were too many women had the same jobs as men, they warriors, nurses, managers in the markets, teachers, business women and traders, and many more. If you dig deep and read the Quran and the sayings of Prophet Mohammed (PEACE BE UPON HIM) and his close friends, you will find that women are very equal to men and they are well respected. What these terrorists are doing is wrong and not conducting the right Sharea’a, they are conducting what they want, and these people existed after the death of our prophet and they are called “،Khawarej”. When Prophet Mohammed (PEACE BE UPON HIM) appeared saying that he is the messenger of God, he was terrorized threatened, and made to leave his family at Mekkah, after years when he came back with all the Muslims to Mekkah, he said that “everyone is free to go I will not take prisoners because it is the teaching of Islam and it is what God said. Also, about Muslims who think that they must fight Christians and other religions, they are wrong, because in true Islam we were taught and it is also a verse that says “You have got your own religion and I have got my own religion”. There is a lot of things to tell you about Islam, and the very big problem that those terrorists are showing everyone the wrong picture. As for the women if you go back in time, see how the Roman abused the women, the Arabs, the Persian, but when Islam came it sorted all of that by giving the rights to all women with no exception. Let me ask you a question, When did the women get their full rights? When were all people equal and not refer to skin color or their race? Second of all the tittle that I have, I didn’t choose it i inherited it from over 700 years, and what’s racist about it? Don’t people get tittles at their jobs, don’t the leader of the US gets the PRESIDENT tittle, councilors. congressmen all of these people don’t they have tittles? And why is the system in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia is racist? Don’t Europeans still have kings and queens? I don’t see anyone say something about it! Some Asian countries still have kings and queens also! As for my clan (HARBI) they are 100% percent against terrorists and I am sure about it either in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or many other countries. AL-Jazzera are know as hypocrites, only “certain people” like this channel! I don’t want to be called your highness or sheikh or any of these names, I just presented myself as who I am like any other person would. I want to tell you one more thing, that these terrorists also kidnapped our plains, bombed our countries, killed our people and terrorized us! If the Arabs and Muslims were the case, why would they attack their own countries and people? And just like I said, I am not responsible for any other clan, and also that we are not like AL-Ghamid in any way, we are well known in our brightness and intelligence and good humor and generous and we got lot’s of high rankings in our countries that we live in, I am not being cocky but this the truth.

Yours truly,

Dear Sheikh Al-Faisal Al-Harbi,

In your last letter, you stated:

“us marrying non-Muslim women is allowed and the opposite isn’t, this is in our religion and you should respect that.”

“Respect”, your highness, is to allow people to choose whomever they want to marry.

And while you ask us to respect your rules, allow me to define ours. Rule number one in the United States is “the freedom of speech”; real freedom is when I can tell you to take this religious rule you stated above and ask you to stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine.

And just in case you consider what I am stating here as “offensive”, just remember, you had called me a “racist” without cause, while you ignore that your religion is the fountain of racism in which it is littered with superiority complexes, male chauvinism and bigotry as is evident from your statement. In the Bible it states, “thou shall not commit murder”, yet in your primitive religion, murder occurs only when a Muslim kills another Muslim. There is a huge difference between “Thou shall not kill. Period,” and “thou shall not kill, a Muslim”. The first is called equality under the law and the second is defined as racism.

By the way, next time you address your false prophet with “PEACE BE UPON HIM” please translate it correctly. It’s “Salla Allahu A’layihi Wasallam”, the word “Salla Allahu A’layhi” is not “peace be upon him” as you incorrectly stated, but “Allah pray upon him”.

Slick willies like yourself seem to translate this for unwary westerners who will notice at first glance that it’s only a false god (Allah) that “prays”.

Your claim that ‘Muslim women are treated equally in Muslim societies,’ makes you sound like some propagandist. To a propagandist, his dogma sounds great—on paper—while they ignore the reality on the ground. The reality is that the more you pump Islam into the Middle East, the more chaotic it becomes and women end up looking like tents. And as much as we hated dictators in the Middle East, life under them was much better—less crime, more freedom and minorities were able to live freely.

Anyone who says: “we can take your women, but you cannot take ours” has a superiority complex, is sick and is in need of a psychological evaluation. You see the problem with folks like you is that while you cannot see all the zits on your face, you simply think that they are jellybeans, and when these zits pop; you suck up your own pus, thinking it’s sweet nectar.

Islam was a disease, which Christendom in the end crushed. Now it will have a short comeback in which it will get crushed, again. It’s divided and will self-destruct. You have a Sunni-Shia divide that never forgives and never forgets. Like a wild donkey, you will war with each other and one day Iran will destroy the whole of Arabia, including your Kuwait; you’re divided and can never conquer, and when Saddam’s soldiers raped your women and young girls, please remember, it was American Christian soldiers that saved them while no Muslim Arab lifted a finger to help.

Your Kuwaiti women are better off marrying their heroes, the American soldiers who rescued them instead of these male chauvinist Muslims. After all, it was Muslim theologians who passed laws in Iran to permit perverts to practice Pleasure Marriages. And while Sunnis like you would say “this is practiced by Shia, not Sunni Muslims”, you ignore that Misyar Marriage (Travelers’ Convenience Marriage) is sanctioned by the Sunni perverts in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In our neck of the woods, we call this prostitution and these religious leaders we call pimps.

Women are not your “Hirth” (plow fields) as your primitive Quran says and they do not have “half a brain” as your idiotic half-brained false prophet declared. It was Christianity that brought freedom and equality for women and not Islam. If the United States opens the door for Muslim women, they would come here in droves, just as Muslims historically preferred to live in Crusader territory. Very few Christian women want to live in Muslim societies.

Indeed, if you care to contribute to women’s rights or combat terrorism, I suggest you take the fight to your own turf and not here in the United States, where all you’re interested in is spreading your propaganda and toxic fumes. In the United States, we do not need an Arab Spring. We have seen the results of Islam in Egypt and in Syria in which Arabs are attempting to spread their ideology there, while western powers play you like a fiddle; we will always win in the end.

Your Kuwait is becoming more primitive; Kuwait’s parliament has approved the death penalty for anyone who insults Allah, which I am sure you would approve of since you’re probably upset at my letter here, and for that, you do believe that I should die for simply stating frankly what I think about you and your religion. Do you actually think by killing people for insulting Islam that you claim victory for Allah?

Which brings me to the definition of spiritual victory. Muslims define spiritual victory falsely by thinking that the sword spreads Islam. The problem with this method is that this can never be accomplished, since many of us choose the blade over conversion. Islamic victory can only be accomplished when Islam converts by the sword EVERY Christian. Yet this can NEVER be accomplished. In other words, it’s the ones who choose to give their life, your highness, and not the ones that kill, who are the REAL victors; one can kill the body, but no one can ever take away the soul. Souls are won through conviction and not forced conversion. So in the case of Islam vs. Christianity, the cross is always mightier than your crescent sword.

While I say all this, I am not sure if you are willing or are able to receive my message, but if you simply reverse your warped thought process, perhaps you can see it and when you do, you will triumph over evil. I know you might think that my words are not kind and are harsh, but at times, especially with Muslims who make such outlandish statements, truth will hurt and must be told plainly.

Finally, I hope you enjoy your stay in my country; I sure do not want to go to yours.

Good day,
Walid Shoebat

P.S, I have posted my response to your first letter, it titled Dear Sheikh, You Stink. You can read it here.


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