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World Silent as Egypt destroys Gaza Homes with Bulldozers

There is a rule for the Jews and a different rule for the Egyptians and all other Muslim countries. If Israel lays a finger on a Palestinian or destroys the homes of the families of Palestinian suicide bombers the outcry from the left and the media worldwide is never ending. Time and time again when […]

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Turkey’s Partner ISIS Already Invading Egypt and Libya

The prediction that Turkey will invade Egypt has been put forth at Shoebat.com for quite some time now. With news that ISIS is taking root in Egypt, that invasion may have already begun. It’s fascinating to watch the pseudo-intellectual western media outlets, those paragons of smart, suddenly discover what has been obvious to many laypersons […]

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ISIS Caught Collaborating with Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

A Muslim Brotherhood backed group in Egypt’s Sinai named Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (ABM) is reportedly receiving training and other assistance from ISIS. This has the effect of blurring any lines of distinction between the goals of ISIS and the much larger Brotherhood itself. Westerners became familiar with the name Ansar al-Sharia after the Benghazi attacks. […]

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Sinai Jihadists claim responsibility for Assassination

A group of jihadists from the Sinai say that the jailing of women by the current Egyptian government is what prompted the assassination of a National Security official this week. Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis is taking responsibility for the assassination of Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Mabrouk. This would mean that terrorists who have no respect for women […]

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Did U.S. Arm Muslim Brotherhood in Sinai?

As the U.S. State Department continues to try to give the Muslim Brotherhood leverage with the new Egyptian government, the new Egyptian government is claiming that one of its offices was hit by a U.S. hellfire missile fired by… the Muslim Brotherhood? The missiles appeared to have been fired from a region where Ansar al-Sharia […]

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Final Count: 8 Israelis Dead in Triple Terror Attack

You can click here for PM Netanyahu’s response to the attacks: http://www.shoebat.com/videos/pm-netanyahu-escalation-of-terror-will-not-be-tolerated/ Final Count: 8 Israelis Dead in Triple Terror Attack Eight dead following a triple terrorist attack in Israel’s southern region. IDF soldiers killed several terrorists and search for others. Chana Ya’ar Magen David Adom (MDA) has declared a mass casualty event and the […]

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