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New York Times Writer Just Can’t Understand Why Muslim Terrorists Kill Those Who Help Them

It’s difficult to get into the mind of a leftist (those who try, tread carefully) but the reaction of New York Times writer Rukmini Callimachi – who wrote a sympathetic article about Kayla Mueller – can be very instructive. In fact, coupled with a subsequent tweet, it substantiates greatly that famous quote by Winston Churchill […]

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Police To Fight Muslim Gangs By Focusing on ‘Gender Issues’

As police in Sweden are increasingly threatened by Muslim gangs who have created 55 ‘no-go’ zones, the police have a new plan. Part of it involves training the officers in things like cultural sensitivity and “gender issues”. Not only was the police commander unwilling to live by the ‘leave no man behind’ credo in Stockholm […]

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Stockholm Syndrome Jihad taking Country to Third World Status

The term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ was coined in 1973 after a bank robbery / hostage situation caused hostages to bond with their captors and help them fight off those who were there to rescue the hostages. Ironically, there is a new brand of the syndrome smack dab in the country where it originated – Sweden. Only, […]

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Video: Useful Idiocy and Stockholm Syndrome on Steroids; Jewish leftist attacks Bachmann for her concerns about Muslim Brotherhood

His name is Sam Seder; he is a Jewish leftist who is fighting those who are trying to warn him and defending those who laugh at how easy it is to get him to do their bidding. That is at the very essence of Stockholm Syndrome. It’s people like Seder who are able to provide […]

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A Starker Contrast you will not find

The real threat (Islam) is not only ignored but vehemently defended by those who demonize that which will protect them most from that threat (Christianity). Pardon our redundancy but if you’re not a Muslim and you ignore Islam while attacking Christianity, Stockholm Syndrome is the best explanation for your behavior. Blessed are you when they […]

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Retired General seems to make case for Leftists being afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome

Retired 3-star General Jerry Boykin makes one compelling case that leftists are the equivalent of sheep who are supporting wolves that will turn on them as soon as it’s a viable option. Boykin was interviewed by the Daily Caller: “The left has become apologists for the Muslim Brotherhood — that includes not only the gay […]

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