New York Times Writer Just Can’t Understand Why Muslim Terrorists Kill Those Who Help Them

It’s difficult to get into the mind of a leftist (those who try, tread carefully) but the reaction of New York Times writer Rukmini Callimachi – who wrote a sympathetic article about Kayla Mueller – can be very instructive. In fact, coupled with a subsequent tweet, it substantiates greatly that famous quote by Winston Churchill about appeasers feeding crocodiles hoping to be eaten last.

Note the message in this tweet from Callimachi (h/t GWP):

Yes, it’s true that there are leftists who are all in with the Jihadists but Callimachi is living proof that Churchill was right. In the minds of so many leftists, siding with Jihadists can be chic, daring or adventuresome but Callimachi doesn’t seem to understand that it’s also something else – a miscalculated survival technique.

The truth is that crocodiles care nothing about the ideology of their meals; the meat all tastes the same.

The naive leftists – Callimachi has shown herself to be one in a single tweet – completely misread jihadists. They think that by overcompensating and throwing in with the favorites against infidel and kuffar underdogs, they will be safer. It is Callimachi who cannot process this information.

In her article about Mueller, Callimachi writes:

Described by friends and family members as a deeply idealistic young woman eager to help those less fortunate, Ms. Mueller was just shy of her 25th birthday on Aug. 4, 2013, when she disappeared in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.

She had arrived in Syria a day earlier with a Syrian man who has been described as her boyfriend or colleague.

He had been contracted to fix the Internet connection at a Doctors Without Borders office, and employees of the international charity were flabbergasted when Ms. Mueller showed up with him.

Syria was then a no-go zone for most international aid workers, said employees of the charity, who explained that they had reluctantly housed her overnight and agreed to drive her to a bus station for what was supposed to be her trip back to Turkey.

Mueller may have felt safer about being in a war zone because she was helping the cause. As Lee Kaplan wrote at, indications are that Mueller propagandized for them. Why would they bite a hand that feeds them?

Mueller may have answered that rhetorical question by saying they wouldn’t, though we cannot know for sure. If she did, Stockholm Syndrome could apply.

Where Stockholm Syndrome began - Sweden.

Where Stockholm Syndrome began – Sweden.

The term was coined in 1973, when a bank in Stockholm was robbed and hostages were taken. As the hours and days passed, those hostages began to sympathize with their captors, even helping them fight would-be rescuers.

It was 23 August 1973 when the four were taken hostage in the Kreditbanken by 32-year-old career-criminal Jan-Erik Olsson – who was later joined at the bank by a former prison mate. Six days later when the stand-off ended, it became evident that the victims had formed some kind of positive relationship with their captors.

Have you noticed the western hostages that have been murdered by ISIS have primarily been those who sought to help the Jihadi cause? In some cases, they were converts to Islam; it didn’t matter.

Callimachi reveals a strain of thinking that is counter-intuitive, that somehow if you feed the crocodiles, they’ll embrace you.

As Churchill succinctly pointed out, crocodiles don’t operate that way.

Then again, his modern day successor David Cameron doesn’t even understand that.

Cameron dwarfed by Churchill in more ways than one.

Cameron dwarfed by Churchill in more ways than one.


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