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Islamophobia Breaks Out In ISIS controlled Syrian Town

AFB If you protest against Islam in ISIS controlled Syria or Iraq you get crucified or beheaded, in America if you point out the same problem you are called a Bigot, an Islamophobe or a Racist. Either way it is “illegal” or politically incorrect to protest against Islamic tyranny. When they start to kill or […]

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Muslims Force The Last Living Christian In Mosul To Leave, ENDING 2000 YEARS OF CHRISTIANITY IN THE AREA

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims, all members of ISIS, forced the last living Christian in Mosul to leave, ending 2000 years of Christianity in the city. It was St. Peter who gives us the oldest reference to the church in Iraq, when he wrote: The church that is at Babylon, elected together with you, saluteth you; […]

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O’Bagy fired Again? Syrian Task Force now Staff of One

On September 3rd, Senator John McCain referenced the work of Elizabeth O’Bagy, citing her column in the Wall Street Journal to help make his case for an attack on Syria. A short time later, her work at the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) indicated she wasn’t the objective observer she was portrayed to be. Since […]

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Leaked Explosive Videos Reveal That The Syrian Revolution is Plain Evil

By Theodore Shoebat We have gathered from Arab sources explosive and horrific videos captured by the Free Syrian Army and other Syrian rebels. While what we present is a fraction of what we have, the evidence will show that contrary to the praise of many in the West, the footage illustrates their wanton cruelty, and […]

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