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Lessons I’ve learned from this war on terror

By Lisa Brink Experiences of an Israeli mother and blogger during this war on terror. I’ve learned that seeing the initial photographs of soldiers we’ve lost, and later pictures of their funerals, feels like being disemboweled without an anesthetic. – I’ve learned to resist the urge to throw something heavy at the television screen when […]

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Obama reveals his Islamophobia while in Nigeria

While in Lagos, Nigeria, President Barack Obama spoke at a town hall meeting. In this clip, he’s asked two questions by a female audience member. The first has to do with maximizing human capital in the country. The second has to do with the rise of Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist group in Nigeria. To […]

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Video: Glazov Gang talks Iraq ten years later

It’s been ten years since ‘shock and awe’ campaign that kicked off America’s war in Iraq. Here are two videos from the Glazov Gang that includes a discussion about whether we should have gone in at all and what should have been done differently with the gift of hindsight. The second video involves analysis of […]

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Theodore Shoebat On VCY America

Theodore Shoebat interviews with Jim Schneider of VCY America CLICK HERE TO LISTEN The world was told that the Arab Spring was all about ushering in liberty and democracy. What Theodore Shoebat has found out is that the majority of the Egyptian people want Sharia law and the only entity that can stop its enforcement […]

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