Unlikely Figure helps to out Obama as Muslim Brotherhood

Al-Jazeera is reporting on two tweets from a man named Shadi Hamid. The first tweet is a reference to an Egyptian newspaper that identifies Barack Obama as a member of the International Muslim Brotherhood:

Shadi Hamid: Tweets claims from Egyptian newspaper that Obama a Muslim Brotherhood member

Shadi Hamid: Tweets claims from Egyptian newspaper that Obama a Muslim Brotherhood member

Nine minutes later, Hamid tweeted an image of the newspaper article, which features a photo of Obama (Walid will be doing additional research on this in the coming days):

Hamid: Egyptian newspaper says Obama Muslim Brotherhood leader

Hamid: Egyptian newspaper says Obama Muslim Brotherhood leader

Did you catch that part about the “son of MB leader threatened Obama w- release of ‘papers'”? That is an apparent reference to Saad al-Shater, the son of former Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate, Khairat al-Shater. We direct you to Addendum F of our “Ironclad” report on Egypt’s involvement in the Benghazi attack. Multiple reports from Arabic sources indicated that Saad had said his father had documents that were incredibly damaging to Barack Obama.

A couple of weeks later, Saad was arrested. A Fox News / AP report indicated that one of the reasons for the younger al-Shater’s arrest had to do with Obama:

It was not immediately clear why police detained el-Shater’s 23-year-old son. Officials only said Wednesday that police had arrested Saad el-Shater and that he had threatened to release documents allegedly showing ties between his father and U.S. President Barack Obama. Officials did not elaborate.

Based on what we know about Shadi Hamid, it’s worth asking why he would so willingly pass along information that is damaging to President Obama. The Al-Jazeera article identifies him as a “Director of Research at the Brookings Doha Center”.

That in itself is interesting because in June of this year, Hamid was listed as a participant in the U.S.-Islamic World Forum (US-IWF) in Doha, Qatar.

Hamid: Attended Muslim Brotherhood forum in June.

Hamid: Attended Muslim Brotherhood forum in June.

As we have reported previously, this forum was a who’s who of Muslim Brotherhood members, apparatchiks, and sympathizers. This list included:

Thomas Pickering: Chairman of the Accountability Review Board (ARB) that investigated security lapses in Benghazi prior to the 9/11/12 attack.
Nihad Awad: National Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim Brotherhood group in America.
Rashad Hussain: Obama administration’s envoy to Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) with Muslim Brotherhood ties.
John Esposito: Georgetown University Professor and strong Muslim Brotherhood apologist.
Dalia Mogahed: Muslim and close colleague of Esposito. Also a Muslim Brotherhood apologist.
Mohamed Magid: President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a Muslim Brotherhood group.
Mouaz Moustafa: Executive Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF); works in D.C. and lobbies Congress on behalf of Syrian (Muslim Brotherhood) rebels.
Josh Rogin: Daily Beast writer who referred to Abedin’s familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood as a “conspiracy theor(y)”.
Rabbi David Saperstein: A purveyor of interfaith dialogue who vouched for both Abedin and Magid.

Of course, the question that needs to be answered is: Why would someone like Hamid – an apparent Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer – choose to help push a narrative that Barack Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Is he trying to get out in front of Saad’s claims or is there another motive?

It is indeed interesting that just days after Khairat Al-Shater’s son – who allegedly claimed his father had information on Obama that would land the U.S. President in jail – is arrested, an apparent friendly to the Obama administration is tweeting out this article.

More to follow…

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  • Shirley Anne

    WOW ! Odumber has spread so much lies that he is NOW trapped in HIS OWN WEB OF LIES… I like the song, too! ( good for listening pleasure when one reads sickening events of our current regime.) The light is SHINING on the DARKNESS and the SPIDER is TRAPPED ! No different than a deer caught in the headlight of an on-coming car, FREEZES AND IS RUN-OVER…. Walid and Ted God Bless ….. I’m spreading your name ALL OVER FB and WND !

  • edseleration83

    Whoa! The heat is on, all right!

  • paz82


    • Shirley Anne

      Deep waters… BUT the plug is SOON going to be PULLED ! Halleluyah.

      • dahcargo

        Yes Shirley, the plug will be pulled. Unfortunately we Americans who’ve turned away from God and denied His word will most likely be pulled in to the resulting vortex, which ultimately leads to that cesspool that we call the Middle East. Men will see the mighty hand of God when Jesus returns to make it right, in that day, “The day of the Lord”! Men can never make things completely right unless God Himself is present.

        Boy, does history ever repeat itself!


        • Shirley Anne

          dahcargo , I agree that as a nation we have turned away from the Elohim of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob and we will suffer nationally. However, as individuals it will be DIFFERENT.
          Our Yeshua Hamashiach will protect His own.
          He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
          He is IMMUTABLE.
          He has PROMISED His children, Both Jew and Gentile that follow His Commandments ( Torah.) That He will NEVER leave NOR forsake us.
          I am STANDING Firm on His TSUR !
          Shalom aleichim.

  • Shirley Anne

    Bath Water Barry has been swimming with the SHARKS in DEEP water. The TSUNAMI will toss everything onto the SHORE !!!!

  • Miss Annie

    One would think it would be a safe guess to add John McCain and Lindsey Graham to that list.

  • DustyFae

    If he is Muslim Brotherhood then he is promoting jihad and terrorist. Plus may be this has a lot to do with Obama and Mursi wanting to over throw Syria to run the pipeline in that area.May be Obama help Mursi plan the Benghazi attack. Saudis want that land for the pipeline.

  • Pierre Montagne

    So…not being a member of the Moslem Brotherhood…is that a conflict of interest?
    Like if Democrat party members are not also members of the Islamic brother hood like the President would that put the those Democrats into a conflict of interest in their not being loyal to the same Islamic brotherhood in which the President is a member?

    Clearly John McCain and Lindsay Graham have indicated their support for if not membership in the Islamic Brotherhood. Considering McCain’s falling out with Sarah Palin at least we can be sure that Sarah Palin is not a member of the Islamic Brotherhood

    One thing about the Islamic Brotherhood that it takes very seriously about itself is;
    “IF YOU ARE NOT AGAINST US YOU ARE FOR US” (black and white no gray areas here)
    Senator John McCain found that easy to understand and so did Lindsay Graham and Drunken Hillary Clinton. Seems that the “Understanding ” about the Islamic Brotherhood crosses party lines.

    We are seeing everything happening at once like rats panicking and attacking one another on a sinking ship.
    The problem is… we are all passengers on that sinking ship.

  • Pat

    Walid, you never take a day off. God bless you! Please research this to the “nth” degree so that we can share the information and the so-called hoax web sites can’t call these news stories hoaxes! I want the TRUTH!! Thank you again…I will be watching this, ready to paste it everywhere!
    And where is the “conservative” Fox cable news? I don’t hear any controversial news on that network anymore (except for hannity and Huckabee).

    • Pat stated, “And where is the “conservative” Fox cable news?”

      Answer: FOX News is in Saudi Arabia’s “back pocket” and has been ever since Rupert Murdoch sold corporate stock to an enterprising Saudi prince:

      “At the annual meeting of News Corporation, parent of Fox News, chairman Rupert Murdoch confirmed that a call from a Saudi Prince had resulted in a change in how the Fox News Channel covered the Muslim riots in France in 2005. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, a significant investor in News Corporation, told Murdoch he objected to highlighting the Muslim role in the riots.”
      source: http://www.aim.org/media-monitor/the-saudi-prince-and-fox-news/

      Fox News is no longer trustworthy in my opinion and that network has joined the minions of leftist media while trying to pass as a legitimate “fair and balanced” operation.

      Saudi control of American media at its best.

      • Miss Annie

        I would say that Saudi controls alot more than the media – even the WH too. I have watched Walid’s series on end times prophecy and it makes perfect sense with Saudi being the great whore babylon.

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  • rich

    This is of the highest importance and must be somehow pushed all the way to publicly expose Obama here in the U.S. for exactly what he is. I myself would deem it miraculous if it ever happens.
    Whether the Egyptian news article is factually true or contrived, I’ve always thought that the only plausible explanation for Obama’s actions would be that he is a muslim. Of course throw in socialist/Marxist also.
    Does the MB have anything to gain by Obama being exposed, or is it in their best interest to try to keep him under wraps so he can continue to work his treasonous plans against our founding principles?
    How much information and how hard of a push would be needed in order for this to come out in the lamestream media in the U.S.?
    If this is vetted, confirmed, and exposed through the media what would be the reactions of Pelosi, Reid, McCain and everyone else in the U.S. government?
    Could there be an immediate impeachment? I mean isn’t the MB our enemy, or am I jumping to conclusions? They do want to wipe out Israel, the west and Christians, don’t they?

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  • Charles Nick

    Just as Cyrus’ forces slipped under the gates of Babylon under the cover of darkness while Belshazzar partied; so too, while America cast off its cords of Judeo Christianity in the 1960’s the Muslim Bro-hood planted its roots, and by the 2000’s slipped their western “King” under the low info noses and – voila! A turret in Washington D.C. facing east towards the objective. The objective is laying every MT. low etc. for the bro-hood’s coming king – al mahdi! Which means the usurper Obama is navigating, transmitting, back and forth and executing the machinations of the objective form the HQ of the U.S.A. While we “partied” they reached the goal and set the antennas up and the consoles etc. and are now, via their western “plant”, clearing the tin pot dictator debris for the – al mahdi to have a red carpet to his throne over the “Mt. of Esau” headquartered in Turkey. I had a dream the night before Obama was re-elected, and in the dream I was alone with him in a room. He looked at me with a delight in his eyes ,and then all these voices, like a thousand demons emanated from his head, as if it were a radio tower. And then his face changed , starting with the eyes. They became black like that of a grey alien. I ran out of the room and made it to my car and then awoke. No food before I went to bed. Fears ? yeah. Just a dream? who knows. But the zombie like adherence to Obama by the Republicans and the media and the masses is all too real. Al- Mahdi! We know who your western John the Baptist is! But we’re too hung over to do anything about it. Just one thing I ask: Make sure all you guys’ blades are sharp?.. Please?..

    • Shirley Anne

      Charles, your dream was prophetic of things to come ! And here it is, not at the door BUT in the room.
      How I wish I could repeat George Carlin when he said, Yeah that American Dream ? You’d have to be asleep to believe it !
      I am WIDE awake and I KNOW it !
      But there is an Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob… ‘ But if not ‘ we will NOT bow down to your image, King Nebuchadnezzar !!!
      The children of Ishmael, them DAMNED Arabs have conspired with Esau, them DAMNED Edomites and they are after our BIRTHRIGHT!
      BUT WE HAVE AN ELOHIM… Amein and Amein.
      Shalom aleichim.

    • Shirley Anne

      Charles Nick. Thanks for the posting.
      Now perhaps, The sleeping GIANT, that is AMERICA will wake up from her drug induced COMA.
      2 Chron. 7:14. If my people which are called by MY NAME, shall HUMBLE themselves, and PRAY, and SEEK my face, and TURN ( Teshuvah ) from their WICKED WAYS ( HOMOSEXUALITY IS AN ABOMINATION ! ) THEN ( Pay HEED to this….. )
      Will I HEAR from heaven, and I will FORGIVE their SIN,
      Amein & Amein.

  • Charles Nick

    And concerning America…I hope when he said he was going to “fundamentaly transform” us, that he didn’t mean into a fundamental Muslim country. The birthers are stuck at the beginning. And that is the root. All else stems from that. Symptoms have a root cause. Go back to March 2012, and Mike Zullo’s findings. If in the end the truth that he , vindicating all birthers, wasn’t a natural born citizen of The U.S.A. , then we could’ve prevented all his havoc by focusing on that.

  • spiritof1776

    All I have to say is:


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