Archive | September 4, 2013

UK’s David Cameron: No ‘Smoking’ Gun on Assad

By Keith Davies and Ben Barrack When it came to action on Syria, Barack Obama’s emissary to the British Parliament, which also happens to be Prime Minister David Cameron, was unsuccessful in convincing Parliament that action was necessary against Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad. Lost in the news about this defeat for Cameron was a rather shocking […]

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Is John Boehner a victim of Emotional Blackmail?

First of all, everyone knows that John Boehner is an emotional creature; he can’t stop crying. We also know that as Speaker of the House, he’s expected to have a professional working relationship with the President. Such relationships, as they mature, take on an increasingly personal aspect, like golfing. Boehner is said to be a […]

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Syria and CIA Director’s alleged conversion to Islam

Last February, during an interview with Tom Trento, John Guandolo claimed that he personally knows two people who witnessed current CIA Director John Brennan convert to Islam in the 1990’s while stationed in Saudi Arabia. We posted the interview at the time but in light of the allegations made by Yossef Bodansky and Dale Gavlak […]

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