Archive | September 6, 2013

Syrian Rebel spokesman IS Muslim Brotherhood

While studying Egyptian media for this report on Barack Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama, a distinct difference between how Egypt’s government is dealing with their Muslim Brotherhood problem and how the U.S. is doing the same, emerged. While U.S. media, politicians, and military generals debate things like whether Al-Qaeda, Ansar Al-Sharia, the Jamal Network, or a […]

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New San Antonio Decree: Politicians Will Lose Jobs If They Speak Against Homosexuals

By Theodore Shoebat Absolute equality is absolute despotism. This statement is becoming truer every moment in which the Sodomite agenda is incessantly advancing over the moral infrastructures, and they are not doing so without destroying lives. Look at the decree that was just passed in San Antonio, TX, which now prohibits all those in political […]

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Christians Butchered In Guinea, But There Is Something You Can Do About It

By Theodore Shoebat Great havoc and violence has arisen in Guinea, in which a substantial amount of churches have been destroyed, and a immense amount of Christians have been killed. Jihadist provoked violence left ninety-five people dead, and a hundred and thirty wounded. In Nzérékoré, five churches have been attacked and looted, and the homes […]

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