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Why is Ted Cruz buying the Obama line on Syria?

Is it crazy to say that there are multiple, credible reports suggesting the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood rebels are the ones who used Chemical weapons? It might be crazy to say that inside the Washington, D.C. beltway but outside the beltway, it might be crazier to assert with fortitude that the Assad regime was responsible. That’s […]

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Ted Cruz forgets Fort Hood’s 14th Murder Victim

By Ben Barrack As a Texas talk show host, the topic of the Jihadist attack at Fort Hood has come up on more than one occasion during the show. Whenever I discuss it, one thing remains constant, never-changing. Nidal Malik Hasan murdered 14 people that day, not 13. I always make it a point to […]

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R.C. Rescues kidnapped Girl forced to Embrace Islam

From our Rescue Christians team… On 22 August 2013, three Pakistani Muslim men – Umar Saghar, Muhammad Kashif and Shahid Nazir – abducted Shama Nasir, a fifteen year-old who is the second child of Nasir Masih. Few days before this incident occurred, these three men visited Nasir Masih and asked him to embrace Islam, which […]

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More Evidence Rebels used Chemical Weapons

In a court of law, the testimony of an eyewitness is considered evidence, not hearsay. When it comes to the use of Chemical weapons in Syria, the testimony of a journalist who claims to have overheard rebels admit to using them, would qualify. The man’s name is Pierre Piccinin, who was also held in captivity […]

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Afghan Members Of Parliament Call For Killing Of Christians

From Prophecy News Watch: Fifteen months ahead of the planned withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Afghanistan, an anti-Christian hate campaign involving several leading Afghan lawmakers and some media outlets is raising additional concerns about the future of religious freedom in the conservative Islamic country. Advocacy groups say the anger is directed at Afghan Christians […]

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