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Stop Focusing On Gay Marriage, Instead Try To End Tolerance Toward Sodomites

By Theodore Shoebat Homosexual marriage is not in the Bible, and the whole subject of it merely is a means for politicians to please both sides, by saying they are against it to conservatives, and that they believe in sodomite rights to leftists. It is all a game. The Bible has only one solution for […]

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CIA Director John Brennan has a new Benghazi problem

As the Benghazi scandal begins to heat up again, there appears to be some confirmation that CIA employees were required to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) that would prohibit them from speaking with Congress. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) relayed what happened to one such employee who refused to sign the NDA. Via Washington Free Beacon: A […]

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Sharyl Attkisson reports on Benghazi Conflict of Interest

“…no one will hold us more accountable than we hold ourselves.” – State Department Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy on October 10, 2012. As the Media Research Center points out, Sharyl Attkisson was briefly allowed out of her journalistic cage yesterday by CBS after nearly half a year. The last time she issued a televised report was […]

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Daily Beast’s Rogin and Journalistic Triage on O’Bagy

As we wrote yesterday, when it comes to the Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin, he seems to write on subjects that are damaging to the left but he often does so when the horse is out of the barn. This can do two things. First, like journalistic triage, it provides damage control with nuanced spin on […]

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Muslims Slit A Christian Man’s Throat, Then Tell The Wife, ‘Jesus Didn’t Come to Save Him’

From Christian Post: Ghastly attacks on Christians mocked as “Crusaders” in Syria continued unabated as Jihadists reportedly forced one man to convert to Islam at gunpoint and slit the throat of another Christian woman’s fiancé and then told her, “Jesus didn’t come to save him.” Residents who fled from the ancient town of Maalula in […]

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Lois Lerner + Malik Obama = White House IRS Scandal

As we have reported, Walid has gone on record – courtesy of an interview with WRKO’s Jeffrey Kuhner – saying that he believes he is being harassed by the Obama regime for our work on Malik Obama. So, of all the people out there who have uncovered scandalous things about Obama, why would Walid become […]

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Muslims Terrorize Christians, With American Support Of Course

By Theodore Shoebat In accordance to what I predicted in 2012, the US, France, and the UK, have accentuated their promise to the rebels, that they will continue to provide support for them. The US, being the empire of evil that it has become, is still draining its money (paid by the citizens of course) […]

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