Kansas Gunman who Murdered Three an anti-Semite, former KKK Grand Dragon

The gunman who murdered a man and his grandson at a Jewish community center and then a female at a nearby Jewish retirement community was once a KKK leader. According to at least one news report, Frazier Glenn Miller was heard yelling, ‘Heil Hitler’ as he shot his victims.

Grand Dragon

Grand Dragon

Though at least two of the victims were Christians, the shootings occurred at Jewish locations and on the eve of Passover. Police are not yet identifying the shootings as hate crimes or motivated by anti-semitism but Miller clearly has a history that includes hatred for Jews.

The far left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) – as is its modus operandi – is acknowledging Miller’s membership with the KKK but attempts to imply that he is a creature of the far right. In 2012, SPLC attempted to label terrorists within the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement as part of the “radical right”. SPLC has also identified as “hate groups” those who support heterosexual marriage.

Aside from the unassailable fact that the KKK was founded as the armed wing of the Democratic Party, the group also endorsed OWS.

Another group that represents the very anti-semitic Muslim Brotherhood also endorsed OWS; that group is CAIR. The KKK, anti-semites, and the Muslim Brotherhood all have common cause – hatred for Jews.


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  • richinnameonly

    And now there’s one more example that the muslims will point to and say, “see, it’s not just Islam that has radical terrorists”. They don’t want to talk about the numbers involved. God help the Christians and the Jews.

  • sumsrent

    Interesting… earlier I was reading all the comments on the article titled…

    “Hating Catholics–America’s ONLY Accepted Prejudice”

    There’s no doubt this particular article here is tied into that Catholic one… for sure… at least for me…

    See… I was actually recalling and thinking myself about… how I’ve never hated the satanically influenced Catholic fake church and it’s cult like members more than ever. Debating within if I should or even wanted to make any comments to that Catholic article.

    And also thinking… how on other websites in the past, I’d find myself always engaged in conversations with all the Jew haters and anti-Israel idiots.

    The difference… coming against those conspiracy theorists who believe the Jews are out to take over the world is a whole lot different than attempting to unite the Christian world. Finding it difficult to stand with the Shoebat ministry to unite the Christian world when we have C’lics who hate… just hate… who lie over and over… and use trickery like satanic worshipping muslims… twisting Holy Scripture.

    Regardless… it is truly amazing how articles can stimulate discussions which draw in certain people when those articles are focused on specific groups.

    The Catholic articles bring in hoards of C’lics…

    And what I’ve discovered is that those C’lics think they’re better than everyone else and have a deep seated hatred for other Christians. Which has brought me to understand…

    There is no uniting Christians with the satanically influenced Catholic fake church and all their pompous cult followers who would never denounce their satanic Islamic affiliation. Who act… just like… satanic worshipping muslims.
    And sure… the satanic Talmud loving Jews and the Orthodox Israel hating Jews have their own issues…

    The only thing these C’lics can do is copy and paste prewritten rebuttals to ongoing arguments in defense to their satanically influenced Catholic fake church… blindly. And they refuse to acknowledge and understand how they’re working against Christianity… while they skirt around the obvious issues which exposes their satanic Islamic affiliation.

    I have encountered those C’lics who believe having an open mind is essential… quite secular IMO… but their minds are rock solidly closed off to seeing what’s right in front of their faces!

    Hypocritical… to say the least.

    The truth is… the real Christians within the satanically influenced Catholic fake church… leave it!

    Walid said on the Catholic article… that Catholics have a tendency not to support Israel… which doesn’t surprise me… considering many doctrinal things the satanically influenced Catholic fake church does and thinks is similar to what satanic worshipping muslims do.

    From what I’ve witnessed over the years… Israel and Jew articles will draw in Jew haters… Catholic articles will draw in Catholics… Islamic articles will draw in muslims… government spending articles will draw in elitist conspiracy theorists… and so forth…

    With all that said… I truly do pray that all the Christians in world would wake up from their slumber… and that those who are lost would come to the realization that they need Christ Jesus as their Savior…

    But I’m almost convinced that the brainwashed cult members of the satanically influenced Catholic fake church won’t budge…

    Why? It is my opinion that the False Prophet will be the satanically influenced Catholic fake church’s pope… who stands with the antichrist Islamic Caliphate/Mahdi.
    All because they blindly serve their Vatican, pope and satanically influenced Catholic fake church before Christ Jesus.
    Are they any better than the Jews who cast insults against Christ Jesus? No. But I don’t find the Jewish converting Christians into serving satanic Islam like the satanically influenced Catholic fake church is doing.
    There’s a reason why the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob permitted the destruction of the Temple twice…

    • shoebat

      sumersent, you stated ” It is my opinion that the False Prophet will be the satanically influenced Catholic fake church’s pope… who stands with the antichrist Islamic Caliphate/Mahdi.” But instead of simply giving us your opinion, perhaps you might want to enlighten us from Scripture, where does it say that the false prophet is Catholic? Or are you creating a traditional modern interpretation? Beware of the tradition of men, even your own. Also, indeed I stated what I stated regarding Evangelical support for Israel, but I have also stated that no one rescued more Jews or died for them than Catholics. Care to refute this?

      • sumsrent

        WIth all respect… my comment wasn’t intended to antagonize a response from you.

      • Goten Loves Life and Apples

        You ask him a question about where in scripture is the False Prophet Catholic and seen as you ask him that i will ask you a question as well where in scripture does it say the Antichrist is Muslim? Or are you creating a new modern tradition? Secondly i would like to ask you seen as you seem so fascinated with counter terrorism i would like to ask you if in the near future they required everyone to receive a digital implant in their body to prevent future terrorist attacks would you support its implementation?

        • sumsrent

          Actually I could have addressed this myself… but I chose to respect the situation and drop it here.
          One thing… I also believe that the antichrist will be the satanic Islamic Caliphate/Mahdi.
          But to answer your question… they don’t need digital implants anymore… they have thermal infrared heat sensory facial recognition nowadays.

          • Goten Loves Life and Apples

            Of course they have biometrics but they are going to use missing people as an excuse to implant a rice sized or even smaller satellite tracker chip under the skin and they will use it to replace ID cards as well not to mention commerce.

          • sumsrent

            Missing people?
            Good point… I’ve never though about that. But still… removing a micro-chip can be done. And… I can’t imagine someone being able to alter their thermal biometrics. And satellite tracking would solve any camera issues…

          • Goten Loves Life and Apples

            Not if the chip were implanted directly in the brain or it was filled with nanobots that would permeate every part of the body? I don’t know if thermal biometrics would work because the body changes temperature depending on environment and clothing being worn especially mylar foil?

          • sumsrent

            Well… from what I’ve read up on last… even though it has it uses, RFID is old school.
            So… I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

          • Goten Loves Life and Apples

            I know you could have addressed it but i asked him to see what his opinion is on the matter that’s all.

    • ssmith

      Sumsrent, Do not forget Chrislam. Started by Rick Warren. They are Evangelical and Baptist churches etc worshipping with Muslims.

      • sumsrent

        I don’t know if Rick Warren coined the term “Chrislam”… but you… maybe unknowingly… back up my comment here and confirm what I’;ve stated in the past…
        If any church attempts to associate with Islam like Rick Warren did… they’re singled out… but how come no one speaking out about all these popes for decades claiming that the [fake] god of Islam is the same god of Christianity?
        The fact is… the heavily influenced and invested in Mainstream Media protects Islam while motivating muslims to expand satanic Islam… all the while it promotes pope Francis as the “Man of the Year”…
        It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where we’re headed here.

  • Ray

    Where is the antichrist mentioned in the bible – 1John 2:18, 1John 2:22, 1John 4:3 and 2John 1:7.
    Where is the person named as “The AntiChrist”? Being an English speaker, I understand the difference between “the” and “an”. These verses tell us what “an” antichrist is: anyone who denies the Father and the human nature of Jesus and his deity. Whoever proclaims this message is a liar and a deceiver. This applies to a lot of people including atheists. What system makes it a central focus to deny the Fatherhood of Jehovah and the Sonship of Christ and by extension, the redemptive work of the cross? It’s not the Catholic church.
    So it should be obvious that “the” antichrist [if it’s to possible to speak of “THE” antichrist] is a system, the beast system, identified in the first 2 verses of Rev 13, the Leopard-Bear-Lion system. It’s geographic location is specified to cover the Greek empire of Alexander, Persia and Babylon. This covers the whole middle east from India across the Middle East to Egypt and Turkey and across North Africa. What system is this – it’s not the Catholic church. Of course this system will have a leader. “The man of sin” in 2Thess 2:3 could simply be our friend Mo, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God whose memorial sits on the temple mount, Jehovah’s holy mountain. I used to hold the Vatican theories myself until I read Ellis Skolfield and Walid Shoebat’s books.
    Every verse in Rev 13 points to Islam.

  • Curtis Day

    I went to the CAIR web link your sight provided. Very interesting. I had to lol when I read Please feel free to make any adjustments to our wording as you see fit.
    Very Muslim of them, very Muslim indeed.

  • sumsrent

    Actually; The label of C’lic came to me from all those Catholics who like to refer to all us other so called “non-Christians” as “Prots”.

    So… I feel it’s fitting.

    See… I’m an enemy of satanic Islam… by default. They’ve labeled me… and you, for that matter… as their enemies. All because we refuse to submit to their satanic government, fake god and it’s so called prophet muhammad.

    Likewise… we are also considered non-Christians by default, worthy of insults from the C’lics who are brainwashed by their fake church.
    [I say fake… because they’ve falsely laid claim to historical documents as if these writings were in reference specifically to the Catholic church.]

    In the world of Catholicism… it’s NOT about Christianity… it’s about belonging to their so called one, true and holy church. Which is made up of lies. [you can refer to my comments on the “When will Catholics and Protestants go to hell” article for proof.]

    What we should notice is the constant similarities between the Catholic church and satanic Islam.

    For years I’ve argued, defended, been attacked, insulted, etc. for standing up for the Crusades, the Sabbath and the Confessionals of the Catholic church. But to a Catholic… down deep… it doesn’t matter… I’m not one of them. Even though I’ve always viewed them as Christians… I’ve since learned that Christianity is second to being a Catholic.

    In other words… to a Catholic… it’s not about being a Christian… it’s all about being a Catholic.

    And for the record [once again]… I’ve always stated that I believe there are Christians within the Catholic church.

    Sure we can make mention of the good things Catholic Christians have done throughout history… but we can also make mention of the good things satanic worshipping muslims have done too.

    But… would we approve of satanic Islam because they have had muslims who have reached out to help Jews? Christians? Or the like?

    The answer would be… a firm NO. Most importantly… because they convince people to denounce Christ Jesus, Salvation and serve a false god.

    With that said… I can look at the wrong Catholics have done throughout History and easily say… they’re forgiven… just like any sinner who repents… or… any convict, drug user or alcoholic who has been rehabilitated.

    Does their past define their character today? Or… should we continue judging a person because of what they’ve done in the past? Nope.

    Meaning… history can only play a certain part… what counts is the now. The today…

    And what the so called “universal”… Catholic fake church means today is… they believe that they also serve the fake god of satanic Islam as their god! That it is the same god!

    Which means… denouncing the Trinity… denouncing Christ Jesus… denouncing Salvation!

    No… I can’t go with that! regardless of what “good” that so called church has ever done in the past!

    But… do the high and mighty non-rapture believing Catholics want to discuss that!? Of course not… they want the discussions all entangled up in idol worship. Completely ignoring how aligned they are with satanic Islam!

    The fact is… satanic Islam’s antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi will stand with a fake Jesus [called Isa in Islam] and this fake Jesus will force the world to worship the image of the beast and force everyone to convert to satanic Islam. Most all Christians will agree that this fake Jesus will be the False Prophet…

    The question I present to y’all is this… who in the world is the key representative of Christianity… accepted as “Christ on earth”?

    Who has been saying that Christians serve and worship the same god of satanic Islam?

    The pope… and NOT just this new pope Francis [which is a story in itself] but many popes before him.

    No… I don’t regret what I’ve said… not one bit.

  • yahshua love’s you

    Heil Hitler and alahu Akbar go hand in hand Nazism and Islam are the same damn scum bags

  • Goten Loves Life and Apples

    Why do you think i speak up on this forum i have seen dozens of his videos before and what he says about the mark of the beast is deeply concerning to say the least.

  • sumsrent

    But if I may add… satanic Islam is not just a totalitarian government cloaked in a religion… it is an economic system.
    That’s why I refer to it as the New World Islamic Economic System.
    A financial system ready and waiting to be implemented… a system which incorporates environmentalism… a system which factors in welfare, Cap and Trade and anti-Big corporation.
    A system of zakat taxes using the IMF as the distributor of those funds.
    Which means… Islam is every bit of the Mark of the beast system… which everyone will be required to partake of in order to buy and sell.