Leaked Photos and Released Emails show Clintons in Bed with Muslim Brotherhood

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

Bassam Estwani is one major Muslim figure that had access to the Clinton White House. Some might think this is no big deal, of course, until one examines what Shoebat.com obtained from leaked photos compared with email exchanges between Estwani and the Clintons.

The photos and Arabic sources obtained by Shoebat.com reveal that Estwani was a major Muslim Brotherhood infiltrator working for decades in the U.S. to influence top U.S. politicians to advance Sharia.

In one photo, Estwani showed great deference to the number one Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

Estwani can be seen seated on the floor inside the Dar al-Hijrah mosque which was run by him at the time, receiving rhetorical crumbs from al-Qaradawi, who was banned from entering the U.S. in 1999, due to his support for terrorism.

Qaradawi (L) and Estwani (seated on floor).

Qaradawi (L) and Estwani (seated on floor).

The photos, when examined in conjunction with documents and emails released by the Clinton Library, reveal an extremely disturbing mosaic. They are worth thousands of words and clearly show that Estwani has a history of consorting with notorious figures, stealthy Muslim Brotherhood jihadists, and U.S. Congressmen from both sides of the aisle. Perhaps most alarming are his multiple visits to the White House during the Clinton administration.

Estwani with Hillary in the White House, during Eid event.

Estwani with Hillary in the White House, during Eid event.

When Estwani was visiting the White House, Huma Abedin – the daughter of a Muslim Sisterhood leader – had already been working for Hillary Clinton for four years. Shoebat.com revealed that Abedin’s brother was a fellow at the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies (OCIS) for several years when al-Qaradawi served on the Board.

Estwani in White House with Bill Clinton.

Estwani in White House with Bill Clinton.

An internet search on  Chairman Estwani doesn’t turn up much. While his name can be found on Ikhwanwiki – a Muslim Brotherhood directory – the site has no information on him available.

However, thanks to Arabic sources, Shoebat.com has obtained evidence of an alarming conspiracy – involving Estwani – to spread Islam in the military. Muhammad Ratib Al-Nablisi, one of the most prominent Muslim Theologians and Hamas supporters in the Levant (Syria) referenced Estwani in a 2001 progress report on the spread of Islam in America. In the report, al-Nablisi relayed the contents of his conversation with Estwani (translated):

The first issue now in the world should be Islam. Islamic books are entirely absent in Europe and the U.S. However, I was told by my entrusted friend, Mr. Bassam Estwani two weeks ago. He told me that during the Gulf War they appointed an Islamic supervisor to guide twenty thousand American soldiers and officers in Washington to be a religious mentor for them in the army. But that the news is not good. There are several threats and the interests of Muslims are threatened in the world. But that the advocacy news is quite good. Allah wanted to show his religion. He wanted to push people to know Islam.

Muhammad Ratib Al-Nablisi wearing Hamas scarf.

Muhammad Ratib Al-Nablisi wearing Hamas scarf.

Based on research done by Shoebat.com, it’s believed that the man Estwani was referring to could have been either Taha Jaber al-Alwani, a vehement anti-Semite or Abdurahman Alamoudi, who founded the American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Council (AMAFVAC). Coincidentally, one of the leaked photos shows Alamoudi with Estwani and U.S. Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA), who is still in office:

Alamoudi (top left), Rep. Jim Moran (center), and Estwani (right).

Alamoudi (top left), Rep. Jim Moran (center), and Estwani (right).

As Shoebat.com has reported, Estwani serves on the board of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) which became a source of controversy last year when its Research Director – Elizabeth O’Bagy – was found to have a serious conflict of interest. Subsequently, as Shoebat.com reported, SETF didn’t handle the spotlight all that well. In addition to being funded by the U.S. State Department, the SETF also backed an anti-Semitic imam named Sheikh Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib to lead the rebels politically.

Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib and Estwani, together in Cairo before fall of Mursi.

Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib and Estwani, together in Cairo before fall of Mursi.

The name of Estwani’s mosque is significant because the term “Dar al-Hijrah” represents one of two spheres in the Islamic world. It refers to a place designated for immigrants to Islam. The other sphere is “Dar al-Harab” which refers to a place where people are at war with Islam.

In 2004, Al-Jazeera quoted Estwani as saying the following:

“Dar Al-Hijra Center in Washington has played a prominent role and was remarkable to educate patrons on the importance and the need to participate in the elections for the selection of the fittest and the closest to the needs and values of the Muslim community.” He added: “The center of Dar al-Hijrah has good relations with some in Congress, whether Republicans or Democrats , and I have repeated visits to the center on several occasions , which was visited by the Republican candidate Tom Davis and he addressed the Muslim audience after Friday prayers that preceded the elections for the House of Representatives.”

Clearly, the efforts of Estwani included endearing himself to both Republicans and Democrats. Here he is flanked by Republican Congressman Tom Davis he mentioned above and Democrat Moran:

Rep. Tom Davis (L), Estwani, and Moran (R).

Rep. Tom Davis (L), Estwani, and Moran (R).

The goals as revealed by Al-Jazeera are obvious:

1) Secure the rights of Arabs and Muslims in North America to enable them to live their lives to make sure that their practices is protected by Islamic law and at the same time to be considered a respected American citizen. 2) To make an impact on American society to provide Islamic solutions to issues for social issues in the fields of education, economy and the fight against homosexuality and drugs. 3) To influence the decisions of the political organs of the U.S. about the problems of the Islamic world. 4) To ensure the entry of Arab and Islamic figures and institutions in the U.S. decision making process in the U.S. Congress . 5) The establishment of the “Muslim lobby” through pressure groups which would have an impact on the U.S. presidential election and foreign policy orientations.

In another shocking revelation, Estwani was quoted in an article published by Da’wa.net in which the topic was the rise in demand for pro-Islamic books in the U.S. after 9/11:

One such case is the rise in demand for Islamic books in non-Muslim countries as result of 9/11. This alone is a big win that is clear to the people of Allah. Professor Bassam Estwani, owner of Dar Al-Quran and other publishing houses said that, “Hundreds of Islamic books were re-printed to meet the huge demand of Westerners to read these books…”

If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head at the disinterest of Republicans when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood, consider that Estwani also met with the most powerful member of the House of Representatives at the time – Speaker Dennis Hastert. Hastert’s successor John Boehner has shown a propensity for either ignoring or helping the Brotherhood. He defended Abedin in the face of overwhelming evidence she’s connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. Senator Marco Rubio and Rep. Mike Rogers did as well. Boehner has also avoided appointing a select committee to look into Benghazi. John McCain’s passionate defense of the SETF and O’Bagy is another glaring example.

Estwani meeting with then Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

Estwani meeting with then Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

As if anyone needed it, further proof that CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood front group can be seen in photos of Estwani with the group’s Executive Director, Nihad Awad:

Estwani with Nihad Awad.

Estwani with Nihad Awad.

And of course, who can forget Congress’s Gaza Queen Cynthia McKinney:

Awad, Estwani, Rep. Cynthia McKinney.

Awad, Estwani, Rep. Cynthia McKinney.

Bassam Estwani was the Chairman of the Dar al-Hijrah mosque when then President Bill Clinton wrote him a personal note, as Shoebat.com previously reported. In that note, Clinton told Estwani that “all suggestions” Estwani had given to him – presumably in a letter Estwani presented to Clinton on March 9, 2000 – were ones that Clinton was “interested in” and that the President wanted to “follow-up”.

At the beginning of the note, Clinton appears to be telling Estwani to check back with Mary Beth Cahill and Ben Johnson, two Clinton aids at the time. In subsequent days, in an email from Maureen T. Shea to Cahill and Johnson, Shea opens by explaining why she was writing:


This places Estwani at no fewer than two events with President Clinton. The One America event at the White House Shea was referring to was for religious leaders.

After providing the three suggestions from Estwani that Clinton was “interested in”, Shea asks if the suggestions will work. One suggestion was to combine all three religious events at the White House in December (deceitful practice of Muslim bridge-building). The second had to do with getting Clinton to visit the Dar al-Hijrah mosque. The third involved a one-on-one meeting between Estwani and Clinton, which Clinton said was “ok to do”.

In another email by Shea a couple of weeks later, she gives a subordinate the parameters for a letter to Estwani in response to the suggestions he presented to Clinton:


The verdict was in. Shea thought it a bad idea for Clinton to go to Dar al-Hijrah and a bad idea for a one-on-one meeting. This suggests that the hateful nature of the mosque – which would be home to Anwar al-Awlaki and visited by multiple 9/11 hijackers – was well known by the White House. That level of knowledge is not surprising. What is shocking is that Estwani would have as much access as he did. After all, the imam for Dar al-Hijrah from 1995-1999 was Mohammed al-Hanooti. In 1995, al-Hanooti had been named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

That’s right, the Chairman of the Dar al-Hijrah mosque, which was home to an individual implicated in the first World Trade Center attack, had access to President Clinton. That WTC attack occurred on Clinton’s watch. Another such co-conspirator is Siraj Wahhaj, who invited Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman (Blind Sheikh) to speak at his mosque several times. As Shoebat.com has reported, Wahhaj’s links to that attack continue to strengthen. Estwani has proudly posted a photo of him with Wahhaj (we don’t ever recall seeing Wahhaj so happy):

Estwani (r) and Wahhaj (seated and smiling).

Estwani (r) and Wahhaj (seated and smiling).


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  • Reportedly, Hillary Clinton took a leading role in encouraging Muslims to get involved in American politics back in 1996. Hillary was accompanied by religious leaders during one such meeting as noted in the following excerpts from a Los Angeles Times article, May 31, 1996, by religion reporter, Larry Stammer:

    “In a Los Angeles speech hailed by American Muslims as proof they have come of political age, Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday became the only first lady to address U.S. Islamic groups outside the White House and promptly urged them to become involved in the nation’s political life.

    She also served notice that Muslims in this country can no longer be ignored.

    “Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America, a guide and pillar of stability for many of our people,” she said, drawing applause from the audience of 300 at a luncheon sponsored by the Muslim Public Affairs Council and the Muslim Women’s League at the downtown Biltmore Hotel. “That is why an understanding of Islam is long overdue…

    “We’re breaking new ground in forging a positive Muslim identity,” said Salam Al-Marayati, director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, before Clinton’s speech. “The days of exclusion are over. . . . We’re putting a human face on Islam before the
    American public and before the highest office of the land.”

    Among the guests were Roman Catholic, Protestant and Jewish representatives. Monsignor Royale Vadakin, who before his retirement was active in the Los Angeles Roman Catholic archdiocese’s ecumenical efforts, agreed that Muslims were becoming a growing voice in public affairs and called it “a joy” to see a new generation of young Muslim leaders taking an active interest in American life…

    …The importance U.S. Muslims attached to Clinton’s appearance was apparent in the effusive introduction given her by Maher Hathout, spokesman for the Islamic Center of Southern California and one of the nation’s preeminent Islamic leaders.
    “When our country becomes what we dream and when our society becomes warmer and more inclusive . . . it will be written in history in letters of light that the first first lady who took a major step to greet, include and to communicate with Muslims is First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton,” Hathout declared, drawing loud applause.”

    Excerpts Source: Los Angeles Times, May 31, 1996, Religion Section, Page B3

    • John A. Patriot

      She’s been anti-American communist since her college days… so I would contend it goes WAY before the 90’s; arabs were heavy into the communist groups back then and quite likely that is when she made her first contacts.

      • Mary

        I would love to know why she hates America so much. America has been good to her. She makes money hand over fist thru Capitalism. What is wrong with these people?

        • ColonelNeville

          Everything. They are first of all driven by their super narcissism, thus they are naturally dissonant decadent nihilist mob mentality treasonous Marxist Quisling uber corrupt creeps – who consort with fellow criminals and lie as easily as we breathe. No, really.

          • 13gatorgrowl

            Good post.

        • 13gatorgrowl

          Because she is a “congenital Liar” as stated by William Saffire, columnist for NY Times in 1994. She is simply mentally deranged! Her father was a Republican. I guess she is the black sheep in family. Her brother is a drug dealer.

      • 13gatorgrowl

        The Bush Clan has been in bed with Arabs for over 50 years. I think this goes back to early US Oil Magnates. GHW Bush has the Arabs to his Ranch in Texas as a frequent guest. Muslims were already in USA and had Mosques here before the Clintons got the WH.

    • Mary

      Makes me sick. They want to conquer and subdue. They care nothing for this Country.

      • 13gatorgrowl

        Their god is the almighty $$ and they are megalomaniacs. They only care for themselves and what they can get! They will cut their own mother’s throat!

  • Two bits

    From Nancy Pelosi’s Saudi fund raising tour to Huma’s coziness with the Clinton’s to John McCain’s treatment of the Syrians who were concerned whom the US was truly backing in Syria… and every political leader who still insist that Islam is the religion of peace as well as a silent press. The whole lot has been bought by their greed for money.

    Add to that the dumbed down voters only interested in entertainment and comfort… well its no wonder were screwed. Shine the light and speak the truth in this environment and you get attacked from all angles.

    What did the Bible say??? Right will be wrong and wrong will be right. We’ll that day is here.

    • ColonelNeville

      I concur entirely. Democrat Quislings n’ Republican RINO’S have and are selling us all out to Islamic Sharia Jihad. NO, REALLY.

    • yzwisey

      Two bits here is another , “Men will become lover’s of themselves.” If this is not evident in societal norms and in government.

  • John A. Patriot

    This story goes well beyond Clintons in bed with ‘questionable’ fund raising… the “Oil Money” has been corrupting our system of government for YEARS… What has become so insidious is they are now funding terror front groups who fain ‘moderation’ and when these politicos don’t play ball they threaten to pull the funding plug… Although overall I suspect with the likes of Clinton X2 the sheiks don’t have to worry about what side of politics they stand on. Anything that will bring about the destruction of an aspect of Conservative thinking is just fine with them… and if a few bodies need to be added to the pile, so be it.. their path is strewn with bodies of those whom the Clintons’ did not find politically expedient. The entirety of Washington DC needs an enema to flush out these long embedded external anti-American influences.

    • Hi John A. Patriot. Regarding your comment: “The entirety of Washington DC needs an enema to flush out these long embedded external anti-American influences.” Yes, it would be an ideal situation if that could take place but it may be too late for the future of America. The leadership of both parties have long been engaged in directing this country toward the New World Order. The “politicians” are assured that they will be among the ruling elite when that happens and to heck with the American citizenry. Reportedly, the Clintons have stated what their future goals and aspirations are: Bill wants to be president of the United Nations and Hillary wants to be the head of the World Bank. For a list of which political leaders favor the NWO, just Google New World Order Quotes. Voter apathy, complacency and an uninterested attitude on the part of many American citizens have allowed our leaders to guide us astray. Elections 2014 and 2016 will be the final pivotal point for this country.

      • John A. Patriot

        Agreed, 2014 & 2016 are likely the most important two elections in this Republics history… if “We The People” loose further ground to these globalist demagogues then I fear our Republic may in fact be lost. The bought & paid for voter may in fact be the end of These United States.

      • 1Bobby8

        Agreed, If we have elections.

        • Lea

          Why not choose a totally different political party to vote for. Surely there have to be alternatives to the 2 = 1 Republican/Democrat connivance.

          • TruthWFree

            The vote was divided by Ross Perot and we got Clinton both times with less than 50% of the vote. If not for Perot, we may never have heard of Hitlery.

          • 13gatorgrowl

            Absolutely! That is why we can not vote Independent or otherwise! We have to plan and vote for those we see as the best for the future! We have to get past Clintons, but until Bill Clinton dies, he has NO intention to be out of the loop! We can hope that will happen in our life time! obamination is a horse of a different color–so to speak. By the Grace of God he will go down too!

    • 13gatorgrowl

      Exactly what I have been posting! This goes back to the early oil magnates. Bush Clan is one of the oil families as is Rockefellers. This is not 1990’s news!

  • Mary

    Islam is filth. The truth is the truth is the truth and truth is not hate speech. The Clinton’s helped Muslims get into government politics. Obama made it worse. We have to stop bowing and giving into Islam.

    • Taking care of business!

      Mary, and may I add, following your lead, islam is not a FAITH, but a FILTH. Dear, let me share something that was passed along to me: do not capitalize islam nor muslims, they do not deserve the respect.

      • Mary

        You are right. Thank you.

        • Taking care of business!

          Actually, thank you, my dear, for presenting the argument and succedently raising the bar.

    • 13gatorgrowl

      Don’t forget the Bush clan is in bed with Arab oil! hey are not innocent. I think this goes back to the beginning of US oil magnates. The Oil people have been in he business with Muslims for years. I wonder when the first Muslim was allowed into our government! It probably goes back over 70 years!

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  • karacek

    Muslims do not assimilate into any society but their own. They need to stay in their own backward countries, and leave the rest of the world alone. I believe that these un-American satanic worshippers should be deported and not allowed to migrate to a free Christian society. If they want change, they can change their own countries…not mine!
    These traitors in DC need to be held accountable. May 16th can’t come soon enough for me!

  • karacek

    Hellary and her perverted husband need to be thrown out of our country or hung as traitors. America, wake up and stop supporting these criminals. We need only to hold a few accountable and the others will get the message and either support the Constitution, or resign (if they fear for their lives), whatever…they need to be removed without reward (pensions) as they didn’t earn any!

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      I opt for your second option!

    • 13gatorgrowl

      We need to hang the Clintons as traitors!

  • richinnameonly

    These people running our government are traitors. I think Hillary is even worse than Bill, although maybe it’s only because her escapades are fresh in the mind. Cynthia McKinney is a racist idiot. Jim Moran whines about only being paid $172,000/yr., saying it’s just not enough. My advice to him is that he should quit. Trey Gowdy thinks they’re all over paid.

    • 13gatorgrowl

      You got that right in first sentence. Hil-Liar-y Clinton will cut her mother’s throat if she was in her way! She is treacherous and is correctly described as a “congenital liar” statement from William Saffire, NY Times1995. She would do her bidding on her back to get what she wants!

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  • Tutu

    Ahab and Jezebel…history repeating itself.

    • justathought22

      sodam and Gomorrah.

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  • 1PierreMontagne1

    To better understand the Religion of Peace, take any article on Islam and subsitute the word Muslim with the word Nazi and subsitute the word Islam with the word Naziism, Substitute the word Allah with the word Satan.
    Re-read the article with the words substituted, and and it all becomes disturbingly clear.
    Senseless terrorism suddenly makes sense, the reason for attacks on Jews and Christians also becomes very clear.
    What is not clear is why our so called “Secular Policitcal leaders” continue to let Islamism take America and the Western world down the slippery slope to the Point Of No Reutrn?

    • 13gatorgrowl

      Because they all are slippery slimy criminals!

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  • clarioncaller

    “The love of money is the root of all evil”. Follow the money stream of the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Clinton Foundation, and the Center for American Progress.

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  • calico_kitty

    if we had a truly independent press in America, interested only in truth, ethics and exposing these phonies, these sellouts to our liberty would have been exposed years ago. I will not sit down and shut up.

  • 13gatorgrowl

    Bill Clinton will lose to the Muslims!

  • 13gatorgrowl

    Good point. Maybe Boehner chose Trey because we like Trey. I am surprised he chose Trey also. I wonder if this is a flim-flam! Tune in after the hearing gets started. We will know soon. This is how they have gotten this far with the NWO-pulling tricks on us, the people!

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  • PeterSalinas

    Obama is the freaking head of the Muslim Brotherhood in N. America – selling weapons to al Aqeda and the Brotherhood are acts of treason and sedition. If he were running Egypt or Syria, there would be several dozen fatwas put on his head/

  • PeterSalinas

    Gowdy is going to vet everyone on the committee. Nobody gets a pass. Certainly not Mike Rogers. Gowdy is playing it close to the vest on how he is going to get Clinton to sing. The way you make her rat on her friends is to go after Bills’ financial records

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