Muslims Force Christian Woman Who Left Islam To Watch Her Husband Get Executed, Kidnap Her Two Daughters And Then Kill Her Son

By Theodore Shoebat

A woman in Nigeria named Deborah Shettima left Islam and converted to Christianity. Amidst pressure from her family to return to Islam, she kept to her Faith, running the race like a good athlete. Muslims, who were members of Boko Haram, forced her to watch them execute her husband, and then kidnapped her two daughters, ages 7 and 9. This happened on April 25th, 2013. Three months later, the same Muslims came back and murdered her 20 year old son. Deborah expressed her anguishing desire just to know if her two daughters are still alive:

I am living a difficult life… I have been asking God to please show me if my daughters are still alive so that I could at least have a minute to smile again.

As she suffers from the loss of her closest family, her Muslim relatives are still pressuring her to come back to Islam. Why would anyone return to such a religion after watching what horrors the same religion did to one’s family? Her Muslim neighbors had absolutely no sympathy for her after such a tragedy, and drove her out of the home that her murdered husband had built. She now lives alone in an apartment, destitute of any family. All she has, is God. She in fact forgives those who murdered her husband and son and kidnapped her daughters, saying:

I feel at peace whenever I pronounce a word of forgiveness upon the people who destroyed my peace by killing my beloved husband and taking away my children

She went on to say that she will remain a Christian no matter what, and the test of her faith has surely proven this to be undeniably true:

Life might not be very easy, but the grace of the Lord will keep me going. My situation doesn’t mean that God doesn’t care about me. He does. Therefore, I will praise Him even in this situation. Who knows? He may change my situation for the better. He loves me, and I will never let Him down.

Every time you hear some charlatan preacher talk about how God wants you to be rich, think of this story and eschew such liars and hirelings.



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