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White House Spokesman Makes A Joke About Christian Persecution In Egypt

This joking about the persecuted not only shows the coldness of the US government, but also the hatred for Christians that the Obama administration harbors. From The Daily Caller: The White House’s deputy press secretary today downplayed Muslim attacks on Christians in Egypt, joking about the savagery that has left at least six Christians dead. […]

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Homo Tyranny Is Coming, If We Don’t Stop It

By Theodore Shoebat The sodomites are relentless in the endeavorment to force Christians in accepting their ideology. As I have said before, there is a direct connection between homosexuality and tyranny. Its called homo tyranny, and we are seeing it gradually advancing. As has been reported in one recent news story, a couple in New […]

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Muslims In Egypt: Christians Must Be Wiped Out

By Theodore Shoebat I was constantly verbally abused for being a Christian. Even on the public buses, they would insult me for being Christian, and accused us of being infidels, and that we as Christian people deserve to be wiped off the face of this country, because they believe that we do not deserve to […]

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CAUGHT ON FILM: Churches Burnt And Ransacked In Egypt

The shameless media in America cares more about Muslim Brotherhood “demonstrators” being killed and injured, than Christian churches being burnt and devastated by the very same Muslim Brotherhood. This is why we must become the media. Here is a video of the Church of Bishop Moussa razed in flames: Here is the Prince Tadress Church […]

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Insider In Egypt: Attack On Christians “nothing less than a furious satanic attack”

From The CP: The recent barrage of attacks on Christians in Egypt, including on members and churches of the nation’s Coptic denomination, are of a scale unseen in modern times and being described as satanic, according to sources living in the country. The persecution watchdog group, Open Doors USA, says Egypt is engulfed in a […]

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Reporter: “monumental attack — unprecedented in modern times — on churches throughout Egypt”

From Gary Lane: What do Muslim Brotherhood members do when Egyptian Security Forces launch a forewarned operation to clear them from Cairo tent cities? Attack Christians. That’s right. Morsi supporters responded with a monumental attack–unprecedented in modern times–on churches throughout Egypt. The torching and destruction of churches occured within six hours of the start of […]

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Being Gay Is Not Natural

Here is another video of Theodore Shoebat further vindicating my case to ban the sodomite agenda, showing that being gay is not natural. Christians in America have been too mild in regards to the sodomite agenda. We must realize that sodomitism is just as dangerous as the jihadist movement. If it rises to a certain […]

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Another Islamic Cannibalism Case Discovered

By Theodore Shoebat So it looks like our predictions on Islamic cannibalism are becoming clearer and clearer. Here is a testimony from Isiaku, a member of Boko Haram: I can’t recall the number of people I have killed. I don’t use gun most times. We usually use guns to shoot people on the leg. If […]

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Coptic girl shot in Cairo

From Christian Today: Morning Star News is reporting that a Coptic Christian girl walking home from a Bible class at her church was shot and killed last week in Cairo by an unidentified gunman, human rights activists said on Friday, August 9, 2013. Amid a near-constant din of threats and scattered attacks against the Christian […]

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10,000 Muslims March In Coptic Area Screaming: “Islamic, Islamic, despite the Christians.”

From the AP (thanks to The Las Vegas Sun): It was nighttime and 10,000 Islamists were marching down the most heavily Christian street in this ancient Egyptian city, chanting “Islamic, Islamic, despite the Christians.” A half-dozen kids were spray-painting “Boycott the Christians” on walls, supervised by an adult. While Islamists are on the defensive in […]

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A member of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia attends the International Caliphate Conference in Jakarta

Muslims to Christians: “They’re infidels and they’ve built their church without permission”

From Archbishop Cranmer of Virtue Online: In April 1996, Pope John Paul II attacked the intransigence of ‘followers of other religions’ who were persecuting Christians. He didn’t specify Islam, but everyone know who he meant. In his Easter message Urbi et Orbi, he said Christians in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe had “legitimate aspirations” […]

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“The Christians in Syria are helpless,” says activist

From the Washington Times: The Arab Spring has not been kind to Christians, and Syria is a good example: The nation’s 2 million-plus Christians are caught in the middle of a Muslim war. Jihadist rebels threaten and kidnap them while coercing others to become Muslims. Government troops loyal to President Bashar Assad order them to […]

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