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Obama’s Reelection Simply Means More Power To Islamists

By Theodore Shoebat With Obama’s inauguration for his reelection, many people are exalting him as another Martin Luther King Jr., and a voice for social equality. But is this event really worth celebration? No. Obama’s policies has only made the West lose control of the Middle East, and this will only lead to the formation […]

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Islam and Environmentalism Are Both Antihuman

By Theodore Shoebat With Al Gore’s Current TV now sold to Al Jazeera, Woodstock and Mecca now unite, and Allah and Mother Earth are joined together in marriage. The purchase brings us to a much deeper topic, and that is that the ideology of Islam coincides with much of what the environmentalists uphold. Al Gore […]

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Morsi, The Common Tyrant

By Theodore Shoebat Muhammad Morsi is right now doing what any tyrant would do: use the emotions of the people to comply with what you want. In his address to to the senate, Morsi blamed the decrease in tourism (from which Egypt’s economy thrives) on his opposition, who “violated the peacefulness of politics”. This accusation […]

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Iranian Minister, a modern day Paul, send letter from Prison

The ancient Persians, when they worshipped the heathen god Ahura Mazda, massacred countless Christians of the early Church. The Persians are now Muslim, but their hatred is still as alive as what was in antiquity. By Anugrah Kumar , Christian Post Contributor Jailed Iranian pastor Behnam Irani, who was last month denied hospitalization despite his […]

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Iranian Persecution Toward Christians

From Worthy News: By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent TEHRAN, IRAN (Worthy News)– Iranian Church leaders have urged prayers for Christians in Iran amid concerns authorities will raid more house churches and detain believers over the Christmas and Western New Year period. The appeal came after a letter was released of jailed Pastor Behnam […]

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The Tyranny Of Iran

Jamie Glazov interviews Roozbeh Farahanipour, an Iranian journalist, democracy activist, former political prisoner in Iran and head of Marze Por Gohar Party (MPG), an Iranian opposition party seeking the establishment of a secular republic in Iran. FP: Roozbeh Farahanipour, welcome to Frontpage Interview. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s highest hard-line clerical leader, has started a Facebook […]

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