Muslims Kidnap People And Steal Their Blood To Give It To Wounded Jihadist Fighters, They Then Leave Their Victims On The Street To Bleed To Death

By Theodore Shoebat

ISIS terrorists are now kidnapping people to steal their blood and give it to wounded jihadist fighters. Many of the victims are then actually left on the street to die. One Iraqi report revealed:

“ISIS now have a large number of wounded fighters and is desperate for blood… Many of the civilians couldn’t get even two meals a day for a long time, so they’re very ill and weak”

Another report reads:

Reeling from a months-long siege and facing a force of 20,000 Iraqi government troops, Iranian-supported militia and a civilian population sensing pending freedom, the black-clad occupiers of the city some 40 miles west of Baghdad have resorted to the unthinkable. ISIS fighters are accosting people on the street and in their homes, forcing them to give blood for wounded fighters and leaving some drained and dying in the streets, a witness inside the city told