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Glory to God: Rescue Christians Has secured the Release From Prison, A Victim of the False Blasphemy Charges.

PRESS RELEASE Usman Masih, was falsely accused of committing Blasphemy on 25th May 2016 in Punjab Pakistan, was released from prison on Friday February 16th 2018 by Judge Muhammad Moeen Khokhar, in Ferozewala, a town in Punjab Pakistan. The Judge announced the acquittal of all charges connected to the Blasphemy Laws based on the fact […]

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Message to Israel: There were Jews who collaborated with the Nazis to slaughter their own fellow Jews

By Theodore Shoebat Poland and Israel are at it again, over the Holocaust. Last month Israel and Poland had a spat over some Israeli official’s insistence on using the term “Polish death camps,” words that enraged Polish people, understandably since the Nazis did indeed slaughter millions of Poles during the Holocaust. Now there is more […]

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Hindu Nationalists Declare ‘We Have Been Engaged In Military Training And We Can Raise An Army In Three Days’

Last year identified India as a place to watch for Christian persecution in 2018 as Hindu nationalists began brazenly attacking Christians every 40 hours on average and talking seriously about a revival of a pagan ethnostate. We have noted that nationalist groups are already making active inroads into the government and are preparing to […]

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British Island Set To Pass One Of The Most Extreme Abortion Bills In The World That Will Legalize Infanticide And If Doctors Refuse They Can Go To Jail

The tiny British Isle of Man, which sits in the Irish Sea between Ireland and Albion, is set to pass one of the most extreme abortion laws in the world. The law would legalize infanticide, permitting abortion up to the time of birth and then mandating jail time for doctors who refuse to participate: The […]

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Iraqi Christian Bishop Declares ‘The Persecution We Have Experienced With ISIS Is What We Have Been Living With For The Last 14 Centuries Under Islam, Anything Less Is Dishonest’

Chaldean Archbishop Bashar Warda of Irbil, Iraq recently spoke about the persecution of Christians in Iraq. He said that anybody who is honest with the situation of Christians in Iraq must admit that the persecution of Christians by ISIS is nothing new, and that it has been going on for 14 centuries since the inception […]

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Warmongering US Senator Lindsey Graham Demands Creation Of A “European Army”, Then Menacingly Threatens Russia “You Are Going To Get What You Deserve”

US Senator Lindsey Graham put for his strongest shilling efforts yet for the military-industrial complex by demanding to the concern of US officials the creation of a “European army”: South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a prominent Republican voice on security matters, said he has come to embrace the idea of a European Union-led defense initiative, […]

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Kurdish Militia Kills Thirty One Turkish Soldiers In Battle For Northern Syria

By Theodore Shoebat Kurdish fighters killed thirty one Turkish soldiers in the battle over Afrin in Northern Syria. As we read in a report from AINA: The Turkish army on Monday said 31 soldiers had been killed since Ankara launched its offensive against a Kurdish militia in Syria last month. Another 143 Turkish soldiers were […]

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Trump gets briefed on Russia indictment and declares that all the allegations against him regarding the so-called Russian interference are nonsense

By Walid Shoebat Trump supposedly just got briefed about the Russian indictment and has declared that all the allegations against him regarding the so called Russian interference are nonsense. Trump briefed on Mueller team documents; @dougmckelway reports. — Fox News (@FoxNews) February 16, 2018 As we read in a report from CNBC: President Donald […]

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 Yevgeny Prigozhin with Putin

Major Russian businessman who has been indicted for supposed Russian interference in US election declares that Americans are easily deceived and that these allegations are rubbish

By Walid Shoebat A major Russian businessman who has been indicted for supposed Russian interference in the 2016 US election has declared that Americans are easily deceived and that the allegations made against him are rubbish. I think this whole situation is one big joke and is being used just to spark distractions amongst the […]

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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Declares That The US government has indicted thirteen Russians for interfering in the 2016 US election

By Walid Shoebat A 36 page document from the US government indicts 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies for interfering in the US election. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has said that the indictment does not make any allegations that this supposed interference did not have any effect in the 2016 US election. So I don’t […]

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Police Arrest Two Muslims For Spying On Converts From Islam To Christianity And Planning To Hunt Down And Murder Them

Bengali police arrested two men after they discovered plans they were conducting reconnaissance on former Muslims who became Christians. According to the report, they were planning to hunt down and murder them: Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has arrested two members of banned militant outfit Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) from Dhaka, one of whom was planning […]

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Muslim Terrorist Who Attacked Christians In Church With A Sword In Indonesia Tried To Go To Syria

Several days ago, we reported that a Muslim man attacked Christians during mass with a sword in Indonesia. He attacked the priest before attacking the building and was taken down and arrested by police: In another development to the story, this same man had tried to go to Syria according to a report: A Muslim […]

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VICTORY: Pakistani Court Orders 12-Year-Old Christian Girl Kidnapped, Raped, And Forced To Convert To Islam And Marry Her Rapist To Return To Her Parents

In a victory for Christians living in Pakistan, a 12-Year-Old Christian girl who was kidnapped by a Muslim man, raped, forcibly converted to Islam and married to him returned to her parents to the joy of the girl and her family according to a report: Last week a landmark decision in a Lahore High Court […]

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Pakistan Deploys Troops To Saudi Arabia For “Bilateral Security”- Pakistan And Saudi Arabia’s Goose Is Cooked, Turkey And Iran Are Waiting To Chow Down

In a move that has come as a surprise to many, Pakistan is now sending troops into Saudi Arabia for “bilateral security cooperation.” This comes at a time with increasing tensions for both nations with Turkey, Iran, and India: In a major policy shift, Pakistan has decided to deploy troops in Saudi Arabia under bilateral […]

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Turkish Vessel Attacks Greek Coast Guard Boat, Erdogan Responds By Building Up Turkish Military Presence In The Aegean Sea

Tensions escalated after a Turkish vessel rammed a Greek coast guard boat: The situation around the Imia islets was stable on Thursday following an escalation in tensions on Monday night after a Turkish vessel rammed a Hellenic Coast Guard boat. However, despite the agreement between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his Turkish counterpart Binali Yildirim […]

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