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Make No Mistake About It, The New Peace Agreement Between Israel And The UAE Is All About Fighting Iran

By Theodore Shoebat Looking at the recent alliance formed between Israel and the UAE, is is very obvious what is happening: Israel and the Arabs of the UAE need to join forces to combat Iran. As we read from a report from Reuters:  Israel and the United Arab Emirates announced on Thursday that they will […]

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Medical Researchers Warn: ‘Coronavirus Could Become Just As Destructive As 1918 Influenza.’

By Theodore Shoebat Medical researchers are now warning that coronavirus could become just as fatal and destructive as the 1918 influenza epidemic. As we read from a report by CNBC: The coronavirus is at least as deadly as the 1918 flu pandemic and the death toll could even be worse if world leaders and public health […]

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Top Federal Health Official: ‘If Americans Don’t Socially Distance, We Will End Up In The Worst Health Crisis In Our History.’

By Theodore Shoebat A top federal health official recently said that if American continue to ignore protocol, we will end up in the worst health crisis in our history. As we read from CNN: A top federal health official is issuing a dire warning: Follow recommended coronavirus measures or risk having the worst fall in US public […]

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COVID-19 Domino Effect Continues As Landlords Lose Hundreds Of Millions In Commercial Rent Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic could be likened to a domino falling on a line of other dominoes, or a rock thrown into a pond, for it is not the act of the domino falling or the rock being thrown that causes problems, but the ensuing after-effects that cause most of the problems. I have noted on […]

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The Catholic Church Is A Very Scary And Weird Place (Horror Stories From Inside The Church))

By Theodore Shoebat Since I had a good number of people getting angry with me over my last video in which I recounted my strange and disturbing experiences in the Catholic Church, I decided to do another video giving you guys more dark and disturbing stories from the inside, just show you guys how bad […]

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Belarus And Russia In Spat After Lukashenko Declares Intention To Turn Over Wagner Paramilitaries To Ukraine

Right now, the Russian media outlet Pravda reports that President Putin of Russia and Belorussian President Aleksandr Lukashenko are in a spat over thirty Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group who were arrested by Belarus and instead of “returning” them to Russia, they On July 29, Minsk reported on the arrest of more than 30 […]

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Its Happening As Warned: Germany Wants To Boost Its Military Might Due To Trump’s Withdrawal Of US Troops From Germany

By Theodore Shoebat Its happening as warned: Germany now wants to boost its military might due to Trump’s withdrawal of US troops from Germany. According to DW: Germany should do more for its own security, Defense Minister Annagret Kramp-Karrenbauer said as the US plans to drastically cut its troops presence in the European country. “We are […]

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COVID-19 Linked Heart Problems Affecting College Sports

There are several trends that have been noted regarding COVID-19. One of those trends is how many COVID-19 recovered patients have some form heart damage regardless of the age. This is a serious concern with possible long-term medical consequences. As such, it is interesting that ESPN reports that the upcoming sports season may be gravely […]

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If You Believe Russia Actually Has A Successful Vaccine Then Potemkin Villages Were Real

With the world scrambling from COVID-19’s effects and talk of a vaccine, there is a practical “race” to develop a cure. According to AP News, President Putin of Russia is declaring victory at developing the first vaccine for the illness. Russia on Tuesday became the first country to approve a coronavirus vaccine for use in […]

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Did Israel Cause The Explosion In Lebanon To Punish Hezbollah?

By Theodore Shoebat There has been a good amount of talk coming out of Israel about how Hezbollah was running the port where the explosion happened and how it owned the ammonium nitrate that exploded, and how the terrorist organization owns more chemical depots. For example, Lt. Col. Sarit Zehavi, a former IDF intelligence officer […]

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French National Assembly Votes To Murder Unborn Babies At Any Stage

Ever since the French National Assembly declared themselves as having power over the King of France, who they later overthrew and murdered, they have been the guiding legislative body for “the Republic” to the current day. There are many criticisms of the French government, but something decent is that they and much of Europe do […]

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NY Times CEO Declares The End Of Paper Newspapers In Two Decades

The New York Times is one of the most famous and respected papers for many years around the world, as well as one of the largest. However, the current NY Times CEO has declared that paper newspapers will disappear in two decades. The New York Times was founded in 1851, but it would surprise outgoing […]

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Price Of Metals Forecasted To Increase

According to CNBC, people who purchased gold (and by extension, silver) may be in for good times, as some analysts are predicting the metal will go up to $4000 per ounce. Gold prices could forge ahead to $4,000 per ounce in the next three years, but factors such as the development of a coronavirus vaccine […]

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There Is No Hope Financially Now For The Millennials

The future is awful for anybody under 40, and the reason for this is because, as I have constantly noted, all of the wealth of the country has been sucked out of her owing to decades of abusive policies that profited the present-then and the expense of the future-now. The Boomers are going to be […]

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Tens Of Thousands Of Lebanese People Call For France To Invade Lebanon

By Theodore Shoebat Tens of thousands of Lebanese people have called for France to invade Lebanon, as we read in a recent report from Yahoo! News: Anger abounds in Lebanon following Tuesday’s massive blast in Beirut’s port that killed 154 people and injured 5,000 as it’s become increasingly clear that the catastrophe stemmed from governmental […]

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Joe Biden May Split On Fives

There are certain things in life that you do not do because the consequences are often bad. Playing chicken on railroad tracks, drinking gasoline, and kicking a beehive are such examples. Another one is “splitting on fives”, which in blackjack terminology, means splitting one’s cards when one has fives, and the reason for this being […]

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