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Stephan Bannon Is Absolutely Evil And He Is Using His Position To Promote Homosexuality And Nazism

By Theodore Shoebat Stephan Bannon is absolutely evil, and he is using his position to promote homosexuality and Nazism. I did a whole video on this:   Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click Here To Get Our New Book And Educate […]

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Christian Pastor Makes Headlines After Sermon Calling Out ‘Stupid White People’ For Charlottesville Protests

Writer’s Note: What I have written about in this article regarding the dissemination of propaganda has come true hours after this story reached the news. See the update at the end of this article for more information.  Christian pastor Glen Berteau has made headlines after giving an impassioned sermon criticizing the protests at Charlottesville, saying […]

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One Thousand Neo-Nazis Are About To Take To The Streets Of Berlin In A Major Rally To Worship A German Mercenary Who Fought For The Islamic Ottoman Empire. The Germano-Ottoman Alliance Is Coming

By Theodore Shoebat One thousand neo-Nazis are about to take to the streets of Berlin in a major rally to revere Rudolf Hess, a Nazi and German mercenary who fought for the Islamic Ottoman Empire. This is just another sign of the coming Germano-Ottoman alliance. I talk about this in my most recent video: Both […]

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Muslim Terrorists Ambush Three Innocent People And Decapitate All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim terrorists in Kenya decapitated three innocent people, as we read in one report: Kenyan officials say suspected Islamic militants have beheaded three people and burnt houses in an attack along the Indian Ocean coast. Lamu County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo says gunmen believed to al-Shabaab militants attacked Maleli village near Witu town. Beheadings by al-Shabaab […]

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The Military Alliance Between Turkey And Iran Has Just Been Established And Ezekiel 38 Is Getting Closer To Be Fulfilled

By Walid Shoebat The biggest challenge to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 Gog’s military campaign is the amalgamation between Turkey’s military and Persia (Iran). This obstacle is now no more. Iran’s Chief of General Staff Mohammad Bagheri yesterday wound up a three-day visit to Turkey, a trip that showcased how the regional Sunni-Shiite rivals can swiftly […]

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Terrorists In South Barcelona Are Being Hunted By Police And Killed On The Spot (Four Have Been Killed Already And Growing)

Spanish police say they have killed four terrorists south of Barcelona in response to a terrorist attack. Videos from the moment police confronted the terrorists while shots being fired can be seen here: LOS TERRORISTAS ABATIDOS. #Barcelona #Cambrils 👏 BRAVO LOS MOSSOS 👏 — beenson -22✈️ (@beenson_) August 18, 2017 “#Barcelona | Operativo policial en […]

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While The Attacks In Spain Link To A Bomb Making Terrorist Muslims On Social Media Send Joyous Messages That The Attack Is An “Expansion of the Caliphate”

By Walid Shoebat Terrorism has become a usual event in the West as we have seen Barcelona hit today where at least 13 dead and more than a hundred wounded in the most serious attack suffered by Spain since eleven months ago. This time its on La Rambla, in the heart of the Catalan capital. The attack […]

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Australian Government Declares To Catholic Priests- ‘You Must Report People’s Sins To The Government Or You Will Go To Jail’

The Australian government is threatening to pass a law that will arrest and imprison Catholic priests and bishops for “refusing” to violate the seal of the confessional by identifying and reporting people who confess to sins of child sexual abuse according to a recent report: The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse […]

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The Government Of Chechnya Arrests Twenty Seven Homosexuals And Kills Them All

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Chechnya has reportedly arrested and executed 27 homosexuals, as we read in one report: According to their sources, Novaya Gazeta concluded that all 27 of these men were detained shortly after Chechnya began its anti-gay purge in late December 2016. They think the men were then shot to death near the end […]

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The Nation Of Chile Has A Very High Population Of Children With Down Syndrome, The Reason Is Because Chile Is A Catholic Nation That Does Not Abort Children With Deformities. Catholicism Is The Greatest Defense For The Unborn

By Theodore Shoebat The nation of Chile has a very high number of children with Down syndrome. The reason is because Chile is traditionally a Catholic, and because of these Catholic roots, the unborn are more protected. I did a whole video on this: Were Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood […]

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CBS News Declares That Iceland Is A Great Nation Because It Murders Babies With ‘Genetic Defects’

Iceland has barely 330,000 people in it, but has become world famous for murdering nearly 100% of babies diagnosed with ‘genetic defects’ such as Down’s Syndrome. CBS news recently visited Iceland and wrote a story in which they lauded the nation for nearly ‘eradicating genetic defects’ by their policy of eugenics according to a recent […]

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Man Scalds 10-Month-Old Baby With Hot Water Until His Skin Peels Off, Then Drops The Child On A Tile Floor And Shoves A Bottle Into The Child’s Mouth Until His Face Bleeds

The child survived but with burns covering 40% of his body. When confronted by police, he said he did it because he was “really hung over”: The Sydney man then pushed a bottle so hard into the baby’s mouth it bled, court documents showed. Atare Tepania pleaded guilty in Penrith Local Court to reckless grievous […]

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Indian State Passes Law That Declares ‘If You Preach The Gospel You Will Be Arrested And Sent To Prison’

Anti-Christian persecution is growing rapidly in India, and due to our work in Rescuing Christians in Pakistan and India from the infamous brick kilns, we are following the situation closely. Pakistan is infamous for its “blasphemy laws” that result in Christians being imprisoned, tortured, and murdered for their faith. However, India is following in Pakistan’s […]

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Chinese Communist Agents Torture Christian Activist By Fastening Staples Into His Legs In The Shape Of Crosses

Howard Lam was a Christian and political activist in Hong Kong who was tortured by Chinese government agents. They drugged and abducted him, beat him, and then took staples and fastened them to his legs in the shape of crosses for being a Christian according to a recent report: A pro-democracy activist in China claimed […]

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (2nd L), accompanied by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (L), reviews the honor guards at the prime minister's official residence in Tokyo on October 8, 2015. Erdogan is on a two-day visit to Tokyo.   AFP PHOTO / POOL / Yoshikazu TSUNO Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (2nd L), accompanied by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (L), reviews the honor guards at the prime minister's official residence in Tokyo on October 8, 2015. Erdogan is on a two-day visit to Tokyo.   AFP PHOTO / POOL / Yoshikazu TSUNO

Japan Is Now Building A Nuclear Power Plant For Turkey, This Will Lead To Turkey Owning Nuclear Weapons, And The Worst Mass Genocide Of Christians

By Theodore Shoebat While everyone is worrying and agonizing over the nuclear capabilities of Iran and North Korea, there is very little chatter about how the neo-Ottomanist are working with Japan to currently build a nuclear power plant in Turkey, and how this ties in to both Japanese nationalism and neo-Ottomanism. Recently, the Foreign Minister […]

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After Years Of Torture In A North Korean Prison, Christian Pastor Is Finally Released

By Theodore Shoebat After years of torture in a North Korean prison, a Christian pastor has been finally released. As we read in one report: Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim, the Christian pastor who last week was freed and returned home to Canada, revealed what he had to suffer through at the North Korean labor camp […]

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