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The Right Wing Is Upset That The Las Vegas Shooter Was Not A Muslim. The Counterjihad Cares More About The Homosexual Perverts Killed In Orlando Than They Do Country Fans Murdered In Las Vegas, Because The Orlando Shooter Was A Muslim

By Theodore Shoebat The right-wing is upset that the Las Vegas shooter, Stephan Paddock, was not a Muslim (at least that is what we know for now). The Orlando shooting was more important to these counterjihad whores than the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas because the shooter was obviously a Muslim terrorist. […]

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Sodomites Adopt Baby Girl, They Shake The Child Until She Gets Brain Damage, Beat Her Until Her Kidneys Fail, Break Her Leg, And Then Finally Beat Her To Death Over The Course Of Months While Cursing Her So Loud The Neighbors Heard It

Sodomite Matthew Scully-Hicks and his partner Craig adopted an 18-month-old baby girl in September 2015 after they were “married” in a sodomite union. By May 2016, the little girl, “Elsie,” was found dead after months of abuse in which these sodomites shook her, beat the child to the point that her kidneys failed, her ribs […]

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The European Union Has Deported Thousands Of Converts To Christianity From Islam Back To Afghanistan To Face Torture And Death By Muslims

As we have noted, the entire ‘migration crisis’ has been manufactured to cause social upheaval for political purposes by stirring up Islamic revivalism. One silver lining to this entire crisis has been than many Muslims who came over are leaving Islam for Christ. As we have noted before, the European governments have been harassing and […]

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Megachurch Pastor Declares ‘Christianity Is Not The Path To Heaven, You Can Believe What You Will And It Does Not Matter’

“Reverend” Shannon Kershner of the second largest congregation in the Presbytarian church recented stated that Christianity is “not the only way to Heaven” according to a recent report:\ Leader of the second largest congregation in the Presbyterian Church (USA), Rev. Shannon Johnson Kershner has declared that Christianity is not the only way to heaven. Kershner, […]

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Over One Million Catholics Gather At Poland’s Borders, Pray The Rosary And Seek God’s Help To Defeat The Forces Of “Secularization” And “Islamization” Of Europe

One Million Catholics gathered this past weekend at Poland’s borders, where praying rosary they petitioned for God’s help to defeat the ‘forces of secularlization and Islamization’ sweeping across Europe: Thousands of Catholics in Poland got together along the country’s borders during the weekend and formed human chains to pray for God’s protection against the increasing […]

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Top, from left: Bridget, Gerald, John, John, Lawrence and Martin Rooney. Bottom: Martin Sr, Martin, Patrick and Patrick Rooney and Peter Doran. Photograph: Lincolnshire police/EPA

Millionaire Family In Britain Keeps Eighteen Homeless People As Slaves And Mercilessly Tortures Them

By Theodore Shoebat A millionaire family in Britain has been jailed for enslaving eighteen homeless people and torturing them. This merciless crime was reported on by the Guardian: Eleven members of a Lincolnshire family have been jailed for violently exploiting at least 18 victims of modern slavery in offences described as “chilling in their mercilessness”. […]

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stepdad - Rosalynn michelle McGinnis

Last year, Rosalynn McGinnis was lying in a tent in rural Mexico, wracked with pain as she tried to recover from a primitive surgery to remove her gallbladder. But instead of resting, like the doctor ordered, she was forced to get up and work around the house.

That command came from Henri Piette, her former stepfather and the man who she says allegedly kidnapped her from school 19 years earlier when she was 12 years old.

In their tent, despite her condition after her procedure, Piette began screaming and getting violent — once again.

For nearly two decades, McGinnis says, he had raped, beaten and tortured her.

American Man Keeps His Stepdaughter As Sex Slave, Rapes Her Every Day, Beats Her With A Baseball Bat And Tortures Her With Blades, For Nineteen Years

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Oklahoma kept his stepdaughter as a sex slave for 19 years, raping her every day. Not only this, but this demon beat her with a baseball bat and tortured her with knives. This horrifying story shows what darkness is happening right here in American society. As we read in […]

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Saudi Family Keeps Woman And Enslaves Her, She Escapes And Declares: “I was an animal to them”. There Are Thousands Upon Thousands Of Slaves In Saudi Arabia, And So Few Are Talking About It

By Theodore Shoebat A Saudi Family enslaved a woman and worked her to the point of horrendous exhaustion. After she managed to escape, she said: “I was an animal to them”. According to one report from the Independent: Anne, who is too terrified to use her real name, has just escaped from a  flat near Wandsworth […]

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ISIS Is Now Using Female Sex Slaves To Recruit Rapists, Saying: ‘If You Join Us You Can Have Sex Slaves To Rape.’

By Walid Shoebat As ISIS’ power dwindles, they are desperately using sex slaves as a marketing tool to attract rapists, saying that if you join ISIS you can have sex slaves to rape. As we read in one report from the Independent: Terrorists are using slaves to generate funding and attract recruits including domestic abusers […]

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What The Media Is Not Telling You About Catalonia, And The Coming Europe Spring That Will Lead To World War Three

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)  Catalonia just did its referendum with 90% of voters saying yes to secession from Spain. The president of Catalonia is expected to declare independence on Tuesday. We are currently witnessing the gradual fragmentation of Europe. We are witnessing history, we are seeing the incremental steps to […]

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After Nearly Half A Million American Soldiers Were Slaughtered By The Nazis In World War Two, Nazi Scientists And Mass Murderers Were Allowed To Live In America And Were Given High Paying Jobs By The US Government

By Theodore Shoebat After almost a half a million American solders were slaughtered by the Nazis in World War Two, the US government gave Nazi scientists and mass murderers high paying jobs in America. Here are my thoughts: We Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is About To Commence As […]

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NRA Stands With Anti-Gun Groups Against The Second Amendment And Says ‘We Need To Have More Firearms Regulations’

In the days following the Las Vegas shooting, anti-gun groups are already trying to exploit the crisis to put limits of gun ownership. However, the biggest betrayal and surprise for many has come in the form of the NRA, which has said that in light of the shooting, they are going to side with anti-gun […]

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German Government Caught Running Major Slaughter Houses For Children. Fully Grown Babies Are Cut To Pieces And Kept In Freezers, And The Murderers Are Paid Directly By The German Government

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat “Let us oppress the poor just man, and not spare the widow, nor honour the ancient grey hairs of the aged. But let our strength be the law of justice: for that which is feeble, is found to be nothing worth.” (Wisdom 2:10-11)  Wisdom 2 shows us how the evil […]

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Burmese Government Terrorizes, Tortures, And Murders Christians, Says ‘We Are Doing This Because This Is What Buddhism Teaches’

The Burmese Government is infamous for its human rights violations, and according to a recent report they have not just been targeting Muslims, but also in the name of Buddhism have been persecuting and murdering Christians according to a recent report: The humanitarian crisis that touches Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State is not the only […]

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BHECWF Rainbow stole and cross on a priest at Brighton and Hove Gay Pride Parade 2009

Evil Homosexual Priest Molests A Little Boy, When He Is Arrested He Says He Did It Because ‘Jesus Is A Homosexual And He Sodomizes John The Baptist Each Night’

Fr. Francesco Calcagno was a priest and Franciscan monk in the area of Brescia, Italy, who was arrested after he was caught molesting a little boy. When he was arrested, he defended his actions and when questioned further, he unrepentantly declared that ‘Jesus is a homosexual’ and that ‘he sodomizes John the Baptist each night.’ […]

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