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Christendom Is The Only Force That Will Destroy Islam. Secularism Or Conservatism Will Always Fail.

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) TRYING TO PLEASE EVERYONE Trying to please everyone is by far the worst disease the West contracted. Today, critiquing any other religion besides Christianity is considered a sin while mocking Christianity is applauded. I argue that anyone who tries to combat anything without using biblical concepts is an idiot […]

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Obama Goes To Japan, Apologizes To The Japanese For America Nuking Them, And Says That It Was Wrong To Nuke Japan

By Theodore Shoebat Obama went to Japan and became apologetic for the Japanese, saying it was wrong to nuke Japan, as we see in one report: President Obama laid a wreath at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial on Friday, telling an audience that included survivors of America’s atomic bombing in 1945 that technology as devastating as […]

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‘You Are Committing Genocide Against Us!’ AfD Chairwoman Calls Out Traitors In German Government

AfD Chairwoman Christina Baum from Baden-Wurttemburg has said what I have been saying over and over again here on, which is that the German government is committing a mass genocide against its own people in the name of “tolerance” and “diversity.” This is a BIG deal in Germany, because the German government is viciously […]

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Evil ISIS Soldier Who Bragged About Buying Enslaved Christian Girls And Raping Them Has Been CAPTURED

This is one evil man. I don’t even like looking at his picture. You can see the evil in his eyes. This was the man who bragged about buying enslaved Christian and Yezidi girls captured by ISIS. This is the same guy who bragged on camera about beating them, raping them, and how he would pay […]

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‘There Is No Room In Europe For Islam And Multiculturalism’- Slovak PM Robert Fico Publicly SLAMS Islam Weeks Before He Becomes President Of The European Commission

Robert Fico, Slovak PM We have written before about how Slovakian PM Robert Fico is one of those eastern nations who has stood strong against the Muslim invasion of Europe through this “refugee crisis.” Now PM Fico, who has just been elected president of the European Commission, has come out merely weeks before taking power and slamming […]

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Anti-Trump Protestor Declares That The Mexican Drug Cartel Will Assassinate Donald Trump Within One Week

By Theodore Shoebat An anti-Trump protestor declared that Trump is going to be killed by the Mexico drug cartel within one week. Here is a photo of him holding up a sign with this threat: In one report on the story it says: Hundreds of protesters gathered outside a Donald Trump rally on Friday, chanting […]

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Bloody Hell! This Is Unbelievable. Obama Now Complied To Turkey’s Demands That American Troops Wear The Mark Of Islam On Their Right Arm

By Walid Shoebat We reported today that Erdogan wants only the insignias that are pleasing to Islam to be placed on the right arm of all fighters. He is even dictated that American special forces are to wear on their arms Islamic symbols that resemble the mark of the beast we’ve been speaking about for […]

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Turkey Now Demands American Special Forces Stationed To Fight ISIS To Wear The Mark Of The Beast On Their Right Arms

By Walid Shoebat US special forces that fight ISIS are secretive. They wear Kurdish insignia, specifically the yellow shoulder patch of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) to blend in while the American women fighters blend by wearing green patch of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ). Now Erdogan of Turkey demands they replace these insignia’s and wear a mark that […]

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There Is Nothing Greater Than The Christian Warrior, The Christian Warrior Is Superior To All Warriors

By Theodore Shoebat A museum in Oiso, Kanagawa Prefecture, in Japan, contains over thirty sword guards said to have been owned by Christian Samurai. According to the Sawada Miki Kinenkan museum, it is believed that those who owned the sword guards were Christians courageously practicing their Faith even in the midst of the pagan Buddhist […]

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Title:Swollen/Rupture of Inguinal Node
Author: none
Date: 1993
Location: ?

Description: Rupture and drainage of bubo (swollen node).
Division of Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases

L 287; slide 9

The Superbug That Doctors Have Been Dreading Just Reached The U.S. Are The Biblical Plagues Upon Us?

For the first time, researchers have found a person in the United States carrying bacteria resistant to antibiotic of last resort, an alarming development that the top U.S. public health official says could signal “the end of the road” for antibiotics. The antibiotic-resistant strain was found last month in the urine of a 49-year-old Pennsylvania woman. […]

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Putin To Celebrate The 1000 Year Anniversary For Russian Presence At An Ancient Holy Mountain. Is The End Near?

By Walid Shoebat Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that the European Union would not be a global player without his country’s help as he prepared for his first visit to the bloc this year. On Saturday, he will join celebrations for the 1,000th anniversary of the Russian presence at the ancient monastic community of Mount Athos in […]

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pool of blood copy

Muslims Slaughter 120 People, They Kill So Many Victims That Pools Of Blood Begin To Form

ISIS terrorists in Iraq slaughtered 120 people, killing so many that small pools of blood began to form, as we read in one report: Up to 120 people have died in large-scale suicide bombings in two Syrian towns on the Mediterranean coast, human rights agencies have said, with the Islamic State terror group taking responsibility […]

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