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Video Of Shooter Shows Him Screaming: “You Fucking Turks!” Before Opening Fire

By Theodore Shoebat A video of the shooter arguing with residents shows him screaming “You fucking Turks!” according to one report. Here is the video: According to one German transcript of the conversation (which has been roughly translated), the words exchanged mean: Residents: “Fuck you, you dog, you bled, you wanker.” Perpetrator: “because of you […]

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Security Expert Says: Its Very Likely That The Munich Attack Was Done By ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat Security risk expert, Tim Williams, has said that the attack in Munich was likely done by ISIS: “It seems very likely,” says security risk expert Tim Williams on whether #Munich attack is linked to Islamic State — Sky News (@SkyNews) July 22, 2016   The report on the attack is ongoing, […]

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Witness In Munich Shooting Says: The Shooter Cried Out Allahu Akbar As He Slaughtered Children

By Theodore Shoebat A witness at the McDonald’s shooting is saying that the shooter cried out “Allahu akbar!” as he was slaughtering children. This is what is being reported by CNN: #Munich eyewitness says her eight-year-old son saw a "man loading his gun" in the bathroom — CNN Newsroom (@CNNnewsroom) July 22, 2016 One […]

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Witnesses At Munich Shooting Are Saying That One Of The Shooters Cried Out “I’m German! Fuck Foreigners!”

By Theodore Shoebat Witnesses at the Munich shooting are saying that they heard one of the gunman screaming “I;m German” and “Fuck foreigners”, as we read in one report: According to the Mail Online, terrified shoppers were seen running for their lives from the Munich Olympia Shopping Centre, in the district of Moosach, after hearing […]

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Germany Under Attack Munich Citizens Are Staying Home! Terrorists On The Run And Another Unconfirmed Possible Attack At Central Station (6 Dead And Rising)

By Walid Shoebat The police Facebook page quoted eyewitnesses as saying they had seen three attackers carrying guns in what the police described “an acute terror situation”. Police in the German city of Munich say the perpetrators of a shooting attack are still on the run, and they advise people to avoid public places. There are […]

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Western Society Is Being Taken Over By Muslims Because It Refuses To Acknowledge Reality For What It Is

Western Society is dying for a variety of reasons (many of which we have covered), and one of those reasons is the simple refusal to acknowledge reality for what it is. In response to the terrorist attacks in Nice, France, the UK Daily Mail published an article about what could be done to stop future attacks. Their […]

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Austria Says ‘No More Muslims,’ Finalizes Plans To Build A Massive Wall On The Border To Keep The Muslims Out

For centuries, Vienna was the “gateway” to the west for Muslim invaders. Two times- once in 1529, and the other in 1683, Muslim armies reached the walls of Vienna but were not able to pass them. History is repeating itself again, as following this massive “migration” of Muslims to Europe, the once-liberal Austrians are sick […]

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In The United States, The Homosexual Agenda Is More Powerful Than The Muslims. The Homosexuals Are So Powerful That They Stopped The All-Star Game From Happening In North Carolina Because It Refuses To Have “Transgender” Bathrooms

By Theodore Shoebat In the United States, the homosexual agenda is more powerful than the Muslims and the Islamic agenda. In fact, the homosexuals are so powerful that they they stopped the All-Star Game from happening in North Carolina because it refuses to have “transgender” bathrooms. I did a whole video on this: CHRISTIANS ARE […]

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Donald Trump Praises Islamist Erdogan In Turkey. While Trump Wants To Ban Muslims From Entering The U.S. Should We All Be Excited To Find Out That Trump Stands On The Side Of This Devil?

By Walid Shoebat Mr. Donald Trump had nothing but praise for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the man behind the rising Caliphate in Turkey. How could this be? Is Trump part of this kingdom of Antichrist? Are we about to get rid of Obama, Erdogan’s slave puppet to only be replaced by Trump, another puppet? Boy, […]

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Two Muslim Teens Sexually Assault Young Woman Walking By Mosque, Her Boyfriend Beats Them Both Into A Bloody Mess

CAIR tried to tell the media this was an “anti-Muslim hate crime.” They lied and said her boyfriend was using “anti-Muslim slurs.” It totally blew up in their face when it came out that the teens chased the woman and were grapping her breasts and body even through her car window. At first, the NYPD […]

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High Profile Murder Case Of Infamous Pakistani Sex Symbol Exposes The Connection Between Protestantism And Islam

The late Fouzia Azeem, known by her showbusiness name as “Qandeel Baloch” or “The Kim Kardashian of Pakistan,” was murdered by two of her brothers as part of a honor killing done in the name of Islam. With all respect to everybody, there is a lot to digest here. Her brothers were certainly wrong in […]

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The Amazing Prophecy Predicted In The Bible Which Was Stolen By Muhammad The Prophet Of Islam Which Was Just Fulfilled 5 Days Ago

By Walid Shoebat “And the arms of the fighter shall be overcome before his [Antichrist’s] face, and shall be broken …” (Daniel 11:22, Douay-Rheims Bible) No one focused on this key biblical verse that it was probably just fulfilled on July 15th, 2016 in Turkey. Daniel predicted that when Antichrist appears that the soldier will put […]

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Teenage Muslim Axe Murderer Who Chopped Up Germans On Train Was a HOMOSEXUAL And Used To Dress Up Like A Woman

Islam and Homosexuality go together like Peanut Butter and Chocolate, and wherever you have one you will find the other. is one of the only website talking about Islam to make this statement because there is so much fear about offending homosexuals in the West, and yet this is in spite of the consistent […]

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Turkey Coup WhatsApp Messages Reveal Orders to Fire at Crowds

Lucifer Must Have Been Loosened Out Of The Pit As Erdogan Makes A State Of Emergency For 3 Months In Order To “Seize The Kingdom By Fraud”

By Walid Shoebat Turkey’s president has declared a state of emergency for three months following Friday night’s failed coup. Recep Tayyip Erdogan was speaking after a cabinet meeting in Ankara. Turkey’s Erdogan declares 3 month state of emergency to “remove threat… to democracy” — BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) July 20, 2016 The state […]

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12 year old beheaded in Syria

BREAKING: Obama’s Muslim Militia Beheads A Young Child In Cold Blood [WATCH GRAPHIC VIDEO]

By Walid Shoebat and The Right Scoop A 12-year-old Palestinian boy was beheaded yesterday by a Syrian group supported by the Obama administration. The boy, Abdullah Issa, was being treated in Handarat, an area north of Aleppo, for his diabetic condition. You’ll notice the IV in the child’s arm in the picture below: #الميادين : […]

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Muslims In Turkey Are Already Attacking Christian Churches Because They Are Empowered By Erdogan Smashing The Coup — Genocide Against Christians By The Turkish Government Is Coming

By Theodore Shoebat On the day of the coup, I briefly wrote  that Erdogan will use the failed coup to increase his power and pave the way to implementing full on Islamic despotism and eventually genocide on Christianity. We are already seeing the signs of this societal arrogance, flamed by a short victory over a weak […]

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