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School Class Plans To Visit Mosque And Teen’s Parents Object, The School Reports Them To The Police And They Are Fined 300 Euros And The Student Is Now Still Being Forced To Visit The Mosque

This has happened in America before– I have been covering this because as I have repeatedly said, the way to Islamization in the USA is not through the weapons or combat it the streets, but through legal victories in the courts. If “punishment” can be accepted and enforced for not complying with individual Islamic demands, […]

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Hundreds Of Muslims Wage Major Attack On Christians With Guns And Machetes, They Slaughter And Chop To Pieces Forty Eight Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Hundreds of Muslims in Nigeria attacked Christians with guns and machetes, slaughtering and cutting to pieces forty-eight Christians. As we read in one report: Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed more than 40 Christians in an attack in this town in northern Nigeria on Saturday (Oct. 15) and left another eight dead in an […]

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Evangelical Woman In Canada Demands That Christians Accept Homosexuality And Islam, She Then Ruthlessly Murders Eight People And Then Claims To Be Saved Through The Blood Of Jesus

By Theodore Shoebat An Evangelical woman in Canada, named Bethe Wetlauffer, hates any Christians who go against homosexuality and Islam, and pushed for Christians to accept these two evils. She has now been charged with murdering eight people, and still believed that she was saved through Christ even after committing the murders. I did a […]

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Muslim Man Crashes Wedding At Church, Walks Up To Statue Of Virgin Mary And Starts Touching It In A Sexual Way, Then Screams ‘Allahu Akbar’ And Begins To Destroy The Church

A demonically possessed Muslim ran into a Church during a wedding where he began destroying the Church and folding a statue of St. Mary while screaming “Allahu Akbar”: A newlywed couple have claimed their big day was ruined when a man burst inside the church shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and then started tearing down wedding decorations. […]

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Muslim Man Admits To Kidnapping, Raping And Strangling Four-Year-Old Girl To Death And Throwing Her Body In A Dumpster On National Television

Himmet Akturk was asked to appear on an investigative Dateline-type TV program in Turkey about the disappearance of a four year old girl, Irmak Kupal. During the course of the programming, while being aggressively questioned by the producer, Mr. Akturk made a shocking admission: he kidnapped, raped, and murdered Irmak and then dumped her body […]

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Muslims Take Christian Man And Tell Him: ‘If You Convert To Islam, We Will Let You Live.’ The Christian Man Declares: ‘I Will Never Abandon My Religion.’ They Brutally Beat Him And Then Execute Him

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS Muslims in Iraq took a young Christian man and told him that if he converted to Islam that they would not kill him. He then declared: ‘I will never abandon my religion.’ They brutally beat him and then executed him. His mother, Assaf, shared the story. Here is the report: members of […]

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Retreating ISIS Troops Take Prisoners Of War, Tie Them Up And Throw Them Alive Into Pits Of Burning Oil

As the power of ISIS declines and they retreat, they are taking no prisoners. According to a recent source, ISIS has been setting oil wells on fire and then throwing POWs into them while still alive, horribly cooking them to death in the burning oil: It has emerged that ISIS are not just burning oil […]

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Muslims Invade Church, Scratch Out The Faces On A Painting Of The Last Supper, They Then Take The Statue Of The Virgin Mary And Chop The Head Off Of The Statue. This Is Another Proof That Islam Is Just Another Form Of Anti-Catholic Protestantism

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS Muslims in Iraq invaded a Christian church located in the Assyrian town of Bartella. They took a painting of the Last Supper and scratched the faced off:   They also took a statue of the Virgin Mary and beheaded it, as we read in one report. Another statue of the Virgin Mary […]

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Muslim Breaks Into Random Man’s Property, Takes His Pregnant Dog And Rapes It To Death

  So does this count as a “sexual emergency” as well?: The Cyberabad police of Hyderabad on Monday arrested a man in connection with the death of a female dog. The Mailardevpally Police who arrested the alleged killer revealed that dog was murdered and raped afterwards by a person identified as Aslam Khan native of […]

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Muslims Ambush Twelve Christians And Kill Them All In Horrific Attack

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Somalia attacked and slaughtered twelve Christians, as we read in one report: Islamic extremist gunmen from neighboring Somalia killed 12 people in an attack on non-Muslims in Kenya’s northern Mandera County, an official said Tuesday. Somalia’s al-Shabab rebels claimed responsibility for the early-morning attack on the Bishaaro Guest House, saying […]

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Major UK Children’s Charity Says Muslims Are Kidnapping White Girls And Forcing Them Into Sex Slavery, Using Fake Businesses As Brothels And ‘Transit Houses’

Islam and sex slavery are like peanut butter and jelly- you always find the one next to the other. Muslims kidnapping vulnerable white girls in the UK and forcing them to be sex slaves has reached an epidemic level according to a recent report from the UK Charity Barnados. They say that Muslims are setting […]

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Stupid White Liberal Protesters Take Children, Dress Them Up As Paddington Bear, And Make Them Hold Signs Demanding UK Government Help The ‘Muslim Children’

This is really sickening because this is EXACTLY what happened last year in Cologne. These same liberal types greeted the Muslims with teddy bears and flowers, and what they got for their thanks was robbery and rape, murder and mayhem: Protesters gathered outside the Home Office in London Monday calling for the British government to […]

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Italian Government Shuts Down Illegal Mosques And Tells Muslims To Obey The Law, Muslims Freak Out And Have Massive Prayer Demonstration In Front Of Coliseum, Italian Government Stands By Its Word And Doesn’t Back Down

Good for Italy for standing up to the Muslims. Likewise, it is fitting that Muslims should pray in front of the Coliseum. After all, it was a place where many Christians were martyred out of hatred for Christ, and how more fitting that Muslims, whose religion hates Christ, should make their disrespectful petitions as close […]

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Muslims Invade Christian Area, Remove The Crosses And Declare That All Christians Must Take The Mark Of The Beast, They Slaughter The Christians That Refuse, The Christians Then Take Up Arms, Rise Up Against The Muslims And Defeat Them In Major Victory. The Christians Raise Up A Giant Cross And Praise Jesus Christ As Their Lord And Savior

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat This is a must read and must see; for the beginning will give you joy; but the ending will shock every Christian who loves Christ and the Bible to see what the goals of Antichrist are all about. Trust me, it will shock you. I start with the video clips […]

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Remember That Muslim Who Raped A Little Boy Because It Was A “Sexual Emergency?” The Courts Overturned His Conviction- ‘He Didn’t Realize The Boy Was Saying No’

Aamir A., the Muslim who raped a 10 year old boy You read that right. That Muslim who grabbed an violently sodomized a little boy earlier this year because it was a “sexual emergency” is now free. They overturned his conviction for rape because ‘he didn’t realize the boy was saying no’: An Iraqi refugee […]

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Muslims Take Six Men, Put Them Into A Giant Baking Oven And Cook Them Alive, They Then Take Two Hundred And Fifty Small Children, Put Them Into A Giant Dough Kneading Machine And Mash Them To Pieces, They Take Several Hundred More People And Shoot Them All In Mass Executions, They Roam The Streets And Butcher Any Christians They Find

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Iraq, around the area of Adra al-Ummaliya, committed a horrific massacre. They took six men and cooked them alive in a giant oven, they then took 250 small children and forced them into a large dough kneading machine and kneaded them alive; they executed hundreds more and also roamed the streets and […]

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