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Mother Shoots Her Teenage Son Before Killing Herself With The Same Gun

Blood leaked out from under the door as police discovered that a mother blew away her own son before turning the weapon on herself according to a recent report: A newly released 911 call revealed a North Carolina family’s horror at finding a mother and teenage son shot in an apparent murder-suicide. Authorities received a […]

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In this July 22, 2012 photo, inmates belonging to the M-18 gang stand inside the prison in Quezaltepeque , El Salvador. Six months after El Salvador brokered an historic truce between two rival gangs to curb the nation's daunting homicide rate, officials are split over whether the truce actually works. The gangs, which also operate in Guatemala and Honduras, are seeking truce talks in those countries as well. (AP Photo/Luis Romero)

Mexican Drug Cartel Kidnaps Man, Strips Him Naked, Impales Him Through The Anus On A Stick, And Then Saws His Head Off

One of the evil drug cartels plaguing Mexico kidnapped a man. After stripping him naked, they impaled him on a stick through the anus and then sawed his head off according to a recent report: Yesterday, authorities located the body of a 40-year-old man in the rubbish dump of the Zipolite municipal agency in San […]

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Christian Charity Defends Publishing Nativity Story That Refuses To Speak About The Bible, Says ‘We Are Trying To Be Inclusive’

A Christian charity in the UK has published a story of the Nativity for children that has no references to the Bible in it at all saying it is trying to be more ‘inclusive’ according to a recent report: A Christian charity in the U.K. has responded to media reports that it decided to remove […]

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MS-13 Gangs Are Murdering Illegal Immigrants In America Because They Know That The Illegals Are Afraid To Report To The Police In Fear That They Will Be Deported

By Walid Shoebat Drug dealers are targeting illegal immigrants because they know that the undocumented people are afraid to report to the police in fear that they will be deported. Its very sad that we have allowed this evil to take place. I am reminded of the massacre of San Fernando that happened back in […]

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Bags Filled With Chopped Up Pieces Of Human Bodies Discovered In Mexico

By Walid Shoebat Bags filled with chopped up human bodies were discovered in Mexico, in the state of Veracruz. This horrifying story further reveals what evils have taken over that country which used to be very beautiful and safe. Here is the report: The mutilated remains of five people were found in plastic bags in […]

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Major Slaughter Just Happened: Muslim Terrorists Massacre Fifty People

By Walid Shoebat A horrific massacre took place in Nigeria, Muslim terrorists butchered fifty people in a bomb attack. The plague of Islam has led to so many countless lives, it is unreal how people can’t see how Islam can destroy a society. Here is the report: Police in northeastern Nigeria say at least 50 […]

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Stop Using Charles Martel To Justify Your Right Wing Agenda. Yes Charles Martel Fought The Muslims, But He Spent Most Of His Military Career Fighting The Germans

By Theodore Shoebat Stop using Charles Martel to justify right wing agendas like Identitarianism. I am seeing so much of this stupidity with people making Charles Martel out to be some European nationalists, and they are so fixated on this identitarianism that they will even go so far as to compare Martel with some sodomite […]

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Criminals Murder American Border Patrol Agent With Rocks On The Mexican Border

By Walid Shoebat An American border patrol agent was murdered on the border with rocks. The story shows the horrific criminal elements that are lingering on the border. Here is the story: Illegal immigrants appeared to have “ambushed” two U.S. Border Patrol agents near the Texas border with Mexico and bashed their heads with blunt […]

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Six Muslim Men Take Ten Year Old Girl, They Each Take Turns Raping Her, And Then They Saw Her Head Off

By Walid Shoebat Six Muslim men in Afghanistan took a ten year old girl, gang raped her and then decapitated her. As we read in one Afghan report on this horrific story: Reports from Herat and Helmand provinces state that two young girls were mercilessly killed in these provinces. Local officials in Helmand province stated […]

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johnny gun

Christian Police Officer Reports Corruption, Drug Dealers Declare: ‘We Will Put This Guy On A Hit List And Kill Him.’

By Walid Shoebat A Christian police officer in Trinidad found out after reporting corruption, that drug dealers put his name on a hit list to kill him. Christian persecution is not just being done by Muslims, but by drug dealers and narcos as well. Journalist John L. Allen, Jr. wrote a story about interviewing a […]

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Muslim Terrorists Ambush Christians Walking Home From Church, Shoot Them And Then Chop Up Their Bodies With Machetes

Five Christians were murdered by Muslim terrorists, including two who were attacked while walking home from Church that the Muslims shot and then chopped up into pieces with machetes according to a recent report: Five Christians were killed and five others are missing after attacks by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria’s Plateau and Benue states […]

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Hindu Man Beats His Wife And Disowns His Children After They Leave Hinduism And Embrace Christ, They Say ‘This Persecution Had Only Made Our Faith In Jesus Stronger’

A Hindu man beat and then disowned his wife and four children after they renounced Hinduism for Christ and refused to reconvert. In response to the persecution, she and her children have stated the even has only made their faith in Jesus stronger according to a recent report: A Hindu father has reportedly beaten and […]

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Muslim Men Tell Impoverished Starving Children- ‘If You Convert To Islam We Will Feed You’

One of the characteristics of Christian charity it that it preaches the Faith by word and action, and seeks to impart mercy and justice to all, and not to use a man’s misery for his personal gain. This is unlike Islam, which uses promise of gain especially to a man in a miserable situation to […]

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IMF47 - 19150101 - -, - : An unlocated document shows a man standing besides the bodies of Armenian victims of Turkish deportation in the second part of the 1910's. Turkey quickly condemned approval by the French senate early 08 November 2000 of a bill recognising the killings of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in 1915 as genocide and said the vote had already harmed relations between the two states. EPA PHOTO CRDA/-/eba/ao

The Islamic Government Of Turkey, And Its European Allies, Are Making Plans On Committing Mass Genocide Against Christians, And Enslaving Entire Populations, And They Are In The Process Of Creating Killer Robots To Slaughter Human Beings

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat The rise of eugenics is not just being led by people in the West, but in the East as well, in pagan Shintoist Japan, in Sufi Muslim Turkey and the Middle East. The evil elites conspire for the next mass genocide, creating killer robots under a network of the […]

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