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We Told You National Socialism Was Returning- For The First Time Since 1934, Mein Kampf Is Being Reprinted In France has warned for a long time, but especially since 2016 with the “refugee crisis” that National Socialism was returning. We have written many articles about it speaking about this. This is not to say “look at us”. Rather, it is because we are gravely concerned for what this means. Socialism regardless of the form- […]

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It’s Not Just The Millennials And Zoomers- Even Some Boomers Are Starting To Get Financially Squeezed

A crucially important demographic trend with major economic and political implications is the natural transition of the Boomer and Gen X generations to the Millennials and Zoomers. Comparatively speaking, and without getting into the details of how certain situations came about, the former grew up in, experienced, and enjoys relative prosperity, security, and social mobility […]

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Centuries Of Warnings In Catholic Prophecy Advances As Vatican Defends Pagan Idolatry And Condemns The Saintly Actions Of The Idol Smashers

This morning, and many other news outlets reported on the destruction of the heathen idols from a Church in Rome by faithful Catholics of good will. In response to his blasphemy, the Vatican released a statement defending the idols and saying that the action was a “theft”. Dr. Paolo Ruffini, Prefect of the Vatican […]

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Bashar al-Assad Declares That Turkey Is Invading Syria And That He Is Prepared To Push The Turks Out

By Theodore Shoebat Bashar al-Assad, in a meeting with Iraqi National Security Adviser Faleh al-Fayyad, declared that what Turkey is doing in Syria is an invasion. He also affirmed that the  According to the Syrian publication, SANA: The President added that the Turkish criminal aggression launched by Erdogan’s regime on our country comes in the context […]

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Sodomite American Soldiers Beaten In Dance Club In Croatia For Exhibiting Sodomite Perversity

America has been forcing the entire world to bend over and accept the sodomite agenda. The support is so profound in the US that at the current time, one could argue that one’s patriotism is veritably made dependent upon one giving support to sodom. However much has been forced on other nations, there are still […]

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Watch The Video As Catholics Follow In The Holy Example Of The Saints, Raid Major Church In Rome Profaned By Pagan Idols Put There By Apostate Prelates From The Evil Amazon “SINod”, Take Them And Throw Them Into The Tiber River And Then Give Glory To God

When the prelates of the Church refuse to do their job, the laity rise up and as they are able to, fight back against the tides of sin. This recently happened at St. Peter’s Basilica, where following the blasphemous elevation of a pagan idol in something out of the Book of Maccabees in the Bible, […]

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Man Who Threatened To Rape Anti-Abortion Protesters Jailed

In August 2019, reported on the case off 22-year-old Christopher Thompson, who made multiple phone calls to the anti-abortion Operation Rescue activist group’s office and to the cell phone of Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Vice President of Operation Rescue. During those calls, he threatened rape her daughters, rape her, then murder her family. When Sullenger […]

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Are The Massive Planned Electrical Outages Across California A Sign Of Decline?

The “End is Near/Nigh” sign holders on street corners throughout major cities are a well-known American sight. There is often times somebody calling out that the “end” of something is at had, or another situation is imminent in the US. Most of the times, these are rarely the case, but rather a man projecting his […]

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Prophecies Of The Things To Come: On The Rise Of Paganism In The Vatican And The Christian World, Turkey’s Expansion Into Syria And How Antichrist Unites All Religions

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) When I wrote in the past about the future  and it became current news, people asked me “you predicted the headlines. Why are you so silent when it comes to pass?” and I answer: what use am I if I do not yell out loud ‘prepare for a coming […]

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Highly Disturbing Prediction Begins To Come True As Angry, Broke, Miserable Millennials Have High Rates Of Depression And Are Inclining To Suicide

There are a lot of things that I have predicted or said that I do not wish I had to predict or say because I do not wish them on anybody. However, I said them because I saw patterns indicating that such was taking place, and while I have an objective duty in my capacity […]

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Muslim Majority UAE Moves To Rebuild Churches In Iraq Destroyed By ISIS

The Muslim-majority United Arab Emirates is by no means a “Christian friendly” place. However, she has made many public gestures and actions of friendship towards Christians that have been noted and appreciated by people aroudn the world, such as the formal legalization of seventeen Christian Churches. Now the UAE has announced plans to help rebuild […]

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Riots In Barcelona Are Only A Sign Of Rising Nationalism And Future War In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat Riots have been devastating Barcelona for several days now. They stem from nationalism, separatism, tribalism, and are a sign of future war within Europe. According to an article by the Spanish publication, La Vanguardia, there are numerous organizations and other entities who played a part in these riots, such as the Assemblea Nacional […]

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China Continues To Isolate Herself As She Abuses Her Only Genuine Allies

There are few nations in the world who are genuine allies of China because nobody likes or trusts her. The Turkic peoples of Central Asia and who reside throughout China neither like nor trust her, the southeast Asian nations have consistently fought off Chinese attempts at intrusion into their affairs, Russia’s “friendship” with China is […]

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China Is Committing Genocide And Conducting Human Experiments On The Uyghur People

The westernmost region of China is a historically majority Turkic place, inhabited by the Uyghur people. They are Muslims and have their own language and culture. However, they have been under vicious attack from the Chinese government, who in the name of economic development through her “belt-and-road” initiative as well as dreams of expanding a […]

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Current President Of Muslim-Majority Niger Blames “Misreading Of Islam” For People Fufilling Biblical Commanments

Niger is currently the world’s fastest growing nation, with a total fertility rate of approximately seven children per woman. However, the President of Niger has said that her population growth is due to a “misreading of Islam”, and that he promises to promote contraception and other means of population reduction. Niger’s president says a misreading […]

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US Continues To Install Massive Electronic Spying Network On The US Border

The US border is one of the most crossed international borders in the entire world. People attribute this to many reasons, the most vocally stated of which is that “illegals” are “invading” the US. However, what is also interesting is that the US border has a massive electronic spying network on it that uses super […]

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