The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle- How The West Sold Its Soul To Islam

John Griffing at American Thinker has penned a thoughtful piece about the decline of the West and Islam’s subsequent rise. As he notes in his article: Western leaders are aiding and abetting this insanity with a consistency and single-mindedness of purpose that can only be explained in one way: they must think they have something […]

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Amazing! Ultra-Liberal VICE Magazine Does A Phenomenal Documentary About Muslims Who Have Risked It All To Leave Islam

VICE Magazine is not known for its support of virtue, as we know well here at Shoebat.com. Indeed, it tends to cover and support stories of a rather scandalous nature. As such, the magazine has a naturally liberal bend. It has come out in the past of support for many deviant causes. Vice is well-known […]

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“10,000 Missing Refugee Children Have Been Sold Into Sex Slavery Or Harvested For Organ Trafficking” Muslim “Leader” In Germany Who Supported This Entire Refugee Crisis Is Now Upset That His Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

We profiled Central Council of Muslims In Germany President Ayman Mazyek last month on Shoebat.com for blaming the Muslim mass rapes this past New Years Eve on “drunken Germans.” As we noted in that piece: Mr. Mazyek’s refusal to address such a clear, obvious problem in the Muslim community is because he is part of it. […]

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In this July 20, 2014 photo, guns are displayed for sale at Dragonman's, an arms seller east of Colorado Springs, Colo. When Colorado lawmakers expanded background checks on firearms last year, they were expecting a huge increase. But the actual number the first 12 months of the law is far lower than projected, according to an analysis of state data by The Associated Press. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

“Our Orders Have Tripled Since After New Years” Arms And Weapon Dealers Throughout ALL Europe Reporting Record Profits And Sales, Can Barely Keep Up With Demand

Arms sales have reached record numbers in Germany, but in a recent report from Euronews, arms and weapon sales overall have TRIPLED throughout the entire European Union as people gear up to protect themselves from the invading Muslim refugee hordes that have been pouring into Europe, primarily through the treacherous actions of German Chancellor Merkel and the […]

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“Of Course We Want Our People To Come Back. The Western Governments Caused This Migration.” Must Read Interview With Syrian President Asad About Refugee Crisis

President Asad of Syria has been under attack from the United States and other western governments for almost a decade now. Regardless of what one thinks of him, he deserves a lot of respect because in spite of the fact that Syria is a Muslim majority country and he is an Alawite Muslim himself, (a) […]

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Muslim Man In Ohio Takes A Machete, Runs Inside Of A Restaurant And Hacks Four People

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Ohio of Somali origin, named Mohamed Barry, stormed a restaurant with a machete and struck and injured four people. According to a report: Police are investigating slain suspect Mohamed Barry of Thursday’s machete attack against an Israeli Christian-Arab in Columbus, Ohio as possibly being inspired by the Islamic […]

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A rebel fighter looks at burnt bodies at the Khamis 32 military encampment in southern Tripoli August 28, 2011. The charred remains of around 53 people have been found in a warehouse in the Libyan capital Tripoli, apparently opponents of Muammar Gaddafi who were executed as his rule collapsed, Britain's Sky News reported on Saturday. REUTERS /Louafi Larbi (LIBYA - Tags: POLITICS CONFLICT TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) TEMPLATE OUT

Mexican Drug Cartel Slaughters Three Hundred People, They Take The Victims, Murder Them And Burn Their Bodies To Nothing But Chard Pieces Of Human Flesh

By Theodore Shoebat In the El Limón Rance, which lies in the Mexican state of Veracruz, in the town of Tlalixcoyan, almost three thousand fragments of human corpses were discovered, leading investigators to believe that around three hundred bodies were buried on this very spot. The three thousand human remains were found after three days […]

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AUSTRIA: Mother of 10-year-old boy who was raped by a Muslim ‘refugee’ in a swimming pool now regrets welcoming Muslim refugees

By BI: Her son now has mental issues that likely will never go away. But despite this savage rape and the many sexual assault on girls and women by Muslim migrants, the left wing Green Party in Austria is “horrified that Muslims were banned from the pool.” They would rather see children raped than deny the […]

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MICHIGANISTAN: First Muslim-majority city in America should strike fear in the hearts of every American

By BI: In the state with the largest Muslim population in America, Hamtramck, near Detroit, has just elected a Muslim-majority city council, with more Islamocentric changes to come. Not surprisingly, a lot of Muslims refused to comment on camera, fearing backlash from a nation increasingly fearful and suspicious of its Muslim residents. MediaMatters  A rep from the Census […]

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“Never be ashamed of Christ or of His doctrine. It is time to fight with open face”- St. Padre Pio’s Advice To An Ex-Freemason

Read the whole story at Catholic Family News: Padre Pio smiled, took his visitor’s hand and with extreme kindness began to tell him the story of the Prodigal Son. That same day Cesare went down on his knees before Padre Pio and made his confession, the first in twenty-five years. The next morning he received Holy […]

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“This Is The Death Of Civilization”- Calais Resident Tell What Muslims Are Doing And How Nobody Is Stopping Them.

This video has been online for several days. Debated putting it up because it has been on several different sites, but I have chosen to list it because of the message it delivers. This woman’s testimony is what life is like in an area controlled by or going into Muslim control. Look at her face […]

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“If Someone Behaves Like An Animal, Whether In Poland Or Abroad, I’ll React.” Polish Five-Time World Strongman Champion And Truck Company Owner Promises To “Give Refugees Accelerated Assimilation Lessons” With His Baseball Bat If They Cause Trouble To His Trucks

Mariusz Pudzianowski is a five-time world strongman champion from Poland. World famous and now retired, Mr. Pudzianowski owns a trucking company which makes deliveries across Europe. However, his trucks must also pass through Calais. As we have documented here on Shoebat, Calais is an extremely dangerous, essentially Muslim-controlled city on the French side of the […]

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