While The Russians And The Chechens Are Fighting Homosexuality, So-Called “Christian” Political Leaders In The West Are Declaring It ‘Not A Sin’

In a story coming out of Chechnya, there are rumors that the republic is going to “eliminate” its entire homosexual population before the beginning of Ramadan this year: A British foreign minister has warned that the Chechen Republic government is planning to “eliminate” its entire gay population by the start of the Islamic holy month […]

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Police violence.  Slaughtering of slum dwellers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1993 known as "Massacre de Vigario Geral".

Horrific Massacre In Brazil: Farmers Are Tied Up, Tortured And Hacked To Death

By Theodore Shoebat A horrific massacre just recently took place in Brazil, in which nine farmers were tied up, tortured and hacked to death. Brazil has become a nation of anarchy and utter cruelty. Here is the report: In a country where 60,000 murders are committed every year, killings of poor peasants make little difference. […]

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Dean Cain Fights Against The Islamic Persecution Of Christians, And Declares That Turkey Did Indeed Do The Armenian Genocide

By Theodore Shoebat Dean Cain is now confronting the Islamists and racists in the Turkish government, and declaring that Turkey did indeed to the systematic genocide of the Armenians people in the early twentieth century. Here is the report: Former Superman Dean Cain is taking on a much more serious subject than most men in […]

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Left: Felix Ngole was kicked out of a university for quoting Leviticus 20:13

Major University In Britain Kicks Out Christian Student For Quoting The Bible

By Theodore Shoebat A major university in Britain kicked out a student for simply quoting a Bible verse regarding homosexuality. I did a whole video on this: CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY SINGLE DAY, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION TO OUR RESCUE TEAM THAT WILL SAVE THE LIVES OF CHRISTIANS FROM […]

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Town Of Salem Shocked After Mayor Posts Photo On Twitter With Demonic Face Appearing In It

Salem, Massachusetts is famous for its open embrace of all things demonic as both a tourist attraction and a way of life. Most people think nothing of it, in spite of the fact that the Bible warns against it. In a story coming out of Massachusetts that has surprised and shocked the town, the mayor […]

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Really Bizarre: Erdogan’s Mouthpiece Declares That Erdogan’s Visit To The White House Will Be Accompanied By Spirits Of The Dead

By Walid Shoebat So why is “Erdoğan is going to visit India on April 30th, Russia on May 3 China on May, and the U.S. on May 16 and he will additionally be joining the NATO summit in Brussels on May 25th”? İbrahim Karagül Erdogan’s mouthpiece at Yeni Safak explains: “The US, Russia, China, India, Brussels-NATO. The […]

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Christians Prepare To Build The World’s Largest Statue Of Jesus In The World’s Most Populous Muslim Nation

Indonesia is the most populous Muslim nation in the world, and right now Christians are working on making it home of the world’s largest statue of Jesus as well. According to a report, the statue is planned to be almost twice the size of the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: […]

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Muslim Gang Breaks Into Christian Family’s Home, Kidnaps Their 14-Year-Old Daughter At Gunpoint And Shouts ‘You Will Never See Your Daughter Again!’

Pakistan is one of the most dangerous places on earth to be a Christian in. Christians, especially women and girls, are routinely kidnapped, raped, and forced to marry Muslim men on pain of a horrible death. In another case out of Pakistan, a 14-year-old girl was kidnapped at gunpoint, after which her kidnappers told her […]

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Muslim In UK With Violent Criminal Past Assaults Woman For Helping Put Up Church Sign By Mosque

Said Latif is a Muslim from the UK with a violent criminal past for assault. Recently, a Church of God rented a spot for their services at a mosque and a fellow Muslim woman helped put up the church sign. Upon seeing the woman help put the sign up, Latif angrily confronted her, spitting in […]

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Three ISIS Terrorists Are Mauled To Death After Attacking A Herd Of Wild Pigs

A group of ISIS terrorists attacked a herd of wild pigs that were grazing on farmland just south of Kirkuk. However, in an interesting twist, the pigs turned on their attackers and mauled three of them to death according to a recent report: Three Islamic State militants died late Sunday when wild boars attacked them […]

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Mouner El Aoual, Muslim terrorist in Italy who said that non-Muslims should be roasted like kebabs

Muslim Terrorist In Italy Declares: Those Who Refuse To Convert To Islam Must Be Roasted On Kebab Skewers And Fed To Dogs

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim terrorist Italy declared that non-Muslims must be “roasted on kebab skewers” and fed to dogs, according to a police report. As we read in one report: Italian police have arrested an “extremely dangerous” Moroccan man who had reportedly planned terrorist attacks in Italy and used social media to recruit accomplices, […]

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Courageous Priest Fights Off Demon Possessed Man Attempting To Desecrate Christ, He Is Arrested And Is Being Prosecuted By Local Police

Attacks on not just Christians, but Christ Himself are growing worldwide as evil men are empowered at the growing darkness consuming the world. In a story coming out of Brazil, a Catholic priest has been arrested after stopping a demonically possessed man in a mass from attempting to steal a consecrated host: The Mass had […]

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Pope Francis Declares ‘The Devil Is Behind The Worldwide Persecution Of Christians’

Throughout history Christians have been persecuted, suffered, and died for the sake of Christ, knowing that it is better to be rejected by men than rejected by God. Christian persecution worldwide is increasing and becoming more horrible with each day, and we have not even seen the beginning of what is coming. In response to […]

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Foreign-backed terrorists in Syria

North Africa Is Entering Utter Chaos And Anarchy, And Its Thanks To American Foreign Policy

By Theodore Shoebat The nation of Tunisia is going into a state of chaos and anarchy. Militants are roaming about, dividing families and forcing people to submit to their agenda. They use brute violence to instill fear into the hearts of the people, executing locals and having people provide for them food and provisions. The […]

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‘Let Them Blow Themselves Up For All We Care’ Muslims Curse Their Own Children Who Go Off And Become Terrorists

In a story out of India, there is a movement of Muslim parents who have been publicly denouncing and cursing their children who go off and join ISIS: Some Indian families condemned their children who left to fight for the Islamic State terror group in the Middle East, arguing that Islam does not condone terrorism. […]

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