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Courageous Prosecutor Found Shot Dead Hours Before He Would Present Evidence to Congress that His Government Conspired with IRAN to Coverup Terror Attack That Killed Dozens of Jews

Just over 20 years ago, a Jewish Community Center in Argentina suffered a devastating terror attack when a bombing resulted in the murder of 85 people, with more than 100 injured. After all these years, no one has paid a price except for possibly the prosecutor – Alberto Nisman – who was hours a way […]

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Journalist Tracks Down IRS Official who is Accessory to Terror Funding and Neighbor won’t let her in when she Tries to Escape

Journalist Jason Mattera tracked down disgraced former IRS official Lois Lerner and demanded that she apologize for targeting conservatives. Lerner responded by going to a neighbor’s house and frantically attempted to get the woman inside to let her in; she would not. In fact, the man of the house came out a bit later from […]

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Turkey’s Erdogan attempts to Fight twitter Horse (Voices on the Street)

By Ben Barrack There is a reason that most leaders of nations seek to control the people; that reason is simple. Individual citizens without common cause or purpose are no match for consolidated power but power, no matter how consolidated, is no match for an impassioned and unified people. When the voices on the street […]

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Corruption of the Diocese of Peshawar

From our contact in Pakistan… On September 22, 2013, approximately five hundred people gathered for Sunday service. There was an additional sixty-four who were present in the Sunday school on the Church compound. Two suicide bombers entered the compound and exploded themselves while the worshipers were coming out at the end of Service at All […]

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Responsibly Irresponsible and Insanely Sane

Keith Davies As I view the world and what is happening in every facet of society and politics, it seems everything that should make sense doesn’t. Every proposed solution to an issue will actually make whatever the problem is worse than it was before. Yet, the intellectual elites and the political class seem to think […]

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Is this the John Dodson of the Benghazi attacks?

There are some parallels developing between Operation Fast and Furious and the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. First, the man at the tip of the spear in the Fast and Furious investigation has been Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Oversight committee. He now appears to be taking the lead […]

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What to Do About Libya? Arm both Sides!‏

Friends Keith Davies Executive Director’s latest article on Big Peace Blog http://bigpeace.com/kdavies/2011/03/18/what-to-do-in-libya-arm-both-sides/ As the world struggles with what to do with Libya and the uprisings in the whole of the Middle East, let us be honest, there are no good options, anything we do is bad and doing nothing is also bad. Our policies of […]

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