Responsibly Irresponsible and Insanely Sane

Keith Davies

As I view the world and what is happening in every facet of society and politics, it seems everything that should make sense doesn’t. Every proposed solution to an issue will actually make whatever the problem is worse than it was before. Yet, the intellectual elites and the political class seem to think that being irrationally stupid is actually very intelligent.

When the Democrats were in the minority, it was the irresponsible deficit that was “unpatriotic” and as soon as the Democrats got into power the deficit was doubled, so Bush’s unpatriotic deficit suddenly became patriotic. Barack Obama proceeded to double down on Bush’s policies, then blamed Bush for the problem that is now three times worse than before Bush was in power; Obama’s administration will be responsible for 300% more of the debt by the end of his second term – if the world bond markets and foreign treasuries can muster the gigantic amounts of capital that we intend to spend. At the same time, the American public seems to think that stealing more wealth from the rich will suddenly put a stopgap in the size of our spending without a budget passed in nearly 4 years. This is a public that thought it prudent to add more Democrats to the Senate and renew the mandate of President Obama. Our country seems to think money grows on those Cherry trees along the Potomac River.

Just today we were told that Obama has agreed to $2 trillion in cuts but those cuts will only happen in about year nine and ten of his plan with $1 trillion in new taxes immediately, implemented over ten years. I am scratching my head. How can you cut anything when you do not have a budget in place in the first place? The president is only meant to be president for another 4 years so it is easy to promise cuts when you are not going to be there in four years. As this absurdity is transpiring, the media says nothing, gives the president a pass, and continues to focus on how to best blame Republicans when taxes go up. We all know that if we do not cut spending now and quickly the economy is in serious danger of collapsing. The Fed, along with every honest economist knows this. Yet, our President and the Democrats wish to continue to act with responsible irresponsibility. That is the art of spinning responsible government while anyone with half a brain can understand it is a ridiculous charade.

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Let me attempt to explain this argument distraction. If we add a $100 billion in taxes a year, that will help us reduce our deficit by about 8% provided we do not add extra spending, which we are going to do because the government increases spending by about 10% a year so in effect spending will go up by 2%, but it is really a cut because we only spent less than 10% increase, but we have no budget in place for four years so we technically cannot provide a baseline of what to increase it from in the first place. Currently, the federal government spends anything it wants because it has no budget. Are you confused? If you’re not, then you suffer from being responsibly irresponsible and if you are confused then you maybe guilty of “common sense”.

Now for the insanely sane. We just received the independent report concerning the Benghazi consulate massacre. The report says that there were mistakes made by the State Department, which is a polite way of saying the State Department is utterly incompetent. The “buck stops” with Hillary Clinton as she so eloquently stated on one of those propaganda news outlets. Yet, on one of the presidential debates Hillary was rescued by the president in which he rushed to take the blame and remove the buck from her shoulders and claimed that for himself. Now the president is in the clear as there were mistakes by the state department but there is “nobody to blame” and no disciplinary action to be taken against anyone. I would love to work for President Obama, I can screw up all the time, collect my big fat paycheck at the expense of the taxpayer and when I screw up I get a promotion.

Good job, Hillary. I am looking forward to your presidency in 2017! I hope your stomach virus is better and I hope that concussion you received might knock some conservative values into you. So there you go; everything is now swell. Hillary leaves her job with an “honorable discharge”, the media accept the report as no big deal and the insanity continues as perfectly “normal”. The media ignored deliberate lies to cover up the “sanity” that lying to the public is responsible irresponsibility or acceptable spin for the low information voters. The American people – by re-electing Democrats and President Obama – seem to have joined the “sanity” of the insane.

I am not trying to confuse you, maybe I am confused or just plane disgusted, how about you?


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