Journalist Tracks Down IRS Official who is Accessory to Terror Funding and Neighbor won’t let her in when she Tries to Escape

Journalist Jason Mattera tracked down disgraced former IRS official Lois Lerner and demanded that she apologize for targeting conservatives. Lerner responded by going to a neighbor’s house and frantically attempted to get the woman inside to let her in; she would not.

In fact, the man of the house came out a bit later from around back and said he didn’t want Lerner in his house. All the while, Mattera kept peppering Lerner with the same questions. Once Lerner realized she had no refuge at that house, she fled to another one. Mattera followed her asking, “Are we going to try another house?” which set up the coming sequel.

Even Lerner’s dogs didn’t seem interested in protecting her.

The question we would love to see asked: Why is your signature at the bottom of the 501(c)(3) approval letter of the Barack H. Obama Foundation, why did you retroactively backdate it illegally, and why was that approval granted when the founder of that organization – the President’s brother Malik Obama – had connections to a State Sponsor of terrorism?

Does Mattera ask Lerner about this in the next video?

Does Mattera ask Lerner about this in the next video?


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