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What do CNN and Innocence of Muslims filmmaker share in Common?

On September 11, 2012 attacks on U.S. embassies took place all across the Middle East (Benghazi was a coordinated terrorist attack), most notably in Cairo. Attackers blamed an anti-Muhammad video called Innocence of Muslims. Magically, those who laid siege were not responsible for their own actions. There was evidence of foul play in the video’s […]

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Pallywood on Steroids: Hamas kills Palestinian child, blames Israel; CNN once again pushing lies

Before proceeding, it might be worth taking a look at this post, which exposes CNN’s Anderson Cooper as being involved in a report that used at least one staged scene in which a Palestinian man in Gaza faked an injury in order to portray Israeli oppression. The other person of import here is CNN correspondent […]

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Video: CNN uses fraudulent Pallywood footage which makes Anderson Cooper’s report fraudulent

Earlier this week, we posted BBC footage that showed Pallywood on full display. A man in Gaza, allegedly injured, was carried away by several other men, only to be seen walking around moments later as if nothing happened. Whomever was responsible for running video footage during this Anderson Cooper news segment should be out of […]

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Video: Pallywood is back in Gaza

The phenomenon that is Pallywood was discovered by Richard Landes after he gained access to the France 2 studios and was exposed to raw footage or “rushes” from the Palestinian territories. His 2006 documentary blew the lid off of a despicable strategy used by Palestinians. That strategy involves staging scenes for news cameras in which […]

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Palestinian parents infecting their children with the Pallywood virus

Just watch. Just sick. h/t Atlas Shrugs Back in 2006, Boston University professor Richard Landes produced a groundbreaking documentary entitled Pallywood: According to Palestinian Sources. If you haven’t seen this video, please take the time to watch. Incidentally, Ben Barrack’s new book, Unsung Davids, also features a chapter on Richard Landes about his fight with […]

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Understanding the real cause of the Arab Jewish conflict over Israel / Palestine

When it comes to the Arab Palestinians, winning the propaganda war on various Pallywood stages is one thing they may be better at than the Jews. For some inexplicable reason, Palestinians are able to garner world sympathy with incessant melodrama and deceit. If you want to know the truth about what’s behind the Arab / […]

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Occupy AIPAC leaves behind Pro-Hamas and Pro-Taliban Graffiti

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has become the target of a strain of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. In particular, outside the Washington, D.C. convention center, Occupy AIPAC left its sentiment behind in the form of graffiti that expressed support for both Hamas and the Taliban. Via the Daily Caller: Graffiti reading “Victory […]

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