Pallywood on Steroids: Hamas kills Palestinian child, blames Israel; CNN once again pushing lies

Before proceeding, it might be worth taking a look at this post, which exposes CNN’s Anderson Cooper as being involved in a report that used at least one staged scene in which a Palestinian man in Gaza faked an injury in order to portray Israeli oppression. The other person of import here is CNN correspondent Sara Sidner, who is involved in the report below.

In this report, Sidner focuses on the death of a young Palestinian child while operating from the premise that the child was killed by Israelis. Take note of the appearance of Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil. This is important when compiling evidence (more after the video):

Small problem, according to the Elder of Ziyon blog (h/t Breitbart). There were no airstrikes launched by Israelis at the time that Kandil was in Gaza. This would necessarily mean that the child was not killed by the Israelis. So who killed him? Well, if he was killed by an airstrike, it had to have come from Hamas.

To that point, according to the Jerusalem Post, 8 percent of all rockets fired by Hamas in recent days fell on Palestinian civilians.

We are left to conclude that not only is Israel innocent of killing the child but that Hamas did so while blaming Israel for propaganda purposes.

It’s beyond sick.

It’s Pallywood on steroids and CNN is complicit.

Ben Barrack’s new book, Unsung Davids, features both a chapter on Richard Landes, the man who discovered Pallywood, as well as a chapter on Walid Shoebat.


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