Video: CNN uses fraudulent Pallywood footage which makes Anderson Cooper’s report fraudulent

Earlier this week, we posted BBC footage that showed Pallywood on full display. A man in Gaza, allegedly injured, was carried away by several other men, only to be seen walking around moments later as if nothing happened.

Whomever was responsible for running video footage during this Anderson Cooper news segment should be out of a job because they ran footage of that man being carried away while leaving the viewers to believe that he was really injured.

First, here is the segment featuring Cooper, via Warner Todd Huston at Breitbart:

Now, to demonstrate how Pallywood works, here is that same footage of the man who was carried away but it includes something that Cooper’s report did not; the man was perfectly fine just moments later.

Ain’t it funny how CNN and Anderson Cooper have identified Walid as the fraud?

Ben Barrack’s new book, Unsung Davids, features both a chapter on Richard Landes, the man who discovered Pallywood, as well as a chapter on Walid Shoebat.


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