Occupy AIPAC leaves behind Pro-Hamas and Pro-Taliban Graffiti

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has become the target of a strain of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. In particular, outside the Washington, D.C. convention center, Occupy AIPAC left its sentiment behind in the form of graffiti that expressed support for both Hamas and the Taliban.

Via the Daily Caller:

Graffiti reading “Victory to the Taliban,” “Victory to Hamas” and the word “Jihad” written inside a rocket appeared overnight on sidewalks outside the downtown Washington, D.C. convention center where President Barack Obama spoke to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Sunday.

A trail of graffiti down 7th Street between K and N Streets included the image of a rocket flying through the air with the word “Qassam.” Named after a militant 20th-century Syrian preacher, a Qassam is a rocket preferred by the military arm of Hamas to hit Israeli targets.

Other graffiti said “Victory to Hezballah” and “Victory to Iran,” along with the word “AIPAC” crossed out. Some of the pictures showed rockets striking the word AIPAC.

The best part? According to Occupy AIPAC, they had nothing to do with it and this is nothing more than a “graffiti conspiracy.”

Some of the roughly 200 protesters who gathered at the convention center to decry the pro-Israel AIPAC gathering condemned the graffiti. Several of the protesters were self-described members of the group Occupy AIPAC.

“I have no idea what this is. I saw these last night. I can assure you none of the people here at Occupy share this sentiment,” said protester Alli McCracken.

“If anything, this is just someone doing this to make us look bad. Last night, we were walking here and we were like, ‘This is crazy, they’re framing us!’ Everyone here is pro-peace, not pro-terrorist groups.”

Palestinian protesters also denied that the graffiti represent their views and hinted at a conspiracy.

Of course, Palestinians know a little something about conspiring to use staged footage that plays to their advantage in newscasts. The inverse is also true. When real news implicates them, they allege that it’s the result of a conspiracy.

See how this works?


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