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Ukrainian Nazis Murder Man Who Was Selling Cigarettes

Ukrainian Nazis, members of Azov, murdered a man who was selling cigarettes, according to an eyewitness named Mykola Exarchos, who stated: There were cars that were shot. Later I found out that it was the “Azovites” who shot cars with people. There were no more people there – no “two hundredths”, no. All roads are mined. There are anti-tank mines, and […]

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Execution of handcuffed prisonr by Azov fighters in  2014

People In Mariupol Try To Leave The City, Ukrainian Nazis Gather Them Together And Slaughter Them All

There are new stories coming from the hell that is in the city of Mariupol. According to civilians in the city, the Ukrainian nazis (members of Azov) are murdering people who want to leave, even going so far as to gather them together and slaughter them with a tank, according to News Front: The evidence […]

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Ukrainian Nazis Enter People’s Homes, Murder The Men, The Women And Children And Even Rape The Women

Ukrainian Nazis — members of the ultra nationalist military Azov group — have entered the houses of civilians and raped the women, even murdering the men, women and children, according to a civilian in Ukraine: There was a recent interview of a Ukrainian woman talking about how Ukrainian fighters have fired upon people’s homes: I […]

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Russian Ministry Of Defense: The Ukrainian And American Governments Committed Experiments On Humans

Specialists for the Russian Ministry of Defense are currently analyzing documents on human experiments that were done under both the US and Ukrainian governments in the Donbas, according to Russian officials. Igor Kirillov, the head of the radiation, chemical and biological protection of the Russian Armed Forces, stated that during a special military operation in […]

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Ukrainian Soldiers Take Russian Soldier And Torture Him With A Blowtorch

A recent report from Russia talks about Ukrainian soldiers tortured a captured Russian soldier with a blowtorch, as we read in A soldier of the DPR units said that Ukrainian nationalists tortured his comrade in captivity with a blowtorch. The history of the republican military is reported by RIA Novosti. “Our fighter was captured, […]

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attacks on Russian orthodox churches

Attacks On Russian Orthodox Churches Are Intensifying

Attacks against Russian Orthodox churches (and Ukrainian Orthodox churches which are under the Moscow Patriarchate) have been intensifying: Just to give some visual examples of the tensions against the Moscow Patriarchate, here are some videos: Ukrainian nationalists disrupting service:

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Major Ukrainian Official Warns: Biden’s Sanctions Are Not Hurting Russia At All

According to Alexey Ryabchin, adviser to the head of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, America’s sanctions are not doing anything to hurt Russia. As we read in Ukraina: It is impossible to cause economic damage to Russia as long as its energy resources are bought in Europe, Alexey Ryabchin, adviser to the head of NJSC Naftogaz […]

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Two Ukrainian girls holding weapons, saying "Slava Ukraina" (Glory to Ukraine)

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Use Orphanage As Training Center For Child Soldiers

Ukrainian neo-Nazis — members of the Azov Battalion — were using an orphanage as a training center for child soldiers, according to Pravda: It turned out that in Mariupol there was an orphanage “Pilgrim”, the children from which for eight years were supervised and “educated” by “Azov” (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation). […]

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russian soldier

The Russian Government Warns: Ukrainians Will Murder Russian Soldiers And Then Use Their Bodies To Make It Look Like Russia Murdered Civilians

The Russian government has recently warned that Kiev is planning on murdering Russian soldiers and then posing their corpses to make them look as though they were civilians slaughtered by Russian forces. According to RT: The Russian Defense Ministry claimed on Saturday that Ukraine will use the bodies of captured Russian soldiers to manipulate Western […]

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