Happy Holidays and New Years

Dear Friends of the Walid Shoebat Foundation

We thank you for your letters of support and the many during the year who have also provided us with the financial support for the work we do in educating the USA and the world to the issues which most of our media and the church wish to hide or ignore.

This year The Walid Shoebat Foundation has done over 400 media interviews reaching millions more with the truth. Walid made his first visit to Australia and New Zealand this year which was very successful with about 10,000 attending. We also redesigned our web site and increased traffic by 500%. We made our presence heard on Facebook and Twitter in a big way.

Although we do not provide news in our e-letters we are involved in rescuing Christians from the Muslim world and hope to have significant news early in the new year on one key rescue. It is impossible to give you a full description of the work we are doing with regards to the rescue efforts as it will endanger the people we are trying to help, but the only thing I can say is that the work involves great risks and many brave people are willing to put their own lives on the line as well as generous supporters who provide huge financial support anonymously to make these rescues a reality.

Next Year we have more ambitious plans with our new 13 part TV series which is just about finished and ready for media purchase for Christian Television. It is called “End Times Today with Walid Shoebat” and it is a full explanation of prophetic teachings using graphics, 3d photos, video and maps along with Walid’s superb style of teaching to educate an even wider audience. We will also be launching in a few weeks for wider audience the DVD of the Fort Hood Memorial Conference organized by us in Killeen last month. We intend to advertise this extensively and we alread have a Beta promo on our home page.

We could not do these things without the support of people like you.

Walid and our organization will continue to speak out in 2011 but we will also be trying our best to alleviate some of the suffering of persecuted Christians. I ask you humbly for your help us in our endeavor for truth and justice.

Donations can be made on our web site and will be transferred to Forum For Middle East Understanding a 501 (3) c registered IRS charity which is a sister organization run by us. You can take a deduction for tax purposes. The email receipt can be used for your IRS deduction.

You can also mail checks to FFMU at 2865 S. Eagle Rd, #310, Newtown, PA 18940.

If people would like to send a monthly donation you can also please do that by mail or send us a request to charge your credit card each month along with the necessary details.

In return for a $100 gift we will provide the DVD (double set) of the Killeen Ft Hood Memorial Conference that we recorded on Nov 21st. Please go to home page to to purchase. Along with this 3 hour 40 minute presentation we will also include a free copy of Walid’s latest book “For G-d or For Tyranny” This will not ship till the new year as the dvds are in the replication process.

We wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year as we pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


Keith Davies Executive Director &
Walid Shoebat President and leader Walid Shoebat Foundation


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