Charlie Sheen Isn’t the Only One Who Is Delusional

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Charlie Sheen Isn’t the Only One Who Is Delusional
Posted by Keith Davies Mar 3rd 2011 at 6:17 am

As Charlie Sheen melts down with delusional tirades, he exhibits what can only be described as a mental disorder; the US media gladly reports every syllable of his insanity. On the other side of the Atlantic, more dangerous and delusional rants are going on by the million; they are virtually ignored by the world and the Western media. The rants are the manifestation of the insanity of anti-Semitic fervor by the masses on the streets of Cairo, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and the rest of the Muslim world. In a recent rally in Tahir Square, Cairo to support the return of the Spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood – Sheik Yousef Qaradawi – the crowd estimated to be over two million chanted in Arabic “To Jerusalem we go, martyrs by the million.” To celebrate their freedom from Mubarak, the crowd wanted to show their joy by going on a Jew killing spree and not a peep by the liberal media. Apparently Nazism and Jew killing are only reportable by the liberal media if the Germans are the Nazis.

The old guard secular dictators of the Middle East have all of a sudden become Jews according to the revolutionary mob and the Arab media. Being Jewish in an Arab society is like being black at a Ku Klux Klan party. You might never know that by reading all the news fit to print in the New York Times.

Our government does not want to say anything about the Jew hatred because the world’s oil supply might come under greater risk. Unfortunately, the people of the United States are blind and apathetic to the insanity because either they have no interest in what is going on in the world or they put their faith in the mainstream media which is like asking a blind man to be your cab driver.

Our churches and church leaders, for the most part, are busy entertaining Imams at interfaith dialogue meetings. As our great Congressman Allen West perfectly described, this exercise is akin to “blowing smoke up my Donkey,” New King James version. Islamic leaders representing the major Islamic organizations in America are fronts for terror groups who deceive, lie and obfuscate the true nature of what the agenda of Islam is and pastors like Rick Warren and his allies are too willing to be suckered by this deception.

It should also be noticed that the church leaders who support Interfaith dialogue with Islam hold a position that is always adversarial towards Israel or at best “pro peace” with a strong bias towards “the plight of the Palestinians.” If you support a Palestinian state, “the plight of the Palestinians,” is code for “I hate Jews.” It is just a more palatable way of getting people to listen to smoke going up your donkey.

The other Church leaders who quietly say they support Israel or ignore the entire issue are well aware of the Islamic threat but never mention it from the pulpit because they never bring “politics” into the church. Well let me explain some simple scripture to you Pastors who might read this little column. “When the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their seed promised them the land of Israel by G-d himself, G-d Himself entered politics and if G-d entered politics so should you. If you do not offend a few people by speaking the truth from your pulpit then as Pastor you are not doing your job. The Bible is a very offensive document, so get with the program.”

We the people need to get our act together and learn what is going on around us because our freedoms are evaporating. The threat of fundamentalist Islam is on the march and is about to strangle the entire Muslim world; we are next on the menu. Just as the Tea party movement arose because of our over intrusive government, those that know about this real threat need to educate their friends, family, and persist in your willingness to spread the word. Organize events and get key people invited as speakers in local communities with as much controversy as possible. Controversy is good, as it tends to wake people up better than an “educational” event. Pester your pastor, your rabbi, your teacher, and your school superintendent, not just the local or national politicians. We are in a war for our survival, we have our troops on the battlefield but here on our own soil we are losing because too few are speaking the truth.

It appears that we the people are the last line of defense to deal with this problem, as our media, political and church leaders have failed us.


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