What to Do About Libya? Arm both Sides!‏


Keith Davies Executive Director’s latest article on Big Peace Blog

As the world struggles with what to do with Libya and the uprisings in the whole of the Middle East, let us be honest, there are no good options, anything we do is bad and doing nothing is also bad. Our policies of corruption of the past seventy years have reaped this reward.

Our need for Arab oil has sold our soul to the devil. The USA put the interests of Aramco before the principals of its Declaration of Independence. Europe has sold out to the propaganda of the “plight of the Palestinians,” as well as the lucrative oil contracts. Great Britain even sold out to Qaddafi by freeing the mass murderer Abdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi who planted the bomb on Pam Am over 103, which came down over Lockerbie Scotland killing 270 people. Apparently Al-Megrahi was released on “compassionate” grounds because of his terminal prostate cancer with a prognosis of six month to live; two years later he has made a complete recovery, what a surprise! This was obviously a conspiracy to secure a large oil deal. How much more is the Western public’s intelligence need to be insulted?

The West has sold out on its principals of freedom for oil and the evil of fundamentalist Islam. We have turned a blind eye to the injustice of Islam towards minorities. We tolerate evil and call it religious freedom both on our own shores as well as in the countries we do business with; who then finance the terrorism to kill Jews and Westerners. If we allow Qaddafi to continue to hold power, the status quo of Libya persists which is bad, however Ghadafi no longer poses a major terror threat since Reagan put him in his place in 1986, although I am sure he still dabbles in evil. The other option, which the media, Republican and Democrat seem to support, is his overthrow. Be careful what you wish for!

Who are actually the rebels wishing for “freedom?” Their spiritual leader is Sheik Sadiq Al Ghariani a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and ally of Sheik Yousef Al Qaradawi who is a vehement Jew hater and advocate of Jihad. It is always prudent to study whose company your friends’ keep, and in this case the company is not very good. It has been reported that one of the rebels captured by Qaddafi forces is Mohammed Hamadi the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Mauritania. It appears that the rebels are an extension of Al Qaeda and the Muslim brotherhood. Go figure! We fight them in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we want to be their ally in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. Our media, our leaders our public are so ignorant and stupid it defies belief. Qaddafi himself although crazy said that it was Al Qaeda that was attacking his regime, he was right but because he is regarded by us as a crazy nut job we ignored this one piece of truth from his mouth.

When UN resolutions are proposed by the Arab League and passed by the Security Council you should worry. Nothing the Arab league proposes will have anything to do with freedom. In fact anything the Arab league proposes will be to the detriment of freedom.

You might think me crazy but I believe the best thing we could do is arm both of them to the teeth and hope one wins by one man, it might solve the problem better than anything else we can imagine. As long as they are killing each other they won’t have time to kill us. The British were great at doing this, they even tried it in 1948 between the Arabs and Jews but with divine providence the Jews won valiantly.

The world is a mess, corrupt and out of solutions when it comes to the Middle East. “Drill Baby Drill” and do it quick. That is about the best we can hope for as most of our other opportunities and options to solve the Middle East madness have long past evaporated.


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