Dear Mosab Hassan Yousef, Signed Walid Shoebat

Dear Mosab,

I would hope you publish our exchange on your blog as I will publish it on mine. Since many are confused, I think that we should post this dialogue.

Mosab, read carefully. I am not a man who bases my faith on emotion, but I am not immune from hurt either. And this issue pained me greatly. Let’s set the record straight. When some on your blog say to you that they are “glad that you reached out to Walid”, when the truth is—I first tried to reach out to you and our email you posted proves it.

Yet you rejected my call to you in which you expressed in your post insinuating that we wanted to recruit you for a financial agenda. My record proves beyond any doubt that I have always reached out with others who speak for the cause. I have spent over $70,000 on the Forthood massacre event, brought in speakers and paid them there due as required by our Lord, a servant is worthy of his hire. I simply wanted to open an avenue for you to speak at Universities. I have done the same for many others.
Now, your Shen Bet handler has stated I was a fraud, that he checked my records and found nothing. How could he have done this in the last few days, especially when he no longer is a Shen-Bet operative? Now I have to defend myself from his false accusations, which I must do to correct the record. For the first time in my life, you will see indeed that I am no fraud.

I understand quite well that you must also defend yourself . People asked as to why I have not written you privately. I did attempt to contact you through a brother in the past. I have sent Zachariah Izzat, an Egyptian believer and he had exchanges with you which reached nowhere. He was disappointed. In the end, I had concluded you wanted nothing to do with us.

Despite this, I never thought negative of you. I continued to defend you on radio and in churches all over the nation. There are many recording in which I am defending you. I have truly believed in you Mosab. I did not allow our lack of communication to change my views about you.

It was a day when my wife brought a video to view in which you were dressed in the Kaffieh, the very symbol of the Palestinian cause. I ignored it. Then hours later, I had thought to myself, perhaps I should pay attention. When I did, I was saddened of what I saw. Statements that were clearly intended to show that you wanted a Palestinian state.

Mosab, I am not Palestinian. I am not from Palestine. I am a Judean Arab and nothing more. I am not ashamed to say also that I am a true Zionist.

Sure, there are some Jewish extremists, but in no way can you compare the small factions to an onslaught by Arab-Muslim enemies that desires to kill every Jew alive.

I am also keen to the Palestinian-Christian ideology, which comes from the pit of hell. For Brackin to compare the Zionism of God with the Zionism of man, that tanks and armed strength of Israel is “Zionism of man” is a message from the pit of hell. Such are not your friends; such is the nature of the enemy that uses half-truths. God said that He would bring Israel back to be a great nation. This Mosab also means that God planed for a strong Israel.

While I will reach out to Arabs for the cause of Christ, I am also committed to defend the Zionist state and will fight and give my life to save the Jews. This does not mean that I follow every Jew who is an extremist, for I know well that there are extremists who have even harmed our brethren in Israel. I am not one of those.

Many always portray me as an extremist, yet they can never find a shred of evidence in which I expressed any extreme. They have falsely said things I never stated. I have never once said: “kill all Muslims”. In fact, I reprimanded one speaker once for saying such evil. I love Muslims and I hate Islam.

People are confused. They say that Mosab is still Muslim. Others say “how could he still be Muslim when he condemns Islam”. Others say “Walid is wrong, Mosab is a believer and loves Israel”.

Everyone is trying to figure out Mosab. The reason so many are confused is because they cannot add the missing link—Mosab was influenced by Al-Hayat, which is not Zionist.

Evangelicals in America are predominately Zionists. I don’t think you are Muslim. However, I do believe that you want a Palestinian state, and that you think Israel is an occupation. You have clearly stated this in Arabic. You have also stated much more which was disturbing. Yet you simply say that all this is misunderstood and that I mislead everyone for not “translating the culture”.

This Mosab is not accurate. There is no way that some of your statements in Arabic have been a “cultural mistranslation”. To only collaborate with the Palestinian Authority when Jewish children are to be killed? That there is no 911? That a Palestinian could “loose his life for reporting a terrorist attack” is an excuse?

What happened with love; to lay our lives in order to save the innocent? Instead we are to only save our own hide?

I could have understood it had you stated that you said what you said and that you repent from what you said.

Yet instead, you insinuated that I was in the financial benefit, and so did your handler. That I was collecting with my 800 number? That I did not care about Arabs who suffer?

You never denied that my translation was accurate. Yet I had to deal with a litany of accusations that I was the liar.

You might think I was targeting you. This is far from the truth. I am a man who translates doublespeak by all who express an evil intent. I was the first to translate the works of Feisal Abdel Rauf and exposed him throughout the nation. I was the first to translate Rashad Hussein’s intent to interfere with the Nuclear issues since he now works under the president of the United States. For Gonen to say that I have done nothing, sacrificed nothing—is slander to say the least.

I am now on record, and I have sent an email to Gonen to take on his issues of me being a fraud on TV. I doubt that he will take this issue on, for if he did, he would be embarrassed since I will prove my record and he will be ashamed since he has showed nothing—where is his due-diligence? It doesn’t exist. Shame on who Mosab?

Yet he writes “Shame on you Walid Shoebat”.

I have never called you a fraud from the sense that I have denied your account and story working with the Shen-Bet. I did not deny your history. Yet Gonen is calling me a fraud and denying my history. One cannot compare what I did with what Gonen did. I have called you a fraud when you portrayed yourself as pro-Israel when in reality and it’s obvious, you are pro-Palestine. I hope I am wrong. In fact, I pray that I am wrong.

Trust me. Your friend and co-author will not want you associating with me. He is of the ilk of Bishara Awad and the Al-Bushra and Naeem Ateek. If you think this is the Christianity you want to follow then I must tell you that you are under the influence of evil Mosab, and it is us who truly love you. Yet you cannot see it. When the Lord comes and He judges, He will judge the nations for dividing up His land (Joel 3). Do not be on the side of evil, for Antichrist divides the land for gain (Daniel 11).

It is crucial Mosab that you understand this. For at first, before our Lord came, many taught that He comes riding on a horse, they wanted to please there pride, while others taught He comes on a donkey—a humble beast. While some might think that its no big issue on which beast He rides—the ones who thought it was the horse missed everything since He did come on a donkey and the ones who expected the horse rejected Him.

Interpreting the Bible accurately is no small issue.

Biblical text is crucial Mosab, and if the Bible says He comes again, to judge the ones that divide His land. This is clear, for the ones who think they are believers and do not care, they will suffer this error and follow Antichrist who brings a false peace and a false hope.

You need to choose Mosab—but I pray, you choose wisely.

I am reaching out in peace, but always remember, peace does not live in a vacuum; for it comes by truth, that is in the Bible.

Palestinian Christianity is no Christianity whatsoever. It is a cult from the pit of hell and I want to so much get you out of it. If one loves his blinded brother, then he must give him pain as to see he does not fall into a ditch. Love at times comes through applying hurt, tears and pain. I know that I have pained you when I wrote what I wrote. I believe what I wrote was true and indeed, I stayed sleepless nights in pain and agony—will Mosab see the errors of his ways? Palestine is of Satan.

No Mosab, your not in good hands and the ones who lead you are leading you astray. It is the ones whom you mistrust (us) that want to include you in the right path.

I have read your book diligently; may I suggest you read mine?

Indeed, you have been rejected. I have too—I lost all my property in Bethlehem, lost my family—all of them. How many times can I show you the rejection I got from Palestinian Christians. These were the so-called Christians that never shared the Gospel with us back home. Most of these are phony. Yet I believe that they have rubbed off their stench on you. The greatest pain is the rejection I get from so many Jews. Yet I never waiver—I am still a Zionist and a Christian—not a Palestinian and a Chrisian.

I was up at night when you were rejected by your father, Mosab. I was tracking everything including your court papers. I have obtained everything and watched everything regarding your case. I have made an effort to contact you through others, yet you turned them away.

Indeed Mosab, it was I that attempted to communicate with you, you never once attempted to communicate with me. If so, prove it, you can’t.

There is more to the Bible then “love your enemy”. Indeed, even if this was the only verse in the Bible, then how do I love the Jew?
I tell you how Mosab:

First, I will never pick on what he (the Jew) did to me. I will never pick on the spec in his eye, instead, I will look at the log in my Arab eye.

Second, I will give him his land—All of it. God does not give half a land Mosab. The ones who say so, are the type that gives half of everything—especially half truths.

Palestine is a psychoses and nothing more. If we call that land Palestine since the Romans gave it this name, then as might as we call the Temple in Jerusalem “Temple of Jupiter” since it was the Romans that gave it that name.

Some of your associates are feeding you half-truths Mosab. Why not come to the full truth—the whole truth—so help you God.

Walid Shoebat

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