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Christian Leader: “The church is facing a disaster, and if the situation continues along this course, our numbers in the coming 10 years will be not more than a few thousand.”

By Theodore Shoebat A church leader in Iraq, Louis Sako, who is the Chaldean Patriarch, said that the church in Iraq is facing such a violent disaster that, if it continues at this rate, the number of Christians in Iraq will dwindle to only a few thousand: The daily migration of Christians from Iraq is […]

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Syrian Rebels Take 280 Christians Hostage

By Theodore Shoebat These are the people we are helping. And Though these Islamic thugs are not a part of the Free Syrian Army, it must be recognized that they are many different brigades throughout Syria partaking in the revolution. From Agenzia Fides (Thanks to Jihad Watch): Homs (Agenzia Fides) – Christians kidnapped in the […]

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Exposed: The Formula for Islamic Takeover

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack The word “Democracy” has become increasingly and deceptively powerful. It has come to be seen as something on par with “freedom” and “justice.” It has been the fuel for the very inaptly named ‘Arab Spring.’ Democracy and freedom are not synonymous terms. They don’t mean the same thing at […]

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Muslims Show Their Disdain for the Democratic Values of France

By beating up reporters… http://shoebat.org/videos/muslimsInFrance.php Our friends over at Kitman TV posted this French report in which some Muslim thugs attack a cameraman fracturing his jaw in several places with a rock. The journalists were acting lawfully by filming on the public street. Muslims in France feel they can intimidate non-believers because of the political […]

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Walid Shoebat’s Interview on Lou Dobbs Radio Talk Show [02/15/2011]

..And WALID SHOEBAT, former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, talked about the surprising decision by President Mubarak to step down as President of Egypt, what it was like to be in the Muslim Brotherhood, and if they are the threat to democracy in Egypt that many believe… http://shoebat.org/audio/loudobbs021511.php

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