Caliphate Conference Tour Comes to the Netherlands Too

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On July 3 in Amsterdam “The First National Khilafah of the Netherlands” will take place. This Neo-Ottoman Revolutionary Organization strives to promote the tsunami of uprisings in Muslim countries around the world. Through widespread propaganda, extremist Islamic organizations subtly call for the destruction of democracy, nationalism and capitalism in the free West. In prelude to the demonstration in Amsterdam at October 30, 2010 the media predicted a clash between Ajax hooligans and EDL (European Defense League) members who would visit Amsterdam from England. The concern for a clash reached the point to which the mayor decided to move the demonstration to another location, a decision the DDL (Dutch Defense League) wanted to fight in court but later reconsidered and refrained from doing so.

The solution of Islam – Khilafah
The similarites with the Third Reich are great. The initiatives that are promoted by these extremists are reminiscent of Adolf Hitler who aimed to unite all Germans into one political entity. Adolf Hitler aspired to annex several Slavic regions in an attempt to create a “German Super-State.”

Supporters of the “Khilafah” call to unite the entire Muslim population into one Islamic State under Shariah (strict Islamic law). This message is spread via mass distribution of images through the internet ( and videos through YouTube; they all portray the fall of the Ottoman Empire (Muslim Empire) in 1924 being replaced by oppressive dictators (Western Rule) for a period of 87 years.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan dreams of a restored Ottoman Empire. Turkish Chief Justice Emina (ULKER) Tarhan has recently resigned her position in opposition against the current government in Ankara. She is very concerned because over the course Turkey has taken under Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has taken. The Turkish government behaves like a gang, said Tarhan, who argues that Erdogan government aspires to place absolute power in a new “Sultan of the Middle East” – in short, he wants Turkey to head the cecond Ottoman Empire.


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