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British Politician Calls David Cameron a ‘Coward’ and ‘Traitor’ in Public Square

Paul Weston is a British politician who is no stranger to controversy. Last year, he openly admitted that he was a racist and an Islamophobe in order to prove a point. Earlier this year, he was arrested in the public square for quoting Great Britain’s most revered Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Now Weston has taken […]

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Convert To Islam In London, Takes Machete, Attacks A Random 85 Year Old Woman, And Chops Her Head Off

By Theodore Shoebat A convert to Islam in London took a machete and attacked a random 85 year old woman, he then beheaded her. He also beheaded a cat and went out to kill other victims. One witness said: I was just so very scared. Five minutes after I heard him screaming the police knocked […]

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Video: English Defence League’s Tommy Robinson enters the Snake Pit, makes the Case FOR Islamophobia

The English Defence League’s Tommy Robinson was in the audience of a popular BBC talk show. During the show, he became the opponent of the four panelists on stage, the host, and virtually the entire audience. The accusation was that Robinson is an Islamophobic racist. An interesting groupthink dynamic is at work in this clip […]

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Video: Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League (EDL) makes The Case FOR Islamophobia on the O’Reilly Factor

Last week, we posted an awesome interview between the English Defense League’s (EDL) Tommy Robinson and a disgraceful BBC host who went far beyond playing devil’s advocate. The host didn’t seem to be playing the role; he seemed to be one. Last night, Bill O’Reilly interviewed Robinson on his television program and, once again, Robinson […]

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Must-Hear Audio: How to Speak to the Media with Courage

Assuming the role of a politically correct tool in this interview is a BBC interviewer whose name we do not know and do not find worthy of publishing. The courageous counterweight is Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League (EDL). The mindset of the interviewer is precisely the mindset that has infiltrated British culture and […]

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“One Dog Less”

Muslim Youths Attack Relatives of Dead in Funeral Processions Click here for video: http://shoebat.org/videos/attackDead.php …when nearly 5-10% of your minority population is Muslim this is the type of behavior you can expect. Intimidation and disrespect of the host country, demands of Shariah compliance and special rights for Muslims. When the population reaches 20% Muslim Islamic […]

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Caliphate Conference Tour Comes to the Netherlands Too

…original article… [We did our best to translate with assistance from “Google Translator”] CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL POST: http://shoebat.org/videos/khilafah2.php On July 3 in Amsterdam “The First National Khilafah of the Netherlands” will take place. This Neo-Ottoman Revolutionary Organization strives to promote the tsunami of uprisings in Muslim countries around the world. Through widespread […]

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