CNN’s 2-part CAIR-sponsored attack on Walid Shoebat


CNN’s 2-part CAIR-sponsored attack on Walid Shoebat
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Walid Shoebat spoke at a Department of Homeland Security event in Rapid City South Dakota on May 11th. It was not promoted outside that state but the Hamas-affiliated (CAIR) Council on American Islamic Relations had been calling on DHS to ban former Palestinian terrorist turned Christian and anti-Islamic fundamentalist, Walid Shoebat from speaking there.

SHOEBAT – No other major national media showed interest in the conference except CNN. Typically CNN ignores Walid and gives him little if any air time. CNN sent two investigative journalists Kathleen Johnston and Drew Griffin to cover the conference from Atlanta GA which is a long way to travel to visit a small conference in a state with such low population.

The only conclusion is that the journalists or others at CNN were tipped off to this event by CAIR and jumped to their rescue. CAIR’s obvious strategy is to discredit people like Walid Shoebat so that the truth does not get to the American people.

Another very curious development took place when Johnson and Griffin stated to the DHS that they were interested in reporting on the whole conference; Shoebat was one of several speakers. However, CNN focused exclusively on Shoebat’s speeches and only wished to interview him and Keith Davies the manager for Mr Shoebat’s foundations.

The questions directed to both had absolutely nothing to do with terrorism or how America can stop terrorism. No questions were asked based on the content of his four hours of lectures By Mr. Shoebat.

The only questions CNN asked had to do with funding: Were you paid $13,000 for speaking? This question was very revealing as about three years ago Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem and Zachariah Anani spoke for the air force academy and the amount paid to them for speaking at the event – $13,000 – was objected to at the time by none other than CAIR, who tried to have Shoebat barred from speaking there too.

The journalists only tried to focus on the money Shoebat was paid, the finances of the charitable foundation, the advisory board members, and the credibility of Shoebat’s story but never asked about the issues that Shoebat was invited to the conference to speak about. Shoebat offered to provide proof of his story but up until now, CNN has not contacted him in order to get it.

It appeared that the whole purpose of the trip from Atlanta by CNN was to come to the rescue of CAIR. CNN’s presence was clearly intended to smear Shoebat. The question needing to be asked is how involved was CAIR in that attempt. It will be very revealing once the report is shown on their network.

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES MAY BE HELPFUL to show CAIR’s very inaccurate depiction of Walid:

Click here for additional footage of CNN’s disturbing bias.

CAIR falsely accuses Walid of stating to “kill all Muslims,” Walid exposes this lie on Liberal talk show host Thom Hartman


Is CNN now doing the bidding of terror front organization? The circumstantial evidence is strong.

Northeast Intelligence Network, by Lee Kaplan

CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) made significant efforts to have Walid Shoebat stopped from speaking at the DHS conference in Rapid City SD on May 11. This was recorded on their website as well as confirmed by the SD department of public safety. Since CAIR was unsuccessful in this effort, it is a coincidence that CNN would fly two reporters and a cameraman from Atlanta to cover a relatively small counterterrorism conference in a remote town in Western South Dakota. The event was not advertised locally or nationally, or even to the general public, and only by invitation to local and regional police forces as well as first emergency responders. CNN has no bureau within nearly 1000 miles. They could only have known about it if they were tipped off by their friends, possibly over at CAIR who boasted that “they own the media” as stated by Ibrahim Hooper, communications director of the national office of CAIR. Let’s face it, CNN takes no real interest in issues of national security unless someone is being blown up.

From an interview I conducted with Mr. Shoebat regarding the CNN smear, Mr Shoebat related that ”the first question that Drew Griffin, the reporter, asked me was ’Are you are being paid $13,000 for speaking?’ He also stated he got this information from a “trusted source.” According to Mr Shoebat , the only time that this amount was paid was for three speakers at “the Three Ex-Terrorists” presentation who were invited by the Air Force Academy in Feb 2008. CAIR was the only organization that complained and made an issue of this. Did CAIR spoon-feed this question to Drew Griffin the “investigative journalist” who was hunting down Mr. Shoebat?

The second question posed to Mr Shoebat by the reporter from CNN, Drew Griffin, was “We called the Bank Leumi and there is no record of the bombing?”

This is is another favorite of the CAIR and left to discredit Walid Shoebat. This question actually discredits the people who ask it because the actual branch was shut down in 1996 because it was in the newly created Palestinian Authority. Another spoon fed question by CAIR?

While CNN may have denied on air that they have any connection to CAIR in running the story, we have an impeachable source that confirmed to us that CNN did cooperate with CAIR on this smear job. We would love to identify this person but it would compromise his work on counterterrorism.

CAIR, we found out, has been engaging in a massive email campaign against Walid Shoebat and sending the link of the story by CNN to all conservative and Christian media outlets in order to try and silence Mr. Shoebat’s voice. The source of this information was from the Aramaic Broadcast Network, a Arab Christian TV station that regularly invites Walid Shoebat to come on their programs.

CNN may not believe Shoebat’s story, but Mr. Shoebat does come from Bethlehem as they interviewed his fourth cousin, he does speak fluent Arabic with a Palestinian accent and lived in an area where Jew hatred is predominant; so even if CNN does not believe his story they might wish to listen to someone who can bring some real insight to the issues of Islam and the mindset of people who cause man made disaste.

Let’s face it. CNN has become the voice of the Arab despostic regimes in the world.


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