The Hypocrisy of the Church

As we watch the overreach and soft tyranny of the Obama administration concerning the mandating by the Department of Health and Social Services forcing religious institutions to offer contraceptive services, which contravenes the doctrines of the Catholic church and possibly other religious denominations, yet these same leaders who tout the sanctity of life ignore the sanctity of life of their Christian brethren who are suffering death and persecution in Muslim countries. The selective outrage is breathtaking. The evidence of this hypocrisy is overwhelming and disgraceful.

We should be outraged at the overreach by the Obama administration and its attack on religious liberty, but let us consider some simple concepts of doctrine and theology. The Catholic Church is outraged by being forced to offer contraception to prevent life from being formed, which is a doctrine based on an interpretation of the Bible. I have no problem with this but the whole basis of a Christian’s faith is how one treats your brethren. You will find in the Bible which also includes the reason the Messiah returns for Christians in Mathew 25 verses 31-46 which points out that those that do NOT feed the hungry, visit those persecuted in prison and helped the sick would end up in hell. The Messiah separates the sheep from the goats, i.e., judgment, yet we have strong evidence from a statement by the Bishop of Lahore in Pakistan that he has been instructed not to intervene in helping the persecuted Christians in a Pakistan as a “directive from the Vatican.” The verses of Mathew 25 are not referring to the poor or the sick but to the persecution of Israel and the persecuted church. This is proven because of its context, as “All the Nations will be gathered before him.” In Joel 3: 2 the same words are used “I will gather all nations” in the rest of the verse it states the reason, which is the treatment of the Jews and the division of the land of Israel, which matches who the Messiah is referring to in Mathew 25. All Bible scholars believe that there is only one gathering of the nations. Christians also believe they are an extension of the Jewish faith so when Christians are being persecuted, because they are grafted in (Romans) then if they suffer and if one is to be righteous true Christians need to help the persecuted. This is direct scripture commanding Christians and Jews to assist and if they do not they will be judged when Messiah comes for the first time for the Jews and the second for the Christians.

Whether you believe this scripture interpretation or not, all Christians whether Catholic or not should be doing their utmost to help their brethren. Sadly this is far from the case. Our government is made up of people who call them selves Christian but again politics and oil trumps dealing with the issue of Christian persecution. I have experienced this for nearly two years in seeking help to try and get visas for people who desperately need help in rebuilding their lives. America has a better record than others but still we can do better, and allot better.

While the economy is weak our country is still relatively wealthy and many wealthy churches have no program to help the persecuted or if they do it is only to make people aware of the issue. PR and sending Bibles is not enough. Once one is aware we need to do, not just to talk.

Why does the Church both Catholic and Protestant perfectly willing to take on the Obama administration over this mandating contraception and religious freedom in the USA but will not take seriously the aid to Christians dying every day for their faith. The answer is sad but true. In reality we have no real faith. If one protests against President Obama no one will get killed or persecuted with violence but if one stands against Islam and is willing to say no and to help persecuted Christians then one might be killed. This unwillingness to help is cowardice and a pure lack of faith in God. The Pope, the Cardinals and the bishops and leaders in the Protestant church will have to answer to the Messiah on that Day of Judgment.


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