Huma Abedin update: Why is she still Advising Hillary Clinton?

For all intents and purposes, we identified Anthony Weiner’s wife and Hillary Clinton’s closest aid, Huma Abedin as a spy for the Muslim Brotherhood in June of 2011. Surely, she would have been jettisoned from the State Department after we proved that her mother is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and that her familial ties to the group are so extensive that it would be a miracle if Abedin is NOT an Islamic enemy of the United States.

So why was Huma the one to inform Hillary that Muammar Gadhafi had been killed (see photo)?

Of course, as was the case in June, the media is far more interested in Huma’s pregnancy and marriage to former Congressman, Anthony Weiner – who was at the center of a twitter sexting controversy in June of 2011 – than it is with the national security threat posed by the Abedin family.

Via the Daily Mail:

The first pictures have emerged of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner and his wife with their baby boy.

The happy family was seen walking around the Flatiron neighborhood of New York on Sunday- and stopping in gourmet Italian food seller Eataly- nearly two months after the baby was born.

Jordan Zain Weiner arrived ten days earlier than his expected New Year’s Eve due date, and his parents were said to be thrilled with their ‘sparkling wonder’.

A cheerful Anthony was trying to remain incognito with a New York Mets cap and sunglasses, while Huma looked relaxed and in great shape for having just given birth.

Again, it is worth noting that every policy of the Obama administration relative to the Middle East has been beneficial to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group to which Huma’s mother belongs. The photo of Huma informing Hillary of Gadhafi’s death was likely better news to Huma than it was to Hillary because it opened the gate for the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. Remember, shortly after the fall of Gadhafi, the al-Qaeda (Muslim Brotherhood) flag was placed atop the Benghazi Courthouse.

Fast forward to today. In this AP video, h/t Verum Serum, Hillary chastises both Russia and China for their support of Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad, which plays right into the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan. Also take note that she is actually still standing behind the Arab Spring, even after all that we now know.


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