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U.S. State Department BUSTED Pushing FAKE Propaganda

Last week a video purporting to show a young Syrian boy braving bullets being fired at him by the Assad regime, in order to rescue a girl younger than him. It went viral. On one hand, here was a young Syrian boy displaying tremendous courage. On the other hand, the Assad regime was seen as […]

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Muslims Produce Fake Video with Fake Police Officer to Demonstrate Muslim Discrimination

We saw this a few days ago and didn’t post it because it included claims that the Police officer in the highly suspicious video is a Muslim could not be confirmed. While this still has not been confirmed, there is convincing sentiment that the entire episode was staged (even by former law enforcement officers) and […]

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“Appalling Attack on UN compound” proved as a fake staged Pallywood operation

Jihad Watch The latest Pallywood show from Hamas that fooled the world that wanted to be fooled. “The account promoted by Hamas and repeated by the United States and the U.N. on Sunday was that an Israeli mortar hit a U.N. school, killing 10 people, including children. However, evidence is emerging that the Israeli strike […]

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A fake atrocity video from Gaza

From Thomas Wictor Hooray for Pallywood! If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Pallywood refers to the fraudulent videos that the Palestinians and their supporters put out to try and convince the world that Israel is the new Third Reich. Today the International Solidarity Movement released the most blatantly phony footage I’ve ever seen. A child […]

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Hamas Caught using Photo from Hollywood Horror Film to Libel Israel

There is so much wrong with this, it’s difficult to know where to begin. The desperation of Hamas is becoming increasingly apparent when it takes a screen shot from a 2009 Hollywood horror film (Final Destination 4) and blames the Jews for the pseudo-carnage while portraying it as real. Just when you thought Pallywood couldn’t […]

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Pallywood Strikes Again with ‘Foot Soldier’

You can always tell when those Palestinians are desperate. They use the Pallywood card like the left in America uses the race card. It’s sure to come out when it’s the last card to play. The Palestinians’ latest attempt at blood libel brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘foot soldier’. Time to tweet […]

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Pallywood Training in Egypt caught on Video

To the sane individual, the Pallywood tactics that were exposed years ago, should be an absolute outrage. They should have lost their effectiveness by now. That the people in the video below actually engage in the tactics at this absurd level shows they’re still effective. Pallywood was first demonstrably discovered courtesy of the staged scenes […]

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Video: Pro-Mursi crowd may find Pallywood Tactics don’t do so well in Egypt

Pro-Mursi supporters have chosen the same old, tired course of action that Palestinians have been doing for decades – Pallywood tactics. In full view of cameras, these protesters do their part to portray the military as the powerful oppressors while portraying themselves as the repressed victims. They do so while provoking the military. Then they […]

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Video: Full Pallywood lesson in under 60 Seconds

If you want a lesson on how Pallywood works – from start to finish – in less time than it takes to watch a :60 commercial, be sure to view the video below. Step 1: Palestinians gather together and individually attempt to provoke Israelis. In this case, a Palestinian is hurling rocks at those he’s […]

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Former Israeli Foreign Minister: Apology to Turkey a ‘serious mistake’

Israel’s former Foreign Minister has some strong words in opposition to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the latter’s apology to Turkey for how it handled the Gaza flotilla in 2010. It’s quite hard to argue with his logic. Via Times of Israel: Former foreign minister Avigdor Liberman slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday for […]

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Washington Post found to be complicit in another Pallywood incident

Pallywood is all about creating a theater of conflict in which Palestinians are portrayed as victims and Israelis as murderous oppressors. The goal of the Pallywood culture is to push a political agenda by either misrepresenting events or staging them altogether. We now have confirmation that the death of the 11 month-old infant son of […]

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French ‘Reporter’ at the center of Pallywood receives angry letter from Documentary filmmaker

Those familiar with the story of Muhammad al-Dura are familiar with perhaps one of the most egregious blood libels in modern history. A Palestinian cameraman named Talal Abu Rahma and a reporter for France 2 were at the center of the controversy. Talal filmed the alleged murder of a Palestinian boy at the hands of […]

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Video: Ethnic Turk with Rap Sheet attempts to Assassinate Sunni Muslim politician in Bulgaria

The name of the politician who found himself at the wrong end of a gun is Ahmed Demir Dogan, a Turkish Sunni Muslim who founded the Movement for Rights and Freedoms Party (kinda like the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, perhaps?). Dogan was giving a speech when another Turk with a rap sheet […]

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Huma Abedin defender psychoanalyzes Islamophobes

Alex Seitz-Wald is a writer for Salon who has long made it clear where he stands with regard to Rep. Michele Bachmann’s concerns about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. Government in general and about Huma Abedin in particular. He’s a Huma defender who has stood with and espoused the views of other Huma defenders […]

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Why does CNN’s Sara Sidner still have a job (Pallywood)?

Talk about glossing over its own journalistic malpractice. In this clip of CNN’s Don Lemon, one has to stretch to call it a retraction. It’s more like CNN spinning either its own incompetence or complicity in the furtherance of a blatantly false narrative. While it should be noted that CNN’s Lemon at least acknowledged that […]

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Video: CNN’s Anderson Cooper in Retraction mode for airing Pallywood scene

CNN’s Anderson Cooper has now retracted some Pallywood footage aired during one of his newscasts. We blogged about the incident in question back on November 17th. The BBC captured a Palestinian man in Gaza being carried away by other Palestinians. Moments later, the man was up and walking around as if nothing happened. Cooper’s report […]

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