Will Mainstream Media exploit Mormon attempts to Baptize Islam’s Prophet?

Back in 2007 – 2008, conservative media outlets were angered that the mainstream media did not report on the connections Barack Obama had to Jeremiah Wright, the Trinity United Church of Christ, and Black Liberation Theology. Assertions that these revelations were relevant fell on deaf ears. News that Wright published the manifesto of Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook was even ignored. Conversely, the Mainstream Media – to include MSNBC and CNN – has decided to report on the Mormon practice of posthumous baptisms while connecting Republican Party frontrunner Mitt Romney to it.

Now it has been learned that the Mormon Church has baptized one 9/11 hijacker and made several attempts to baptize Muhammad.

Via Red County:

Helen Radkey is a very important person to the mainstream media. To this point, both MSNBC and CNN have used her expertise to dip their toes in the water about how best to attack Mitt Romney over the issue of his religion (if he becomes the nominee). Radkey has a treasure trove of opposition research waiting for the left to dump on the American people at just the right time. It consists of the names of Holocaust victims, serial killers, notorious tyrants and dictators, fictitious characters, and mass murderers who have all been posthumously baptized into the Mormon religion.

I reached out to Radkey and asked her if she knew of any instances in which deceased Muslims have been baptized into the Mormon faith.

Here is what she said:

“To date, I have a handful of Mormon records that show attempts to baptize Mohammed, and I also have a baptism for a 9/11 hijacker, and copies of entries for 14 others, that show these names were submitted for proxy rites.”

Both CNN and MSNBC have also reported on the Mormon practice of baptizing deceased Holocaust victims like Anne Frank.

Will the MSM do to Romney what it didn’t do with Obama – vet his religion?


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