Egyptian Cleric issues fatwa to kill Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad

Folks, don’t look now but some very serious lines are being drawn in the Middle East. A fatwa has been issued for the death of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad by an Egyptian cleric.

Via Gulf News, h/t Jihad Watch:

Egypt’s prominent Muslim cleric Safwat Hejazi has said that the killing of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad is a duty for every Muslim.

“He who has the chance to kill Al Assad and does not do this is a sinner,” Hejazi told a rally held in Cairo in support of a popular revolt against Al Assad’s rule.

“Hadn’t I been a known face, I would have gone myself and killed him,” added Hejazi, who had a high profile during an uprising that forced long-serving Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak to step down last year.

Hejazi added that his anti-Al-Assad fatwa (a religious edict) has been echoed by many Muslim clerics.

This fatwa comes at a time when Russia is sending troops to Syria to assist Assad against rebels made up of Al-Qaeda and Hamas fighters.

Meanwhile, westerners continue to show an appetite for assisting the rebels against Assad while not understanding that by attacking Assad, they’re actually fighting FOR the Muslim Brotherhood. American political leaders should seriously re-consider such a position. These are bold red flags. When an Egyptian Sunni cleric – along with Hamas and al-Qaeda – is siding with Syrian rebels, who is the United States siding with by joining that fight?

As we wrote about yesterday, one of the Obama administration’s most influential Middle East advisors, Dalia Mogahed, has come out against Assad as well, not just because of what he’s doing to the rebels but because of what he’s NOT doing to Israel. Mogahed has expressed very curious sympathies with Sunni groups and individuals who would side with the rebels as well.

h/t Jihad Watch


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