Video: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir doesn’t like being singled out by U.S.

On March 14th, as Hollywood actor George Clooney was testifying in front of a Senate committee about the genocide being perpetrated by Sudanese president and Muslim Brotherhood-backed Omar al-Bashir, Bashir was speaking to al-Jazeera television; he didn’t seem to be all that happy about being singled out.

Bashir is listed as a war criminal with the International Criminal Court (ICC). To Clooney’s credit, the Hollywood actor has been outspoken about wanting Bashir to be arrested. What is not known is who would fill the vacuum. A possible candidate could be Hasan al-Turabi, a Muslim Brotherhood globalist who would actually be worse than Bashir, a Brotherhood nationalist.


One day later, on March 15th, Clooney met with Obama. On March 16th, the actor was arrested when he – along with several Democratic Congressmen and the head of the NAACP – stormed the Sudanese embassy to protest Bashir.


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