Video: Hitler being used to sell Shampoo in Turkey

It’s an insane world when the same left that is outraged when Rush Limbaugh calls Sandra Fluke a “slut” is conspicuously silent when Hitler is used to sell shampoo in Turkey.

Via Der Spiegel:

A Turkish cosmetics company is under fire for featuring Adolf Hitler in a television advert for men’s shampoo, but it continues to run on the country’s state television network despite widespread outrage.

The 12-second commercial shows black-and-white footage of Hitler delivering an impassioned speech, dubbed with a high-pitched voice screaming the following words in clipped Turkish:

“Why are you using woman’s shampoo if you’re not wearing a woman’s dress? Now there’s the hundred percent men’s shampoo Biomen. A real man uses Biomen.”

Put simply, there is no way to spin this. The truth (yes, it’s a concept foreign to so many these days) is that Hitler is immensely popular in Turkey. Mein Kampf has been flying off the shelves for years there. The reason he’s used in this ad is the same reason popular celebrities are used to sell ads in the United States. If someone who is revered endorses a product, that person is connected to the product. Therefore, if someone who is revered is connected to a product, the value of that product rises.

As we’ve been saying for years now, Turkey is ground zero for the evil that is about to befall the world and here is the latest exhibit…